With so many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ coming into the market, Youtube may have gone down in popularity. However, it remains amongst the building pillars of video streaming services. The platform has brought a big change into the lives of so many people, including some of the richest YouTubers present on our list today.

YouTube has been a crazy, overwhelming platform where you will find videos based on anything. There is a scope of every niche on this platform, and if you work hard, trust me, your work will be recognized globally here. The YouTubers that we have handpicked today all work for different niches and have made a successful career out of this platform. 

But only uploading videos on this streaming platform doesn’t work. Tell me yourself. These richest YouTubers have gone behind the mark and worked super hard to be where they are today. Their YouTube journey has inspired us a lot, and we hope that they will inspire you in the same way they have inspired us. 

If you plan to start a YouTube channel yourself, keep in mind that the average watch count on the platform is 5 Billion videos per day. So, there is a strong hope that your work will be appreciated and recognized if you follow the right path. 

Richest YouTubers in the World Today 

Before you get into the article, note that all the information regarding these richest YouTubers and their earnings is taken from reliable sources. There may be a slight fluctuation in the number of subscribers as many people subscribe and unsubscribe to the channels regularly. 

Jeffree Star – $200 Million

This American beauty mogul on YouTube initially started his career with music and modeling jobs. But later, he joined Myspace, and his career started reaching new heights. The makeup star gained a considerable following, after which he started blogging about his life, beauty, and other essential things in his life. Finally, Jeffree Star uploaded his first makeup video on youtube in 2009 and has never looked back. The star is now also indulged in promoting his makeup line Jeffree Star Cosmetics, generating an annual revenue of $100 Million. 

Subscribers: 16.5 Million

Total Views: 2.4 Billion

PewDiePie – $40 Million

This youtube creator became famous for his hilarious commentary on video games while sharing his personal experiences. PewDiePie chose the right time to start his channel as there weren’t many popular gaming channels back then. Recently, this youtube star has also begun to uploading various diss tracks that he sings himself. Although, a few of them are taken down by the platform as they violate the community guidelines. 

Subscribers: 109 Million

Total Views: 27 Billion

Markiplier – $35 Million

The start of Markpiler’s youtube career was pretty challenging. The youtube creator first started with his sketch channel, Adsense, to perform sketch comedy while playing every character himself. After his channel was banned and taken down by YouTube, he made a new channel by the name markipilerGAME and started playing games to earn subscribers. The success of this channel has made him one of the richest YouTubers globally.

Subscribers: 28.8 Million

Total Views: 15.4 Billion

DanTDM – $35 Million

The following creator who made it big on Youtube is Daniel Middleton. He is famous by the name of DanTDM, which is the same as his channel’s name. In his initial days, he was into playing games like Pokemon and Counter-Strike. However, when he started his youtube channel, which he named TheDiamondMinecraft (now changed), his focus shifted towards playing Minecraft. The youtube creator also has a Guinness World Record under his name for Most Views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel. 

Subscribers: 29.3 Million

Total Views: 18.5 Billion

Ryan’s World – $32 Million

Did you know Ryan Kaji is currently the highest-earning youngest youtube creator across the globe? The kid’s toy review video channel landed on the platform in 2015, and now, the family runs nine youtube channels that cover toy reviews, challenges, DIY science experiments, etc. This young youtube creator has also launched his clothing and toys line, knows as Ryan’s World that has managed to generate total revenue of $250 Million since its launch back in 2018. Good going, champ!

Subscribers: 45 Million

Total Views: 61.3 Billion 

Dude Perfect – $30 Million

Dude Perfect is a youtube channel run by a group of five members who also happen to be former college roommates. They all have studied at Texas A&M, and their youtube channel primarily focuses on stunts and trick shots. The youtube channel started back in 2009, and the first video that the group uploaded was a trick shot filmed at Tyler Toney’s ranch. Dude Perfect also appear on various ESPN shows from time to time and have collaborated with many professionals and brands from the sports field, including NBA, NFL, etc. 

Subscribers: 57.5 Million 

Total Views: 12.8 Billion 

James Charles – $25 Million

Hello Sisters! That’s the opening line you will see in every James Charles video, and trust me; you will love it. This self-learned makeup artist has been on a long journey to reach the spot where he is today. As a high school student, James was often bullied, but that didn’t stop him from learning and growing. While working as a local makeup artist in NY, James started his youtube channel, which has now has crossed the 20 million subscribers mark. With the success of his channel, he also launched a line of his makeup product and merchandise James Charles and has become one of the richest YouTubers.

Subscribers: 25.6 Million

Total Views: 3.3 Billion

Like Nastya – $20 Million

Make some space because we have another young youtube creator on our richest YouTubers list today. Anastasia Radzinskaya, popularly known as Like Nastya, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was born, and the doctors had no hopes of her ever speaking. But her parents put all their faith and savings into her treatment as a result of which, Like Nastya, no longer showed signs of the illness when she turned two. Her family made the youtube channel back in 2016 and started unboxing toys in the videos. 

Subscribers: 18.5 Million

Total Views: 115 Billion 

David Dobrik – $20 Million

David Dobrik started his career as a Vine artist in Los Angeles and had a successful career before the app shut down officially in 2015. Because of his vine experience, it was easy for him to adapt to the world of youtube when he started his channel in 2015. David’s channel uploads videos that are primarily comedy-based and semi-scripted skits. The YouTuber has two other channels as well, where he uploads bloopers and a video podcast featuring co-host Jason Nash. 

Subscribers: 28.3 Million

Total Views: 6.7 Billion

Lilly Singh – $20 Million

Since the beginning, Lily Singh had a belief that she could do anything and started her youtube channel Superwoman Vlogs in 2011. The YouTuber posted videos where she documented her everyday life and BTS clips from her videos. The channel name has now changed to Lily Singh Vlogs, but the content remains still the same. Fun fact, Lily Singh initially decided to graduate as per her parent’s wish but later changed her decision and started focusing on YouTube. Some last-minute decisions genuinely come as a blessing. 

Subscribers: 17.7 Million

Total Views: 3.9 Billion

Final Pronouncement:

YouTube may have lost its charm because of the other streaming platforms but that does not mean it is going anywhere anytime soon. The content available on the platform was and will always be a great source of entertainment to the audience. Not only the platform but the creators also have a significant role in entertaining people as all the hard work solely belongs to them, from creating the content to increasing the engagement on the platform and much more. 

Tell us in the comment section below if you are planning to start a YouTube channel. If the answer is yes, let us know what would be the idea behind your content. All the Best!! Stay tuned for more amazing content coming your way soon. 

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