Ricky and Morty is a Bad Show | 6 Shocking Reasons Proving the Statement


Whenever you are on Twitter, you might have heard about the hashtags on Ricky and Morty? Yes, those are trending because Ricky and Morty is a bad show, and Today, we will acknowledge what is wrong in the entire pilot.

Ricky and Morty is an R-rated sitcom on NETFLIX, which airs nothing correct and ethical. Your kids should not even peep while you are watching this show because they will get nuts or will judge you from head to toe. This show is a complete No for everyone.

I would suggest you choose the best films on other Free streaming Online sites; otherwise, shows like Ricky and Morty will either hurt you and your beliefs or will make you angry instantly.

Let us dig deep into why this show is bad, and there is nothing good about this R-rated sitcom.

6 Solid Reason Proving Ricky and Morty Is A Bad Show & You should Not Watch It.

Following are the six solid reasons which prove that Ricky and Morty is a bad show and you should not watch it at any time-

1# No Grounds For Reality

 No grounds for reality

We all are aware of the fact that cartoon series are usually fictionalized to a very great extent. Still, one thing which is always kept in mind if you are a content consumer or content creator, there is always, and there should always be a non-fictionalized ground for the story to develop.

What happens in Ricky and Morty is that the characters and the scenario are so fictionalized that it is sometimes hard to believe what the show wants to deliver to its audience. We end up shifting from the channel or start lacking interest in it.

As a complete show, Ricky and Morty do not stand on a solid basis of truth, and everything that is shown to the audience ends up looking like bull sh*t, which no one of us likes to watch. I suggest you shift your taste and watch Best Documentaries on Amazon.

2# Ricky’s Cruelty Overshadows The Intelligence.

Ricky's Cruelty overshadows the intelligence.

So, Ricky and Morty are based on a theme, which I guess none of us had ever understood. It is something that its makers are also struggling with. The thing that highlights the most in every episode of its, is the relationship between cruelty and intelligence.

The narrative is written with a very negative approach, which informs its viewers that whosoever is intelligent will act cruelly to others. In, first place, if someone is brilliant, he/she would never dare to watch Ricky and Morty, and I am sorry if I am targeting its loyal fans. I would suggest that you should also switch the device off if Ricky and Morty had popped up.

Ricky is one of the ugliest and unsympathetic characters in the show. His character lacks every emotional button like Love, Sadness, sympathy, etc. He is shown intelligent, yet cruel and the same attribute is shown as the most highlighted thing in every episode. I assume, the mind of its makers.

3# Wrong Is Wrong, Cannot Be Presented Right

Wrong is wrong, cannot be presented right

Everything concerned with the show is so disturbing that, at one point, instead of trying hard to conceive it as a funny show, you will find it wrong at every stage. Morty, the grandson of Ricky, tries to make a standard approach; Ricky opposes it and teaches him something new.

The new lessons that Ricky teaches Morty are opposite to right; which is unethical and cruel, and he is also found manipulating Morty for not being intelligent like him and acting like a dumb child like all others. The show has everything wrong in the name of entertainment, but it seems that the word entertainment is incorrect to associate it with.

4# Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny

Rape jokes aren't funny

So, this show is supposed to interest people and therefore it fetches the interest of many youths, but what makes it gross is its dialogues written in a very audacious approach by targeting women.

Specifically, in Season 01 Episode 03, namely ‘Anatomy Park,’ there were certain unacceptable jokes, and people came out to put the showdown, but later the makers agreed to delete those dialogues.

There are many rape jokes in other episodes, which are not at all fun for anyone, except some d*#kheads because it objectifies women and us as a community because it is still shown on some of the streaming platforms.

5# Islamophobia Is Evident

Islamophobia is evident

The world we all live in is divided into narrow pathways of religious choices, which somehow end up killing our humanity. The elephant in the room, which is not a hidden fact at all, is most of the world population has Islamophobia, and the same is very unethically shown in the show.
The psychic of the show makers come out with it. This show has proved every time to be labeled as one of the worst shows on AIR with this kind of bad approach. What are the other reasons you are waiting for?

6# Stagnant Characters Will Bore You

Stagnant Characters will bore you

So, all the characters, their evolution in all its seasons, is not witnessed. It might be because it would have been difficult for the makers to think beyond rape jokes, Islamophobia, or any other negative attribute, which the viewers were opposing.

The characters are so negative and will haunt with their characteristics, and once you understand every character and its theme, you will remove it from your suggestions.

Final Words

These were some of the most specific pointer, which sums up the show Ricky and Morty’s bad attributes and gives you an idea why you should not watch such shows. I recommend you to choose the best Anime shows because there are plenty of best reasons to watch anime shows.

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