How to schedule Instagram posts? The most asked question nowadays, and today we are here to discuss both the benefits and methods behind scheduling Instagram posts. 

Having a well-laid Instagram profile with consistent updates is a must to gain followers and attract more traffic to your page. These things are possible only when you plan everything ahead of your time and do not keep things hanging on for the last moment. 

While you keep things for the last moment, they end up disappointing you. Sometimes the editing of pictures does not come out the way you had planned, and you end up pushing back the upload. With scheduling, you can streamline the work way before time to achieve better results. We have a lot of scheduling apps available that we can use and get started with scheduling posts. 

Read the full article below if you want to know the key scheduling factors and what apps you can use as per your requirements and budget. 

Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?

Instagram: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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While many reasons go behind the scheduling of Instagram posts, from maintaining the aesthetic profile to managing content and getting free time for your other projects, I am gonna go ahead and give a brief explanation for each of the following cases. 

Benefits of Scheduling

Cohesive Aesthetic:

Instagram Aesthetic: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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We understand that you, as an influencer, a content creator, or the face behind a local brand, juggle multiple duties at once. It gets tough to take time out and manage everything. With an Instagram scheduler, you can easily streamline your posts in advance to maintain a well-laid Instagram feed. 

  • Maintaining an Instagram aesthetic should always be on the top of your priority list as it gives a boost to your followers and account. 
  • Your Instagram feed is the first thing people that people will notice about you, so it is important to make an excellent impression.
  • Your aesthetic is not limited to your posts. With Instagram getting so many features, the aesthetic now includes reels, IGTV, stories, and the most important highlights as well. 
  • Try color-coding different sections of your profile so that viewers are prompted to hit the follow button the minute they land on your account. 

Time Management:

Time Management: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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Scheduling your Instagram posts not only proves beneficial for your aesthetic but also helps in better time management. When you schedule everything ahead of time, you naturally get time to start working on other projects. 

  • With scheduling, you can post with more consistency and frequently, resulting in a properly updated feed. 
  •  When you are done with your Instagram work, you can move onto other projects that you are working on, like your goals for this year, putting out dresses for an important event, or cleaning your room. 
  • Taking out 20 or 30 minutes from your week to plan and schedule content for auto-publishing is way better than opening your Instagram 3-4 times a day to post. Trust me, you won’t realize this now, but uploading a post takes a lot of time. 

Personal Time:

Personal Time: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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Once you start getting things done on or before time, you achieve a sense of gratification, and trust me, there is no good feeling other than that. With proper time management, you can finally get some personal time for yourself. 

  • Name a single person who does not like to indulge in some personal time, turning away your phone and live in the moment. Everyone right! 
  • When you schedule Instagram posts, you can finally get the personal time that you were looking forward to for such a long time. 
  • Turn off your phone, grab your favorite book with a glass of wine and enjoy the little things in your life. 

Improve Management:

Management: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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I have already mentioned this when you schedule Instagram posts, you get time to upload content more frequently, which results in a better and improved engagement with your audience. Always remember consistency is the key to everything. 

  • When you schedule posts every day, it builds a sense of expectation from your audience. They know you are a person who keeps everything updated from time to time, which will keep you and your account on top of everything(feeds too)
  • Planning and executing are two completely different things. You planned to upload a picture last Tuesday, and still, you haven’t uploaded it. With an Instagram scheduler, all these things take only a couple of minutes(well, not from your day but a full week) 

Post on the Right Time:

Right Time to Post: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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With the Instagram Algorithm changing every single day, it becomes tough to reach the targeted audience and drive good traffic on your page. Hard work comes into play here, or wait, does smart work? When you can schedule Instagram posts smartly, then why go for hard work? 

  • You can schedule Instagram posts to be uploaded at a time when your audience is the most active. 
  • Although calculating different time zones can be a bit of hard work, with Latermedia’s new feature Best Time to Post, things can become pretty easy for you. 
  • Uploading at the right time means higher engagement that leads to more visibility. This cycle continues once you start scheduling your Instagram posts for the right time. 

Besides this, there are a few additional reasons like lengthy and better captions, driving more traffic, getting creative with the type of content that you post. All these reasons should be good enough for you to start scheduling your Instagram posts. 

How To Schedule Instagram Posts

Schedule Instagarm Post: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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Scheduling posts directly through Instagram is not available as of now, but you can still do it through third-party apps or an Instagram scheduling tool. Let me give you a brief overview of how to schedule Instagram posts using a scheduler. 

Step 1: First things first, you need to create an account on the platform or tool that you are using to schedule your post. Most of the platforms will offer you a free trial, and then you can choose a plan that will suit you the best. 

Step 2: Once you have registered, the platform will redirect you to your dashboard, where you will be asked to connect your social media accounts. 

Step 3: Next step is to verify your account and select the pictures/videos you want to schedule. You can upload 50 files at a time from your device or your drive as well. 

Step 4: You can also edit the pictures using the platform’s in-built editor and give final touches to the post. 

Step 5: Once done with the editing, you can add the captions, hashtags, location, and tag users in the post. 

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the outcome, you can choose to upload the post at the same time or schedule it for later. Bonus feature, you can also save the picture as a draft and use it later. 

Third-Party Apps Used for Scheduling 

There are plenty of scheduling platforms available in the market that you can choose from. But choosing the right app is important because it should plan your uploads efficiently, the app must be loaded with all the tools required, and lastly, the platform should offer an interactive user experience. Keeping all the things in mind, we have shortlisted a few scheduler apps that meet all the criteria as mentioned above: 

  • Hopper HQ: one of the most reliable and efficient scheduling apps, Hooper also provides users with an in-built editing tool. The app charges a total of $21/month on annual billing. 
Hooper hQ Scheduler App: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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  • Hootsuite: Hooper is one of the most popular scheduling apps available for you in the market. The platform has an extensive range of tools and features that let you schedule your posts efficiently.  
Hootsuite Scheduler App: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
Source: Hootsuite Blog
  • Later: The scheduling tool offers a drag-and-drop tool that lets you upload pictures directly from your device, google drive, a website, etc. The app has a starting plan of $15 per month and lets you post 30 submissions. 
Later Scheduling App: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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  • Sprout Social: This scheduling app is more on the in-house marketing teams rather than individuals. The app comes with a standard plan at $99/ month, allowing you to integrate five social media profiles. 
Sprout Social: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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  • CoSchedule: The tool offers you to schedule unlimited posts for up to 10 social media accounts, and you can also integrate five additional files by paying $15 per month. 
CoSchedule Scheduler App: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
  • Tailwind: This app mainly targets Instagram and Pinterest users. This app offers you to pay $14.99 to post pictures per social media profile that lasts up to 30 days. 
Tailwind: Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts in 2021?
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Zoho Social: This scheduling app offers plans that are suitable for both business owners and agencies. With this app, you can synchronize up to 7 social media accounts simultaneously and start scheduling posts.

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