Add Class and Luxury to Your Lifestyle with Rolex Presidential Watches in 2021


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The Rolex Presidential Watches is defined by its Rolex president bracelet. The presidential bracelet was originally designed for the Rolex Day-Date and unveiled along with the watch in 1956. The Rolex President Day-Date was the first watch to display the date written out in full on the Rolex dial.

Rolex Presidential sizes for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date are either 36mm or 40mm faces. To this day, the Day-Date is still known as “the ultimate watch of prestige.” Now, the Day-Date is still the primary Rolex with President bracelet. However, some of the upper-level Datejust for ladies’ models are now also compatible with the Rolex President bracelet.

Today, the Rolex President watch is highly customizable, and potential buyers can choose between a handful of different colors and materials when putting together their dream watch. So, which color combination is right for you? In this article, we will outline four potential Rolex President customizations currently offered for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in both 36mm and 40mm faces to help you choose the best fit for your fit.

Best Rolex Presidential Watches

Classic Yellow Gold

Rolex Presidential Watches

Next up, a classy 18K Rolex Presidential. The Rolex President Day-Date gold is a timeless timepiece that will immediately draw the attention of any passerby to that huge bulge in your pants – your wallet! A Rolex Presidential 36mm in yellow gold with a Rolex President diamond bezel will elevate your style on any occasion.

Whether you are attending the MET Gala or simply running to a coffee date with the homies, a Rolex President gold with diamonds will have you on time and looking fine. The Rolex President gold price for this customization is just shy of $50 grand, for sale at an MSRP of $49,250 USD. This enduring Rolex President colorway embodies the high-level luxury that the company has become synonymous with over the 20th century.

Platinum with Diamonds

Rolex Presidential Watches

The Rolex Presidential platinum encrusted in diamonds is a flawless look the emanates wealth and stature. A certified platinum Rolex President, 40mm with diamond bezel and a dial paved with diamonds and sapphires, is top-tier prestige. This watch is so full of precious metals and gemstones it should be called Royal instead of Rolex Presidential. With a Rolex Presidential platinum on your wrist, you can excuse the laymen passing by if they mistake you for a pro-baller or even the owner of a whole team. To find out this Rolex Presidential cost, you will have to reach out to your local dealer.

Rolex Black 

Rolex Presidential Watches

A Rolex black colorway is objectively the coolest way to sport your expensive watch. While the Rolex Presidential Day-Date does not have an option for a black case, and neither does the Rolex President band, a few slight modifications can add a black accent that complements any outfit choice.

Try on a Rolex President white gold 40mm with a fluted bezel and a Rolex Presidential black dial set with diamonds for a watch that says, “I am just as comfortable behind the wheel of my Tesla as I am drinking Henny straight out the bottle in the parking lot of a rap show.” The Rolex Presidential price for this new rig is listed at $43,700 USD. The contrast between the black dial and the white gold casing of the watch is elegant and refined, just like you.

Black and gold Rolex Presidential 

Rolex Presidential Watches

The Rolex President yellow gold in 40mm has an option to customize with a bright black, diagonal motif dial. This 18K Rolex Presidential model is potentially the sexiest watch option on the market today. And you cannot go wrong with either the fluted or Rolex president diamond bezel.

Black and gold contrast each other like peanut butter and jelly. This watch pairs nicely with a leather jacket, some expensive denim, and a pair of Doc Martens to have you ready for a rowdy night out on the town or for an intimate evening with someone you are trying to impress. This Rolex Presidential for sale costs $51,950 new.

I recommend going with the accented Black Rolex Presidential 40mm Day-Date, and not just because it is the most affordable option set forth here. Black is subtle and sexy. Modest yet revered. Black, like the Rolex Presidential, never goes out of style. You can even throw on a diamond-encrusted bezel or diamond-laced presidential band. And if white gold is not your vibe, the Rolex Presidential rose gold and platinum options, in both the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36mm and 40mm, offer black dials as well. 

Though there is no wrong choice to make when ordering a Rolex Presidential watch, it is important that you customize it with your own outfits and events in mind so that you get the most bang for your buck. Also of note is the Rolex Presidential resale value. Because of the storied history behind Rolex President watches – Biden recently wore a Rolex for his inauguration and Tony Soprano was always seen sporting one on HBO’s Sopranos – as well as the quality construction and precious materials used to make the Rolex President, new buyers can be assured that the investment is worth it, and the watch can very well increase in value over time.

Finally, be sure to purchase any Rolex for sale from a reputable Rolex retailer. It is important to purchase your expensive watch at a verified storefront and not some guy on a street corner so that buyers can be assured of the veracity of the Rolex. Also, if your watch has a paper trail of providence, potential resale buyers will be willing to pay more for the real deal. You can check out all the colorways and diamond upgrades the Rolex presidential has to offer. With a Rolex President on the wrist, you will be treated like the royalty you so rightly feel like you are.