Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2023 | Watch ‘EM Now!


The science fiction genre, commonly called sci-fi, is not something many people appreciate. However, this genre is one of the strongest areas of Netflix’s movie library. It’s kind of challenging to find the best sci-fi movies on Netflix, as these are usually buried in the algorithms. But worry not, as we are here to provide you with a list of sci-fi movies to watch on Netflix and other major streaming services. Check them out!

1# Okja | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

Okja is a heartwarming story about a strong bond between a young girl, Mija, and her genetically-engineered super pig. The setting starts on a mountain, where Okja and Mija can play and run free. The complication arises when the company that created Okja wants to take their beloved creation back. But as young as Mija is, she fights back to protect what’s hers, leading to a rollercoaster journey that will leave you in awe.

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2# I Am Legend | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

I Am Legend is based on the 1954 Richard Matheson horror novel. Starred by Will Smith as Robert Neville, he became the last man on Earth after a virus that’s supposed to cure cancer created mindless, vampiric zombies that wiped out the planet. As Neville attempts to find a cure while trying to make something out of what’s left for survival, he faces mishaps along the way. This great movie has showcased Will Smith’s incredible take on a classic story.

3# What Happened To Monday | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

This dystopian sci-fi action-thriller movie revolves around a world where the solution to overpopulation is to limit every household to only one child. Having twins or other births involving more than a single child will result in euthanization—that’s why a grandfather of seven identical girls worked a way around this law by letting one person go out one day of the week, pretending they are all the same person.

The incredible actress behind the seven girls, Noomi Rapace, had an astonishing talent for juggling the seven personalities of every sister in the film. However, it’s her characterization that made this movie click, and she definitely deserves the commendation she received for it. 

4# The Adam Project | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

Starred by Adam Reynolds, The Adam Project is an easy watch for a light, family movie night. The story is about a rocket ship pilot named Adam who crashes into a wormhole in the middle of his flight, causing him to land in the far past 2022, leading him to meet his younger self. 

With this weird encounter, the two Adams must work together to return the older version to his respective time. While time travel is not new to sci-fi movies, one of the unique aspects of this story is how they depicted Adam’s childhood trauma affected him in a way that he has a serious lack of emotional connection in the later years—leaving viewers with a subtle punch as they go through an exciting adventure with the Adams.

The Adam Project is a lighthearted comedy that rests just as heavily on the skill of its actors as it does on the kookiness of its idea. After a long string of triumphs banking on Ryan Reynolds’ over-the-top antics, The Adam Project addresses tough questions and never forgets to lead with its heart.

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5# I Am Mother | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

This is not to be missed by fans of foreboding sci-fi films, especially with its dark, horror-infused feelings and superb performances by Hilary Swank and Clara Rugaard. I Am Mother is one of those novels that is quite difficult to describe without giving away a key plot twist, which is all the more reason for genre enthusiasts to seek it out. The dense notions hidden under a roller coaster plot will please fans of claustrophobic dystopian tales like that keep you on your toes until the credits roll.

In this movie, Mother is a humanoid robot who looks after embryos in an underground facility that appears to be uninhabited. Raising one of them to young adulthood, which it referred to as its Daughter, creates an unpleasant yet endearing emotional tie between the two. When a visitor appears at the base and informs Daughter of the devastation that AI like Mother has unleashed on the human population, Daughter’s formerly safe (though eerie) world becomes unknown and frightening.

6# The Old Guard | Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022 | Watch 'EM Now!

A warrior who has lived for six millennia and no longer sees the value of fighting plays Andy, named Andromache, played by Charlize Theron. But she and her squad of immortals are pushed back into combat when a pharmaceutical brat begins to pursue them with the purpose of testing their abilities.

At the same time, Nile, as played by KiKi Layne, a survivor of a slit neck, is welcomed into this unusual club and becomes a new member. When it comes to action movies, Prince-Bythewood has found a unique way to combine action with calm moments of contemplation—including a gay love story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an action movie.

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Final Words

If you’re new to sci-fi movies, we highly recommend you check out these movies that are currently available on Netflix. These movies will make you feel all kinds of things, from excitement to sadness, in an alternate universe that could be the future of our planet. 

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