20 Popular Donut Shops In LA | Forget about Dieting 


Is there a donut shop nearby you? If no, then choose the one mentioned in the list and propose to her with the delicious donut ring; she will never say No! I am helping you with the list and giving you tips on proposing and seeing I am your best friend. Lol!

Donuts are to die for, and I think no one on this planet will ever say no to the donuts, as I said, not even the girl you are going to propose, but where to get the best one, which will bring the smile on your face and your tummy is also served with the treat. 

There are many popular donut shops, but the one that serves the tastiest donuts are as follow- 

  • The Donut
  • Knead Donut and Tea
  • Moon Donuts
  • Tony’s Donut House
  • Blue star Donuts
  • Sidecar Doughnuts & Café
  • Primo’s Donuts
  • Birdies
  • Dot n Dough
  • SK Donuts and Croissant  
  • Randy’s Donuts 
  • California Donuts 
  • Darling Donuts and ice cream 
  • The Donut Hole 
  • Monarch Donuts 
  • Donut Prince 
  • Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts
  • Donut Man 
  • Blinkie’s Donuts 
  • Texas Donuts 

Let us read about them and know the specialty of these shops because otherwise, you have to rush to the best cafes in LA, where you will be disappointed with the donuts they serve. 

20 Most Scrumptious Donut Shops in LA | Ring that matters

Following are the best donut shops near you in LA, where you can taste some best sweety pies and doughnuts to give yourself a treat- 

1# The Donut | Specialty Donut Near you 

The Donut | 10 Popular Donut Shop Near You | Forget about Dieting 

When I feel I should go on a diet, you can watch me either outside the Donut or order it online after a few hours. Why is it so? It is because I cannot resist the taste of San Pedro’s famous donuts. 

The Donuts serves the most delicious and filling-filled Donut, eating which is like crawling to heaven. You will feel like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in that episode where she utters seven different ways. I bet you will do that with the word Donut. (funny reference)


1615 S Gaffey St San Pedro, CA 90731

2# Knead Donut and Tea | Closest Donut Shop near you 

2# Knead Donut and Tea | Closest Donut Shop near you 

Are you waiting for your partner? If yes, then this long beach road will take you to Knead Donut, where you will enjoy Knead’s specialty of caramel donuts sprinkled with your favorites edible decorators. 

Knead Donut gives the best package of my favorite Tea and chocolate Donut, which fills my tummy with a bite itself. It is the world’s best donuts, and there is no question about it. I have bought mine for today; you should visit the store to buy yours because I don’t like sharing food.


3490 E 7th St Long Beach, CA 90804

3# Moon Donuts | Taste the custard-filled donuts 

Moon Donuts | Taste the custard-filled donuts

The filling is what this donut shop is known for. Caramel Custard filled in the crescent of the Donut will melt in your mouth, and you will melt into the flavor too. Moon Donuts possess many varieties, so I will suggest you take the same tasting pieces so that choosing one amongst the notorious kids isn’t that difficult. 

Moon Donuts is located on the corner of Prospect and Torrance, so make sure you arrive early to choose the one you like. Otherwise, the remaining ones aren’t bad either. 


1000 Torrance Blvd Redondo Beach, CA 90277

4# Tony’s Donut House | Authentic flavors at its best 

Tony's Donut House | Authentic flavors at its best 

Tony’s Donuts is the most authentic and loved shop in LA, serving the same classic donuts for years. With years this donut house has just grown into a better version of it and has enhanced the flavors, but remained as the point of recognition is its quality. If you had a chance to gulp on the classic Donut a few years back, then the same choice of Donut has the same taste and quality. 

Wonder what, Tony’s Donut has the most authentic flavors, the taste of sweet sauces, and a sprinkle of shredded coconut with cocoa powder gives you the best taste. 


3216 E Florence Ave Huntington Park, CA 90255

5# Blue star Donuts | The Fancy Donut is Winking at you  


Blue star Donuts | The Fancy Donut is Winking at you

If you fancy and want your plate to have some fancy donuts, then buying it from Blue Star Donuts will help you do that. 

Blue Star Donuts has one of the most unmatchable tastes of donuts. The blueberry bourbon basil donut is what to die for. 

