Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!


The battle of Rock Lee vs Kimimaro is going to be severe. Because both of the warriors are insanely talented yet, we will look at their capabilities, skills, and Drunken Fist Fight to come to a conclusion.

Rock Lee is a character from the Japanese adventure, fantasy-comedy anime Naruto (2007). Rock Lee serves as an example that ninjas don’t always have inborn fighting skills and superhuman physical capabilities. Sometimes, they acquire all of that with hard work, just like Rock Lee did. His journey is truly awe-inspiring!

Kimimaro is another character from Naruto. He is the sidekick of Orochimaru. Having lost his entire clan in a meaningless battle, he was found and picked up by Orochimaru as his best ninja. However, Orochimaru also wanted to have Kimimaro as one of his future hosts. 

I can already see that everyone would be favoring Rock Lee! And naturally, everyone would want Rock Lee to win. But…..keep reading! You will have the answer soon!

Here’s Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | Fight In Drunken Fist Style!

Having looked at some details about the two characters, it’s time that we look at some facts about the show they belong to! Keep reading to find out a few things about Naruto and a few more about Rock Lee and Kimimaro! 

Release Date15 February 2007
Running Time24m
Created ByMasahi Kishimoto
Production ByStudio Pierrot, TV Tokyo
CastJunko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura
Number Of Seasons5
Number Of Episodes220
IMDb Rating8.4/10
Where  To WatchNetflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll. Amazon Prime, Funimation

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1#  Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | Who Is Rock Lee?

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!

Rock Lee is a fictional character from the Japanese adventure anime series Naruto. The series is based on an anime of the same name. 

Rock Lee belongs to Konoha village. Initially, the writer of Naruto created Rock Lee to symbolize human weakness and fragility. However, Rock Lee proves that talent isn’t always innate as the series progresses. Ninjas aren’t born with superhuman skills and power. Sometimes, Ninjas are made through extreme hard work, determination, and perseverance, just like Rock Lee was. 

At the start of the series, Rock Lee couldn’t harness his chakra energies as his peers could. Rock Lee kept up the hard work despite the difficulties he faced and became an outstanding ninja. 

Rock Lee grew up without parents. It is believed that they were killed when the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama, attacked Konoha. He found inspiration from the incredibly cool and weird powerhouse Might Guy. He was trained by Might Guy in Taijutsu. 

Rock Lee learned how to throw punches harder than anyone ever could. His punches could smash bones. And it isn’t a technique that many ninjas can master. 

2# Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | Who Is Kimimaro?

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!

Kimimaro was the sole surviving member of the Kaguya clan. He was also the last processor of his clan’s kekkei genkai, Shikotsumyaku, a DNA variation that allows the possessor to use unusual techniques. Kimimaro’s clan was slaughtered in a meaningless battle with Kirigakure. 

Wandering around alone, Kimimaro was picked up by Orochimaru and was taken under his wing. It was like, Kimimaro had found a new purpose in life. He became a dedicated follower and the best ninja of Orochimaru.

He wanted nothing more than to fulfill his master’s dreams and ambitions. Even though Orochimaru wanted him to be one of his future hosts, Kimimaro didn’t mind. Later in the series, Kimimaro became the leader of Orochimaru’s Sound Four, making the Sound Five. He also acted as a messenger for Orochimaru in the Lands Of Sound and had the shinobi clans, such as the Fūma clan, swear loyalty to his master. 

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3# Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | What Are The Powers And Abilities Of Rock Lee?

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!

One of the many displays of strength by Rock Lee has been pulling out and lifting a chunk of a tree root. Rock Lee has Multi-Block level striking strength. He almost defeated Sasuke in a kick even with his weights on. He even destroyed a meteor with the help of his disciples. 

Rock Lee has a comparative advantage over most ninjas because of his hypersonic speed. He specializes in moving fast and hitting hard. Rock Lee is trained in Taijutsu, Drunken Fist, and some killer moves like Primary Lotus. 

Rock Lee is considered a genius by Kakashi because he learned to open five of the Eight Gates by age 12 and six by 17. It is difficult for even the most talented ninjas to open a single gate. 

Also, Rock Lee has incredible stamina. He underwent prolonged and taxing training. Using his sheer willpower alone, he remained standing even though many of his bones were shattered. 

4# Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | What Are The Powers And Abilities Of Kimimaro?

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!

It is said that Kimimaro could take down all the Sound Four at once, that too, without breaking a sweat. Even though Gaara had a considerable geographical and tactical advantage, he could barely defeat Kimimaro. If Kimimaro’s sickness had not taken him down, he could have easily won against Gaara. He was the only person except Sasuke to control Jūgo.All of this only proves that Kimimaro has great combat skills. 

Mainly Kimimaro’s abilities came from his Shikotsumyaku kekkei Genkai. Because of it, Kimimaro could enhance his skeletal structure in combat. It would make his bones stronger than tempered steel. He was also a master of Taijutsu and had impressive speed, agility, and skill. 

In addition, Kimimaro was also skilled in Kenjutsu. It allowed him to wield his bone sword,  deflect shuriken, and stab with great agility. The opponent would have afterimages before Kimimaro delivered a final killing strike. 

Kimimaro also has a very strong willpower. Even when he was buried in Gaara’s chakra-infused sand, he survived. The fact that he battled Naruto, Lee, and Gaara one after the next points out his great stamina. 

5# Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro | The Drunken Fist Fight!

Rock Lee Vs Kimimaro! It’s Showdown Time!!

The fight between Rock Lee and Kimimaro is quite an interesting one to watch. Rock Lee steps into the fight by blocking a blow of Kimimaro’s sword. And initially, we can see Rock Lee having an upper hand in the fight. He was moving so fast that Kimimaro got little to no time registering the attacks, let alone reacting to them. 

Then, Rock Lee took out his potion. We are talking about that potion that makes Rock Lee look drunk but otherwise sends him into a super zen state and makes him unbeatable. Yes, Rock Lee was using his Drunken Fist. Honestly, Rock Lee’s unpredictable fighting style made it fun to watch. 

But then Kimimaro, also a Taijutsu specialist, got fed up and entered stage two of his curse mark. His power surged. And Rock Lee couldn’t hit Kimimaro without hurting himself by those defensive spikes. In the end, Rock Lee’s life was saved by Gaara.

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Final Words

Here’s a huge sorry to all Rock Lee fans! The winner of Rock Lee vs Kimimaro is Kimimaro! I, too, find it hard to accept this injustice, but it is what it is! Rock Lee is still a heart-winning hero!

But, if you have any other perspective on looking at this fight, please let me know in the comment section down below!

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