Rules For Creating An Interesting Video For The Social Network TikTok


You can make your first video without professional editing Tiktok video knowledge. There are two main ways: to publish a video on Tiktok, you can use both pre-prepared ones and shoot them in live mode. Also, you can shoot blanks directly in Tiktok, save them to your phone, mount and then add them to your page. How to make a cool video? Add Effects to Video VJump and read our article!

How Duration Affects The Perception Of  A Video

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The recording window opens. At the bottom, we can choose three options for shooting a video in the Tiktok video editor: 15 or 60 seconds, themes are more likely not a video, but a dynamic photo collage. Recently, the ability to upload 3-minute videos has appeared, but so far this feature is not available to all users. The first videos should not be made long, they are rarely watched to the end.

Background Music

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To add music in the Tiktok editing app to the video, click “Add Music” at the top, and then select the appropriate track from the suggested ones. You will see a selection of recommendations and several playlists Top, Trending, Background Music, Latest, etc. In addition, you can take sound from the videos you like. To do this, click on the sound itself, and then on “Use this sound.” Liked tracks can be added to favorites for future videos.

If you want to add photos to your video, you can do this using the Upload button, and then select the photos you need from the gallery. Then you should choose a track that will play in the background of your images. Photos are automatically synchronized with the rhythm of the music. As a result, you will get one full video, for example, the impression of a trip to the mountains. Step 3 slow down, filters, and effects.

Before you start shooting videos, you can immediately add the desired filters and effects in the best Tiktok editing app. Let’s go in order.

  • In the bottom panel on the timeline, select the start and end points of the clip and use the scissors button to trim the excess.
  • Add a sound accompaniment – it can be a ready-made voiceover or a musical composition – to select audio, click the appropriate button.
  • Adjust the playback speed in the Speed menu, there are options for speeding up and slowing down, as well as a toggle switch to select whether to speed up / slow down the sound on the video.

In addition to the quality of the video material, the implementation of technical aspects, and editing, the plot of the video is of great importance. In order for the video to become as popular as possible, it is better to focus on Tiktok trends. It all depends on your creativity. This could be a sketch, a challenge, a karaoke song, a reaction to other content, or a review of a particular product, mobile game, or app. But if you watch the videos of other TikTok players, then you can say the funnier and more trashy the video, the better.

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