The flavors here at this shop are very authentic and are decorated in very fancy-looking shapes. It may be a best Christmas gift or a wedding invitation hamper if you feel like giving it to someone.


1142 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291

6# Sidecar Doughnuts & Café | Coffee and Donut the best combination 

6# Sidecar Doughnuts & Café | Coffee and Donut the best combination 

LA has some of the most impressive cafes, where you can relax a bit from a mundane lifestyle; however if a relaxing time at care can even become delightful with the help of donuts served at Sidecar Doughnuts and Café. 

The best of your office’s evening can be spent here with a cup of café-mocha and a slash of Donut filled with dressings, which will make the day end well. So, you can be here and enjoy your share. 


631 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401

7# Primo’s Donuts | I found the classic one 

Primo's Donuts | I found the classic one 

Primo Donuts holds a massive space at everyone’s heart who is working or living nearby Sawtelle Blvd. There is no glitter and glitz at Primo’s Donuts, but what shines like gold here are those authentic and tasty donuts. 

Primo’s Donuts has everything, chocolate-infused donuts, caramelized donuts, and whatnot. So, if you think about which one to choose from, the never-ending list of the variety they serve, then I guess you can ask them which one is loved more by the customers and try the same. 


2918 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

8# Birdies | Donuts from the Baker’s Scratch 

Birdies | Donuts from the Baker's Scratch 

Like Birds make their nest from scratch, the identical Birdies bring out the best donuts in the market made from a scratch of varied ingredients. You should order the one served with pistachio and the regular thyme to add the crunch of spices. 

Birdies are the most popular place at Olympic Blvd. which attracts a lot of locals to hop on the Birdies and try at least one of the tasty and mouth-watering donuts. When are you ready to hop? 


314 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90015

9# Dot n Dough | The best Servings in the town 

9# Dot n Dough | The best Servings in the town 

The serving or the portion of filling that will be infused in your doughnut will be getting it in the shape of a dot on your doughnut. Dot n Dough is an exemplary donut shop in the town, making its customers enjoy the sugary donuts. 

If you are near Monterey Park with your kids, then walking up straight into Dot n Dough will bring a 100 Watt smile on your face. So, buy one to make that happen!


141 N Atlantic Blvd #102 Monterey Park, CA 91754

10# SK Donuts and Croissant | French & Americans Together- Higher Expectations 

10# SK Donuts and Croissant | French & Americans Together- Higher Expectations

American and French bakery, you can call SK Donuts & Croissant, one of these. You will have some of the best croissants and Donuts, which you will be enjoying and not be getting the same anywhere in the town. 

They fill both croissants and Donuts with some specially made creams which taste heaven and hence it is obvious that you will fall for it. Choose one, and let’s enjoy the night by our window. Wow! What an evening. 


5850 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036

11# Randy’s Donuts | Donught with a Memorable Structure

Randy’s Donuts 

What is so special about Randy’s Donuts? They are delicious, aromatic and have undefined taste, alright; in addition to all these qualities, Randy’s Donuts are classic and have maintained that stardom on the land of Hollywood past 62 years. This kind of enormous popularity is unsettled with current popular donut shops as well. 

A visit to Hollywood will fly you to this corner where you can try the most classic cinnamon crumb or plain chewy donuts, which will remind you of those walks down the lane, where you used to buy a donut and share it with your cousins. Randy’s Donuts is fantastic!


8721 Firestone Blvd., Downey. 

12# California Donuts | Donuts 24 x 7

California Donuts | Donuts 24 x 7

One of the most visited donut shops in LA is California Donuts, known for its different flavors of donuts that have never been experienced before. California Donuts is the most innovative donut shop as you might find a variety of dressings infused into the donut. 

California Donuts is the only favorite shop in Koreatown, so why don’t you make it famous too. California Donuts will make you smile, even after a small bite, so who is stopping you from experiencing that? Not me!


3540 W. 3rd St., Koreatown. 

13# Darling Donuts and Ice cream | Full of Sweetness Platter

Darling Donuts and ice cream 

Darling Donuts residing in the Mid-City, is a suitable choice if you are willing to have something sweet this weekend. They are not just serving you donuts but also juices and ice-creams of your favorite flavors. 

