Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!


Sanji Vs Rock Lee! It’s a tough one to decide, given both the warriors’ physical capabilities and skills! Nevertheless, I will try my best to put forth a comparison between both the warriors. 

Sanji is a One Piece (1999) character born to the king of Germa Kingdom. He has all of us charmed with his fighting skills, culinary expertise, endurance, and great physical strength. What makes him so unique is his self-imposed rule of never using his hands during fights; he wants to keep them only for cooking. But this never stopped Sanji from being a great fighter. 

Rock Lee is a Naruto (2007) character who taught us that just because you aren’t born with some ability or talent doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire it with hard work. Lee has some triumphant victories and some embarrassing losses to his credit. Yet, he’s a victorious warrior. 

I can go on and on about both Sanji and Rock Lee. To be very frank, I am a fan of both of them. I mean, how can one not be?! Regardless of the conclusion of the battle Sanji vs Rock Lee, I will always look at the two of them as equals. And so should you! 

Here’s A Battle Between Sanji Vs Rock Lee | Read Till The End To Know Their Fates!

Before finding out who Sanji is, let’s look at some facts about the show, One Piece that Sanji belongs to. 

Release DateOctober 20, 1999
Running Time24m
Created ByKōnosuke Uda 
Production ByToei Animation
CastColleen Clinkenbeard, Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Hiroaki Hirata
Number Of Seasons20
Number Of Episodes1017
IMDb Rating8.8/10
Where  To WatchNetflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll. Amazon Prime, Funimation

Having looked at some facts about One Piece, it’s time that we look at some facts about Naruto as well. Keep reading to find out more about the show Rock Lee belongs to! 

Release Date15 February 2007
Running Time24m
Created ByMasahi Kishimoto
Production ByStudio Pierrot, TV Tokyo
CastJunko Takeuchi, Maile Flanagan, Kate Higgins, Chie Nakamura
Number Of Seasons5
Number Of Episodes220
IMDb Rating8.4/10
Where  To WatchNetflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll. Amazon Prime, Funimation

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1# Sanji Vs Rock Lee | Who Is Sanji?

Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!

Sanji, a.k.a Vinsmoke Sanji, “Black Leg” Sanji, is a fictional character from One Piece’s adventure fantasy series

One Piece grew under his father, Vinsmoke Judge, the king of the Germa kingdom who wanted to perform a surgical operation on his wife, Vinsmoke Sora. The operation would lead to her producing children with no emotions. Sora took some medicines to counter the effect of the operation. As a  result, all but one kid–Sanji, turned out to have emotions. But he was constantly bullied by his father and his emotionless siblings. He enjoyed cooking for his mother. But after she died, he was put in a dungeon from where he eventually escaped. 

Sanji found a new father figure, the pirate Red-Leg Zeff, who taught him his martial art, Black Leg Style, an art that mostly uses legs and never hands. So, Sanji believed that hands should be kept only for cooking. He’d never break this rule, even if his safety were in jeopardy. 

Sanji later joined the quest of pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy for the treasure One Piece. While working as a chef for them, he found a family in Straw Hat Pirates. 

2# Sanji Vs Rock Lee | Who Is Rock Lee?

Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!

Rock Lee is a fictional character from the fantasy comedy anime series Naruto, adapted from the manga series of the same name. He belonged to Konoha village and was first created to symbolize human weakness. But, later, he proves that talent isn’t always inborn; it is acquired through hard work and persistence. 

In the beginning, he couldn’t use his chakra energies like his peers. Regardless of his difficulties, he continued to train and became an exemplary ninja. Rock Lee didn’t have a family. He found inspiration from an incredibly cool Might Guy who saw his potential and trained him in Taijutsu. 

Rock Lee learned how to punch harder than anyone. His punches could shatter bones. And it isn’t a technique that any ninja can master. One wrong move and your skill can prove catastrophic for you. 

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3# Sanji Vs Rock Lee | What Are The Powers Of Sanji? 

Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!

Owing to the intense training in martial art, Sanji quickly rose to the spot of the top three fighters, along with Zoro and Luffy. 

Sanji has great physical strength, and he can overturn giants, smash steel, and one-shot Kaiju monsters without any help from Diable Jamble, Haki, or even the Raid suit. From his days in the dungeon, and even before that, Sanji has displayed great endurance. 

Sanji has great speed and reflexes. For instance, while saving Chiffon from Oven, he moved with such agility that nobody, including Oven, could see him attack; he did it in milliseconds.  But’s that not all; he has also dodged bullets. We can say that Sanji’s reaction speed is double the speed of sound. 

Skill/ Experience: Sanji has taken over huge giants and has more victories than Rock Lee. He has fought with and defeated ninjas, assassins, and super martial artists.  

Sanji has great kicks. He moves through the air with such agility that his legs are on fire when he attacks. Note to self: Leg days are extremely important; never skip them. 

4# Sanji Vs Rock Lee | What Are The Powers Of Rock Lee?

Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!

One of Lee’s best displays of strength has been lifting a tree root, breaking Kimimaro’s bones.If we talk about endurance, Lee survived getting broken down through stones. Lee somewhat has an advantage over Sanji when it comes to speed. He specializes in moving fast and hitting. 

Lee was taught by Might Guy, a powerhouse as compared to Zeff. But experience-wise, Sanji is greater because Sanji has taken over ninjas and assassins, which, according to the record so far, Lee hasn’t done. 

Lee is trained in Taijutsu, a ninja’s ability to use Chakra, body, and mind. He’s trained in the Strong Fist, a style that enables him to punch harder than anyone. Apart from that, Lee also knows some killer moves like the Primary Lotus. 

Lee also has a potion that he can drink to get into a super zen state and become unconquerable. 

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5# Sanji Vs Rock Lee | Who Will Win The Ultimate Death Battle?!

Sanji Vs Rock Lee! Who Will Win The Battle Between High Kickers?!

During the Death Battle, it looks like Lee has a mobility advantage, but this point should go to Sanji, owing to his Sky Walkability. 

Lee has been taught by the incredible fighter Might Guy when it comes to fighting style and skills. But Lee has been trained by Zeff and is a master of Black Leg Style. It can’t be said who is a better fighter in this regard. Let this one be a draw. Next, we move on to experience. Even though Rock Lee has been on several missions from a very early age, Sanji has trained for more years and fought for an equal amount of time. 

Sanji’s versatility in various techniques, including Diable Jamble, gives him access to more techniques and attacks than Lee. Sanji, moreover, is too tough for Lee’s attacks. They won’t cause him any significant harm.  He has foreknowledge through Observation Haki. And, Sanji can do great internal damage through his Diable Jambe. 

As for Lee, his fighting style has a range of options, and he can use his skills in stealth. But, any of his moves can easily be countered by Sanji’s Observation Haki. 

If you argue that Sanji’s Haki won’t last forever, then Lee’s Eight Gates wouldn’t last either! Also, the Eight Gates would tire down Lee’s body. But even if Sanji’s Haki gets over, he will have stamina and little to no self-imposed injuries.

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Final Words

I think it’s clear who the winner is. It’s Sanji. Sorry to all Naruto fans! I know Lee is an amazing character! But it is what it is!! Please find the strength in your heart to bear this unacceptable news! But if you have got a different perspective for looking at their battle, please let me know in the comment section below!


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