7 Common Roofing Issues That Make You Call A Roofer


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Roofing issues are quite common. You must have faced one at some point in your life. Delaying the repair of your roof undermines the integrity of your home. To keep the structural integrity of your home intact, you must protect the roof of your home from external elements and keep an eye on the condition of your roof from time to time.

A regular inspection of your roof enables you to deal with a problem just the moment it happens. With some of the roofing issues, you can deal yourself, however, for resolving many other issues, there are plenty of construction roofing companies in Apex NC that can help you. Given below are some of the common roofing issues that you can easily inspect yourself. Have a look:

Common Roofing Issues

Roof Leaks

Roof Leak: Roofing issues
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most common roof repair issues that homeowners face. Roof leaks usually occur due to extreme weather conditions such as winds, thunderstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes, or flooding. A roof that was built years ago is highly prone to windstorm damage. Therefore, if you are living under a roof that is old enough to bear any more stress, make sure that you keep on inspecting its condition from time to time. When inspecting the roof, check if there are holes, these can start water leaks. The water leaks are often easily visible. If ignored, these leaks can cause damage that is hard to reverse.

Broken Shingles

Broken Shingles: Roofing issues
Source: Bob Villa

When inspecting your roof, must notice if there are broken shingles. If you notice a part with missing shingles, it would be best for you to replace it with the new one. If you won’t assemble the shingles of your roof carefully, it would collapse. Also, ensure that the nails of the shingles are secured safely on the edges so that there is no chance of their breakdown. To ensure that there is no moisture inside the shingles, you must do proper ventilation of the roof.

Structural Damage To Roof

Structural Damage: Roofing issues
Source: Pie Engineering

This structural damage to the roof occurs due to multiple reasons. Like if there are strong winds and your roof is already in fragile condition, there are chances of structural damage. Moreover, if there is poor ventilation, it can cause the growth of mold and algae which further causes harm to the structure of the roof. To minimize this kind of damage, you must pay attention to the proper ventilation of your home. Hiring a qualified roofing contractor can help you minimize these kinds of issues. He can also further guide you on how you can keep your home safe by keeping intact the structural integrity of your roof.

Damaged Flashings

Damaged flashing: Roofing issues
Source: Angie’s Construction

Do you know why roof flashings are installed? Well, the answer is quite straightforward. These flashings protect your roof from potentially falling by keeping the water away from parts that are susceptible to water damage. A roof flashing plays a critical role in keeping the rainwater away from your roof. If it gets damaged, the water will seep into the walls of the home and soon you will need repair of your home. So, it is better to get the flashing repaired if you want to protect yourself from big investments.

Poor Roof Installation

Poor roof instalation: Roofing issues
Source: Inspect Pedia

This is another roofing issue that most homeowners face. To avoid facing such an issue, you need to choose a roofing contractor carefully. When it is the time of roof installation, survey the whole market and try to find a roofing contractor who is known for flawless installation of the roof. If the roof installation is done the right way for the very first time, you won’t need to call a roofing contractor anytime soon.

Gutter Problems

Gutter problem: Roofing issues
Source: Medium

Another common roofing issue that homeowners face is related to gutters or downspouts. And to resolve these issues, you must call a top-rated roofing contractor, because if a roof gutter is replaced poorly, it can further harm the roof. If there are gutter and downspout issues, these will not only harm your roof but will also damage the foundation of your home. Then, you will need additional money to fix the large cracks in the foundations as well. And if there is flooding in the foundation due to a clogged roofing gutter, you may end spending thousands of dollars in terms of its restoration.

Moss Or Algae Growth

Moos or algae: Roofing issues
Source: Bioadvanced

You also need to keep an eye on the algae or moss growth because if you won’t, it would lead to more problems. The moment you notice there is moss over the roof, remove it right away. If not removed timely, it blocks the gutters. To remove the moss, you do not have to call professional contractors. Multiple DIY remedies are available on the internet to deal with the moss. You can simply mix the laundry liquid with water and spray it over the moss. Then leave this residue for nearly half an hour. After that, you can rinse the roof with normal water and get rid of it yourself.

Final Say!

For most of the roofing issues discussed above, you cannot go for DIY roofing repair or maintenance, neither it is wise to delay the repair or replacement of broken parts. Immediately find someone professional and get your roof repaired.