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Robert Pattinson movies on Netflix are your one-stop destination for every kind of genre. Be it romance, dark comedy, serious roles, or thrillers, Robert D. Thomas Pattinson has done it all so effortlessly.

Robert Pattinson was born in London, England, to Richard Pattinson (a dealer who dealt in Vintage cars) and Clare Pattinson (booker at a model agency) on May 13, 1986. The third one of the siblings, Robert, had a great love for music and art, which made him join guitar classes very early in life, but being an actor was never part of the plan. His best bet was to be a musician or a speechwriter, but he did join an acting club and was cast in a play named Guys and Dolls as a dancer.

It didn’t stop here for him because soon after this, he got a lead in another play, Our Town, and his professional acting career started. He had landed a small role in “Vanity Fair” (2004), but that was cut out later. The director felt so guilty that he managed to get an audition for a role in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire (2005). He managed to get the role of Cedric Diggory, and he was only 19. Impressive, right?

We bring to you the curated best of the Robert Pattinson movies on Netflix that you can’t afford to miss.

6 Best Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Guilty Pleasure Alert!

The Twilight star Robert Pattinson, isn’t only known for mysterious roles but also serious ones. When David Cronenberg offered him Cosmopolis (2012) he realized his love for true cinema. Post realization, he started working on more serious projects like The Lost City of Z (2016), where he played the role of jungle explorer.

His acting refined over time, and the proof is that he got a six-minute standing ovation at Cannes for playing a con artist. Wow! He also starred in The Lighthouse (2019), earning him an award for the Best Actor. Not to miss, he was offered “Tenet” (2020), which is considered one of the best works of Christopher Nolan.

Let’s take a look at other mind-blowing works of Mr. Cullens that will definitely keep you entertained.

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#1 The Lighthouse (2019)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

The Lighthouse (2019) is a perfect blend of horror, fantasy, history, and drama. It is a story about pain, sadness, and isolation, which is very much rooted in reality. The movie is essentially based on lighthouse keepers’ true story. With a tinge of mythology in it, this movie is about people who can’t make sense of themselves and what they do. 

With a run time of 1h 49m, the movie aptly shows how the human mind is nothing but a prison in itself, and what you can possibly do with that prison is also in your hands. This is a tale of two inhabitants who start to live on a secluded island in New England (Nova Scotia).

Set in the late 19th century, the story shows the hurdles and struggles to survive in such deplorable conditions. Working all the time with no one by their side, just the two of them is not only boring but starts to effects one’s sanity. With the scarcity of food, the men start to get irked and resentment starts to creep in. Hunger also increases the bottled agony and they start to lose it eventually.

It’s impertinent to mention the thing that adds to making the film gloomy and delivering its best is the grainy black and white effect and frame 1:19:1. It has made the movie more fascinating and real. You may find the movie puzzling for the initial bits, but it’s a beautiful story of effort, insanity, and the struggle to remain insane and afloat as the plot progresses.

We suggest that you watch this movie more for the experience. The movie is well made in all aspects, be it direction, cinematography, or acting, It aces all squares. Ever wondered how mad can your mind make you? Watch lighthouse for comprehensive answers.

  • Director– Robert Eggers
  • Writer– Robert Eggers, Max Eggers
  • Stars– Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman
  • Genre– drama, fantasy, history
  • Run Time– 1h 49m
  • IMDb Rating– 7.4/10
  • Release Date – October 18 2019

#2 The King (2019)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

The King (2019), is a story of Young Henry V, who had initially severed ties with the royal blood and is forced to return to it because of his father’s demise. As a result of this development, he must now navigate through what his father left for him and eventually embrace his royal life. The movie revolves around the dominant theme of rivalry, cheating, battles, and treachery.

It’s a story of England’s political diaspora and the struggles a brother faces when after his brother’s death, the political structure crumbles. It is likely that the movie is based on William Shakespeare’s play and not on any historical king. From the script to the acting and the set, everything about the movie seems impeccable. 

The King (2019) is a perfect blend of biography, drama, and history. Robert Pattinson appears halfway through the movie. It’s only when Henry is ready to set out for a battle that he appears. The movie is like slow fire, and it slowly grows on you. Timothee Chalamet has literally outdone himself with his colossal screen presence.

The movie was well-received by the audience and has won the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards (2019) in several categories like Best Supporting Actor, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, and Best Costume Design. There are many Robert Pattinson movies on Netflix encircling the same Genre, you can choose from.

  • Director– David Michod
  • Writer– David Michod, Joel Engerton
  • Stars– Tom Glynn-Carney, Gabor Czap, Tom Fisher
  • Genre– Biography, drama, history
  • Run Time– 2h 20m
  • IMDb Rating– 7.3/10
  • Release Date – November 1 2019

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#3 The Devil All The Time (2020)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

The Devil All The Time (2020), is a story that explains how hatred is multi-faceted and how it affects people and generations. This movie typically has gothic undertones and is a blend of drama, thriller, and crime.

