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I know we all want that secret place where we can be with our bae and stay away from the outer world. Today, we will solve your issue and share the best secret romantic places in LA with you so that if you are traveling or stay in LA, you can visit here. 

There are many places where you can visit in the USA like Arizona, which is one of the most incredible places, but if you are very secretive with your relationship, then secret places are the right choices. 

Some of the unknown Secret Places in LA where you can chill without NETFLIX are-

  • The Korean Friendship BellThe Hunting Garden
  • Paradise Cove
  • South California Beaches
  • Venice Canals
  • Santa Catalina View
  • Angel’s Point 

Let us dig deep into these places and make sure that we know what is special about this place.

7 Amazing Secret Romantic Places in LA | Dear Bae, Get Ready to Slay 

Following are the best secret romantic places in LA that will help you spend the most valuable time with your beloved-

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7 Amazing Secret Romantic Places in LA | Dear Bae, Get Ready to Slay

1# The Korean Friendship Bell: San Pedro | Best Private Spot in LA.

Take a long drive from the main town to San Pedro to get the best sunset down the sea and one of the most elongated and extended sea-view. This is the most unexplored place in LA; therefore, best for you. 

The Republic of Korea donated it in 1976 to honor the veterans of the Korean War. The bell at this place makes it more exquisite. So, you should visit The Korean Friendship Bell. 

2# The Hunting Garden | Best Silent Place in LA

The Hunting Garden | Best Silent Place in LA.

If you are searching for the most silent place in LA, I feel visiting The Hunting Garden is the best place to be. You will be visiting the library, garden, and museum if you plan to The Hunting Garden.

There are a lot of rules and regulations before you go to The Hunting Garden. It is a spotless and fresh place to visit. You can spend your entire day here, exploring all the relevant secret spots.

3# Google: Best Romantic Places Near me?| You can visit Paradise Cove

If you want to walk hand in hand and make sure you express all your love to your bae, then why not choose this beautiful beach. The waves will give a romantic wind that ignites love, joy, and respect between the two individuals. 

If you have an extended family, I think this place is the recommendation for you. You can carry all your stuff like mats, food and a giant umbrella. These are the things you should have here to enjoy with your partner to make it romantic, and with kids, it will become fun. 

4# South California Beaches | Best Romantic Place for Long Drives

South California Beaches | Best Romantic Place for Long Drives

Let’s take our car out and drive along the coastal line. Beaches in South California can make your and your partner’s bond strong as you will be spending time beside the sea waves, echoing the sound of love. 

The sunsets in South California are purple with a tint of pale yellow and blue shade, which makes the entire surrounding so romantic that I think visiting here will be the best choice with your bae to slay. 

5# Venice Canals | Floaty Secret Romantic Spots 

If you are wondering, we are talking about the best romantic spots in LA, but Venice is in Italy; I must say your geography is on point, but we do have the Venice canal in LA. Venice Canal under the open sky and small boats taking you from one romantic spot to another can be the best choice for an extended romantic date. 

The clouds seem beautiful, the water makes the surroundings elegant, and your bae will add more love and respect to the evening. Venice Canal is also best for long walks on the pavements on each side of the river, or the most remarkable thing you can do is Cycling. Giving you so many options, why not try one. 

6# Dinner Beside the Santa Catalina View |Best Place for Romantic Dinner

Santa Catalina

Santa Cataline is the same place, which is a default macOS desktop wallpaper, lol! Yes, it is the most elevated place in LA, where you can visit or hire a private yacht and chill with your beloved. 

The elevated place in Santa Catalina possesses some popular restaurants or cafes in LA, which will give you the best site to witness and experience a fantastic dinner with the bae. 

7# Angel’s Point | Best Secret Spot Above the City

It is one of the most angelic points. Situated in Elysian Park is one of the dope places in the town. Angle’s point has a fantastic swing that you and your bae can enjoy. Angel’s point might make you fall in love with the city more than your bae. Oops!

Your bae will be ready to visit this place every time, as this is the most mesmerizing place in the town. I would highly recommend this place to you to relax here from the outer world. 

Final Words

These are some of the best and famous places which I feel you should visit with your favorite human; you will cut off from the outer world and will be able to enjoy each other’s company. 

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