Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?


Sasuke Vs Itachi is a destined battle between brothers. It is intriguing and complicated. And it’s understandable why. Not every day you’d come across a younger brother who admires his elder brother but would later want to kill him.

Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha are two fictional characters and backbones of the Japanese anime Naruto (2007). They are two of the most beloved and complicated ninjas in the Naruto series. And their rivalry is one of the epic rivalries this show has ever had. 

Wouldn’t you want to know what happened that Sasuke, who used to look up to his brother, would want nothing more than to kill him? What did Itachi do? 

To know the conclusion of Sasuke vs Itachi, keep reading the article!

Here’s A Battle Between Brothers: Sasuke Vs Itachi | Maters Prophecy And Vengeance 

Now, before we dive into Sasuke vs Itachi, the Fated Battle Between Brothers, let’s look at some facts about the show, Naruto, where they belong. 

Release Date15 February 2007
Running Time24m
Created ByMasahi Kishimoto
Production ByStudio Pierrot, TV Tokyo
CastJunko Takeuchi, Maile Flangan, Kate Higgings, Chie Nakamura
Number Of Seasons5
Number Of Episodes220
IMDb Rating8.4/10
Where  To WatchNetflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll. Amazon Prime, Funimation

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1# Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Is Sasuke?

Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?

Sasuke is a fictional character from the Japanese fantasy-comedy adventure anime series. He was born to Figaku Uchiha of the Uchiha clan, a notorious ninja family in the Hidden Leaf Village. Sasuke Uchiha was an unparalleled Ninja. Growing up, he was focused on becoming like Itachi, their father’s favorite child. 

Sasuke Uchiha is the deuteragonist villain and the protagonist’s rival, Naruto. And not only that, but he is also the sole surviving member of the Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan. The rest of them were slaughtered by Itachi. So, Sasuke made avenging his clan’s killing the main goal of his life. He wanted to kill Itachi for what he did. 

He is Naruto’s best friend and rival. He starts cultivating skills to help him in his mission. But upon being dissatisfied with the little progress he’s making, he leaves Konoha. After years of training, Sasuke is a changed person. He’s become irrational, further isolated by others, and a criminal. 

2# Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Is Itachi?

Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?

Itachi Uchiha is the elder brother of Sasuke Uchiha and another character in the Japanese anime series Naruto. Known for killing the entire Uchiha clan before joining the terrorist organization Akatsuki, he’s his brother Sasuke’s greatest enemy. He had only left his brother alive. 

Growing up, Itachi witnessed casualties and destruction that made him a pacifist. He aspired to become a ninja to bring some peace to the world. And for that, he trained hard. Along the way, he also earned his brother’s admiration and father’s praises.

Itachi enrolled in Academy at age six and learned skills faster than anybody else. He was also allowed to take his graduation exam early, thus becoming the youngest post-war graduate. 

However, he had to bear the pain of killing his parents and the entire clan. He had to do it for the safety of his village. Because the Uchihas were planning to seek revenge from the village due to some unfair happenings that made them live in an isolated corner

Itachi did it so that he could, in turn, protect Sasuke. However, his younger brother didn’t know all this. Not until it was too late. All in all, Itachi Uchiha is a tragic hero and one of the most loyal shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village. 

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3# Sasuke Vs Itachi | What Are The Powers And Abilities Of Sasuke?

Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?

On his quest to seek vengeance, Sasuke became as skillful as one of the only characters to match Naruto. Along the way, he mastered over fifty varieties of Jutsu, like the Phoenix Flower Jutsu. 

Sasuke made the Lions Barrage by combining the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf and the beginning of the front lotus. 

 Sasuke left his village to learn skills from Orochimaru; the latter taught him The Hidden Shadow Snake Hands that enable Sasuke to summon a horde of snakes from his body and attack the opponent. From Orochimaru, he also learned the Body Replacement Technique. Given how capable Orochimaru is, we can draw an idea of just how skillful his student would be. 

Apart from this, Sasuke could summon Garuda, an eagle, and Manda, a serpent, whenever need be. Yes, there will be many snakes where Orochimaru is involved. 

4# Sasuke Vs Itachi | What Are The Powers And Abilities Of Itachi?

Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?

We already know that Itachi was the brightest Ninja of all time. His skills were beyond his years. And yet, he managed to learn anything new taught to him with equal ease. 

Even at the age of 11, Itachi had mastered Taijutsu and overpowered three Konoha Military Police Force members. His reflexes were smooth and polished. He moved with such agility that he’d give little to no time to the opponents to register the attack or plan a counterattack. 

Itachi had also mastered Ninjutsu, the ability to summon crows. It would enable him to swarm and distract enemies. He could also create shadow clones to lure in opponents. He specialized in shurikenjutsu even as a child. 

What’s unique is Itachi’s ability to transform natural elements like fire, water, wind, Yin, and Yang. Or his ability to avoid Orochimaru’s manipulations. Not many can do that. 

And the biggest of all, he could harm his own family to prevent a revolt that could potentially destroy Hidden Leaf Village. Throughout his life, he was a consistently loyal ninja of the village. 

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5# Sasuke Vs Itachi | The Fated Battle Between Brothers

Sasuke Vs Itachi | Who Will Win In This Battle Of Brothers?

The Fated Battle Between Brothers begins with Sasuke’s arrival at the Uchiha HIdeout. He confronts Itachi with his actions and gives him a challenge. The final battle would decide the life and death of the brothers. So, they use their best techniques to attack and counterattack each other. 

Itachi realizes that his brother has become much stronger than he used to be before. He showed him Susanoo, which would be helpful for the future. 

Several events transpire, and Itachi dies of exhaustion in Sasuke’s arms with the last forehead tap. 

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Final Words

This concludes the battle between two brothers: Sasuke vs Itachi. It pains me to say that Itachi has died. Sasuke later finds out the truth about Itachi. He vows to destroy Konoha for putting his brother in a position to choose between his family and village. 

If you have any thoughts about the brothers’ battle, let me know in the comment section below!

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