Set in Ohio, the movie is set in the time of World War 2; Willard Russell is seen unable to save his wife from dreadful cancer even after performing all kinds of vain rituals. Their son is shown as a good man who has his own share of issues that he needs to beat. Then there is a duo of serial killers who exterminate models.

The movie has subtle nuances of misery, pain, and disappointment. The pace is just on point, and not only that, this movie is excellent content-wise and is flawlessly directed. This movie brings an unfathomable kind of crazy vibe that somehow makes sense. Many will label this movie as depressing and disturbing because of the amount of truth it acquaints you with. 

This movie makes for an amazing evening watch, with Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson acing their roles. The movie was nominated for IFJA Award for Best Vocal / Motion Capture Performance.

  • Director– Antonio Campos
  • Writer– Antonio Campos, Paulo Campos, Donald Ray Pollock
  • Stars– Bill Skarsgard, Tom Holland, Michael Banks Repeta
  • Genre– Crime, drama, thriller
  • Run Time– 2h 18m
  • IMDb Rating– 7.1/10
  • Release Date – September 11 2020

#4 Twilight (2008)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

Twilight (2008), based on the Twilight series, is the movie that set the foundation for Robert Pattinson as a star. The movie is a heart-touching love story with mysterious nuances between a human (Bella) and a 108-year-old vampire (Edward Cullen) when Bella moves in to live with her dad. 

The character of Bella is shown to be introverted and shy. It’s in the college that Bella sees Edward for the first time and finds him rather mysterious and nothing like the other boys. Within no time, romance erupts, and simultaneously, Bella finds out that Edward really isn’t like other men – A Vampire! In Bella, Edward sees someone he has been waiting for forever, but he is reluctant to be close to her because of his primal instinct of feeding on human blood. 

What will happen when a rather unusual union of a mortal and an immortal being gets formed and what implications and struggles they will have to endure for its continuance is something you must watch. The movie teleports you to the era of vampires and makes you feel like one of them.

  • Director– Catherine Hardwicke
  • Writer– Melissa Rosenberg, Stephenie Meyer
  • Stars– Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke
  • Genre– drama, fantasy, romance
  • Run Time– 2h 2m
  • IMDb Rating– 5.3/10
  • Release Date – November 20 2009

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#5 Life (2015)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

Life (2015) is a mix of drama and a biography by Anton Corbijn. It is based on the friendly relationship between Dennis Stock (photographer) and James Dean (Hollywood actor). James Dean is a budding superstar, and Stock gets an assignment to shoot the star (James Dean). The relationship that started on professional footings now becomes more personal as they travel L.A to New York.

It is essentially a film that gives you a sneak peek into what happens in Hollywood. For the initial bit, Robert is seen convincing the upcoming star for portraits, which simultaneously leads to their closeness. The star is shown as a non-conformist.

Robert Pattinson has aced the role of a rookie photographer. Hollywood and its other facets, namely deadlines, pressure, interpersonal relationships, and work-related relationships, are aptly shown in the true light. If you are interested in seeing the life encompassing Hollywood and artists, this one is a must-watch.

  • Director– Anton Corbijn
  • Writer– Luke Davies
  • Stars– Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Peter Lucas
  • Genre– Biography, drama
  • Run Time– 1h 51m
  • IMDb Rating– 6/10
  • Release Date – September 24 2015

#6 Remember Me (2010)

6 Breathtaking Robert Pattinson Movies On Netflix | Revel In The Best

Remember Me (2010) is a romantic drama encompassing two lovers, Ally, who has changed his way of life post his mother’s murder, and Tyler, whose parents have ended their marriage after Tyler’s brother commits suicide.

Set in New York, Remember Me is a romantic movie that confirms that opposites attract. The chirpy and full-of-life nature of Ally helps Tyler come out of a family tragedy. He was mostly ignored by his father post his brother’s demise, and Ally comes along to fill that vacuum. If you want to see Robert Pattinson doing some serious acting, then this is your safest bet.

The movie teaches us never to ignore what our inner conscious tells us. The movie is beautifully made, nicely paced, and covers everything from romance to family tragedy. It leaves you with a sense of loss. If you are someone who enjoys a rollercoaster of emotions, this movie is tailor-made for you.

  • DirectorAllen Coulter
  • Writer– Will Fetters
  • Stars– Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Caitlyn Rund
  • Genre– drama, romance
  • Run Time– 1h 53m
  • IMDb Rating– 7.2/10
  • Release Date – May 14 2010

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Final Words

If you are a Robert Pattinson fan and are dying to see Pattinson in some serious roles, the above-enlisted movies are a must-watch. The movies cover every genre under the sky, which is sure to keep you hooked. Indulge in the unescapable! 

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