Words like Click Here may sound good to you (as a writer), but they are not appealing to your readers. Using terms like Click Here and Check Here leaves a negative impact on the CTR of your website resulting in the graph taking a negative route. 

From a writer’s perspective, you want to be the last person giving Google an idea to place your content at the bottom of search results. You don’t even want to be the person doing this, but maybe you are doing it unwillingly by writing click here in your content more than often. 

Credibility and CTR are the two things that concern you most when writing for a website or working independently. These two factors determine your growth amongst your competitors and if you can stand in the market at all. 

You may be working hard to bring creativity to your content. You may invest hours doing research and gathering sources to write but is that enough? Are you using the right keywords to embed links? How much are you willing to do to improve the CTR on your website?  

Reasons You Should Say No to Click Here 

Read along to know how this term can affect the user experience and performance of your website. Trust me at the end of the article you will also be saying ‘say no to click here.’

Say no to click here: Say No to Writing 'Click Here'
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#1 Click Here is Not Informative for Your Website

As a writer, you should understand that most of the time, when you write a blog post or an article, people are only going to read it if they are interested in it. Most people only come to an article because they are looking for a piece of particular information. Once they find what they are looking for, they won’t spend a second more on your page. 

When readers are scanning what is there on the website, many things will catch their eyes like font size, the theme of the page, contrast, and of course, the links. But using a link to a text that says check here is not informative. The reader does not know where he will land and what he will read next. 

Your link will not receive a click when you are not using a proper keyword to tell your readers where the link is pointing. Words like Click Here or Check Here are not going to work in your link’s favor, and they will not improve the CTR on your website. 

Take a look at the example below and see how you can improve the CTR on your website. 


  • Poor – If you want to start blogging, click here to read some essential tips from WordPress. 
  • Good – Learn more about websites and Blogging on WordPress to improve your skills. 

#2 Click Here is Reducing Your Session Time

Why Links should never say click here: Say No to Writing 'Click Here'
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When people visit your website, you want them to take some action, such as subscribing to your blog or YouTube channel. When a writer is writing a blog, they keep this in mind and use appropriate words to prompt the users to take action.

Now what skips a writer’s mind most of the time is to use the action word more subtly. By this, I mean to link the word with a text that will prompt the users the minute they read it and make it as directive as possible. 

Let us take an example to take a better understanding of this situation. 

  • PoorClick here to subscribe to our website and stay updated with everything new. 
  • Good – Like to stay updated all the time? Subscribe to our website for quick updates. 

Both the examples above are directing the user to take cation and subscribe to the website. However, there is a difference in how the action word is placed in both sentences. In the first sentence, we are asking a user to take action step by step. First click here, then land on the next page, and then subscribe. But the second statement is loud and clear; click here, submit details and subscribe. 

Here is the difference we are talking about. Make the task simple and easy to understand for the user. It is where you will start to notice a change in your website’s CTR. 

#3 Click Here is Not Good for Google Search Algorithm

Not SEO Friendly: Say No to Writing 'Click Here'
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If you are a writer reading this, you must be aware of the Google algorithms and terms like SEO and anchor text. When you publish an article, Google and other search engines determine your position in search results by evaluating the strength of your links. 

Linking the anchor texts on your websites with internal and external links is essential for SEO optimization, but how you make an anchor text is also a crucial step. While embedding links with words like Click here, you are informing Google that there is a link present in your content, but if you use creative anchor texts, Google will get an idea about the relevancy of your link. 

#4 Click Here is Not Helping Your Click-Through Rate 

During the earlier times, when the Internet was new, and websites were just born, people prioritized using click here terms very often. With the evolution of writing and content creation, content creators also went aboard with this theory, stating that because using a term click here, readers won’t have any idea what to do with a subscribe button or login button(for instance)

Click here is old: Say No to Writing 'Click Here'
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But times have changed, as we all know, and it is essential to bring changes to our way of increasing the credibility and CTR of our websites. When you write click here in your content, it gives readers an expression that you are forcing them to perform a specific action, leaving a negative impression of your website in their minds. 

There are multiple negative impressions, like you are stating that there is a link present here, which means you think that your reader isn’t intelligent or simply that your blog and website are obsolete or aren’t updated with fresh content from time to time. 

If you are still using words like click here, it will make the visitors think that you are running an old website. It is not the type of impression you want to create in your visitor’s mind. Instead, using creative words and attractive anchor texts is the intelligent move you need to play if you’re going to increase the CTR on your website. 

Final Pronouncement:

Trust me when I say this it’s 2021, and using words like click here on your website and content is OLD-FASHIONED. It can be why the CTR on your website is not increasing even after working on the SEO and writing. Try these tips today and let us know how they improved the credibility of your work. 


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