Darling Donuts even serve their classic donuts with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, and you can gulp everything down with a glass of freshly prepared juice. If you ever bag a chance of visiting this fantastic place, I will force you to go, and if you are asking why? Then that you’ll get to know once you arrive at the same. 


5431 Venice Blvd., Mid-City

14# The Donut Hole | Hole in the Wall Like your Donut

The Donut Hole

You might have tasted the best donuts of your life, but if you taste the donuts from the donut hole ever, I assure you The Donut Hole will always reserve the first place. This massive structure of a donut-shaped pathway makes all the drivers read about it and end up buying one for themselves, because why will someone ever forget to buy donuts while passing by. 

The Donut Hole has a great variety of donuts, making you enjoy your happy moments with the sweetness of the donuts they prepare. They have flavors like that of Oreo biscuit, fruity flavors, etc. 


15300 Amar Rd., La Puente.

15# Monarch Donuts | Ruling the Donut Market

Monarch Donuts 

The Monarch in the market of Donuts is of Monarch Donuts. I feel they have been named Monarch based on their trusted legacy for years now. Monarch Donuts serves donuts that are infused with great flavors and hard work. 

Monarch Donuts serves apples and other fruits drenched in sugar and stuffed in the donuts, I assume. Monarch Donuts are nothing but a surprise package for the sweet tooth peeps. 


15 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia.

16# Donut Prince | King of Donughts

Donut Prince

Donut Prince is a more than 50 years old donut shop in the town, which serves delicious donuts and makes them just for you! I am kidding, but the above statement can be true if you are a regular customer, because I am, and they are very friendly with me. 

Donut Prince is a prince of donuts, like really. It has many donuts that can fulfill your hunger for something sweet after a bang on meal at some café. The best time to eat Donuts from Donut Prince is night, sitting in your car in solace or with few friends where you can go on talking with checking the time. 


1721 W. Olive Ave., Burbank.

17# Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts | Bob your head while Eating Donut

Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts |

I think I have mentioned the same thing before: eating donuts and sipping your coffee or tea can help you sink into your food and relax for some time. Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts shop is more like a seating, where you can enjoy your doughnuts and ordered coffee. 

Bob’s Coffee and Doughnut shop produce the county’s best apple fritters and chocolate cake donuts. Both varieties are amongst the best-selling products of the donut house. Bob’s donuts will never let you sob; they will either excite you with its aroma or intrigue you with the taste of its donuts. 


6333 W. 3rd St., #450, Fairfax.

18# Donut Man | Oferring the Best

Donut Man

Not like conventional donut shops producing every other flavor. It has some peculiar tastes this donut shop makes. The one that glorifies the shop to its best is the glazed strawberry donut filled with fresh strawberries. What heaven!

What I feel is whenever you will step into this shop, there will be a rush of some yeasty aromas, which you will fall for, I assure; hence it is a sign of freshly made donuts as well. Another point that is to be kept in consideration is the availability of your favorite donut. In some seasons, it is strawberries, and in some seasons, it is peach. 


915 E. Rte 66, Glendora.

19# Blinkie’s Donuts | You won’t blink while Eating ’em

Blinkie’s Donuts | You won't blink while Eating 'em

It is something extraordinary than the others; the flavors are very different and even menu choices. They have never heard about Thai Tae and horchata, which I believe is the tastiest and heavenly Donuts you can ever try. 

If you wonder, how do I know all the tastes, then I would mention here that I am a food-geek and love trying new places. Blinkie’s Donuts is the most liked donut nearby Woodland Hills, making everyone fall for it. 


4884 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills

20# Texas Donuts | Bigger and Tasty

Texas Donuts | Bigger and Tasty

Texas Donuts are different from other doughnut shops, they possess a considerable size, and they will fill your tummy to the fullest. Not just the filling of the tummy, but your taste buds will be treated with the best caramels cream and other flavors. 

Texas Donuts are the best. Why? They have a variety of doughnuts which you can have in dinner, as a morning snack or an evening snack, wonders why people are mad over it. They have a balanced sugar content as well, so why are you still not in the game. Hurry Up, I say. 


4501 Whittier Blvd., East L.A. 

Final Words

These were some of the most popular and delicious donut shops in LA, where you can hop on the best and forget the happening in the town, as the donuts are so delicious. 





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