Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!


I have three words for you – M. Night Shyamalan. Servant (2019) is the brainchild of the amazing movie maker. A creepy and thrilling show, Servant has been one of the best shows in recent years. With 3 seasons down, what will be the Servant season 4 release date? Let’s find out, shall we?

The cinemaholics might be following the show but for those who don’t, let me give you a quick refresher. Servant follows the life of a power couple who go through a serious tragedy. The tragedy shakes the whole foundation of their relationship. A stranger walks into their life because of which tension and drama ensue. 

The servant season 4 release date isn’t confirmed yet. The good news is that Servant was renewed for a fourth season. According to Shyamalan, season four will tie all loose ends and be the show’s natural ending. This means season four will be the last season of Servant.

While we don’t know the viewership statistics of Servant, the show has always had a good reception with the fans. Addressing this, the streaming platform Apple TV even commented on the new season. They said the show had seen a good response right from episode one of season one, so renewing it for the fourth season was an easy decision for them.

Servant Season 4 Release Date | All You Need To Know About The Show

Servant season 3 premiered on 21st January 2022 and is still going on. The penultimate episode of the season is set to premiere on March 18, 2022. The show’s reception has been amazing, and Apple TV, along with Shyamalan, announced back in December 2021 that the show had been renewed for another season.

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Servant Season 4 Release Date | When Will It Premiere? 

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

The first season of Servant came out in November 2019, followed by the second season in January 2021. As Servant is currently at the end of its third season, I guess the show will be back next year.

Neither Apple TV nor the show’s producers have yet given us an official date. Considering the cyclic nature of the show, January 2023 is a good estimate for the fourth and final season of Servant. It also wouldn’t make sense for Shymalan to be hung up with the show since he will be looking to make newer and scarier shows.

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Servant Season 4 Cast | Who Will Return?

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

Servant season 4 cast has not been confirmed by the showrunners yet. Although most characters from season 3 will be returning. That hangs in the balance since the season 3 finale hasn’t premiered yet. And if we know Shyamalan, then any twist is possible.

But if we were to make an educated guess, the main characters, including Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, and Nell Free, will most likely be returning. Julius Belford, the toddler who plays Jericho, will also return. We also see Rupert Grint in a recurring role. Who else is new? Hey, your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Servant Season 4 Explained | What Will Happen In The Show?

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

As is customary with all of Shyamalan’s works, there will be a lot of creepy and scary stuff. Servant follows the life of a wealthy couple living in Philadelphia who finally have a baby after a lot of struggle. The baby, unfortunately, dies after 13 weeks, with Dorothy (Ambrose) getting hit the hardest by the news.

Her mental health becomes a wreck, and the couple’s life tumbles out of control. The couple goes to therapy to save their marriage, and they are given a doll baby, “Jericho,” to help cope with the loss. Things get weird as Dorothy joins her work duties and hires a nanny.

As the nanny meets the family, mysterious and paranormal activities start happening. Sean (Toby Kebbell) starts to suspect something is up with the shady nanny, and things get even weirder. 

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Servant Series Summary | What Happened In The Story So Far?

Have you ever heard of a series even the actors don’t know what they are doing? Weird right? But that’s what makes Apple TV+’s psychological thriller series Servant different from every other series you may have seen already. Staying true to its roots as a coming-of-age drama, Servant has kept everyone running on their toes from the beginning. 

M. Night Shyamalan, the creative head behind the series, never fails to amaze the audience, and with this plotline, he seals the deals once again. Servant consists of everything that can make it the biggest hit of this decade, from supernatural events to a gripping plot. After two mysterious seasons, viewers expected season 3 to come with a few answers. Alas! We were all wrong. 

A Quick Recap Of Servant Season 1 | The Beginning of An End! 

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

Following the life of a Philadelphian upper-middle-class couple, Dorothy and Sean, the psychological thriller Servant takes us through their loss journey. In season 1 of the series, it is shown that Dorothea lost her newborn baby boy, Jericho, after a mental breakdown. Deeply traumatized by the loss, she refuses to believe her baby is dead and starts believing that the toy doll lying in Jericho’s baby crib is her son. 

Things take a turn in season 1 when Sean brings a nanny to take care of the plastic doll, which the couple has named Jericho. Dorothea’s brother Julian however, dismisses the idea of bringing a nanny in the beginning and puts up a huge fight. After a series of dramatic events, Leanna is finally brought in, and that’s when Jericho decides to take things up a notch. Jericho turns into (surprise surprise) flesh and blood amid everything. 

Just when we were starting to ask questions about Jerichos’ return, he went back to the world of the dead, leaving everyone in shock. By the end of season 1, the focus shifts from Jerico’s return to Leanna’s past life and how it is possible that she was a part of a supernatural cult while growing up. 

A Quick Recap Of Servant Season 2 | New Beginning And New Endings! 

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

Season 2 of the Servant took the craziness and the mysterious aura of the series to the next level. This time Leanna takes most of the screen space with her mysterious past and brings a fresh perspective to the series. For once, the audience has something new to look up to except the play doll Jericho, Dorothea, and Sean. 

Leanna isn’t a materialistic person as she has seen a completely different world growing up. One could never have anything if they didn’t fight for it in her world. Yet she somehow fits well into the Turner family and immediately becomes a part of them. By the end of season 2, the Turners perform a ritual that brings Jericho back to life and brings chaos into Leanna’s life. 

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A Quick Recap Of Servant Season 3 | Struggling With The Highs & The Lows! 

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

M. Shyamalan brings yet another gripping twist to the Servant with a banging season 3. This time the focus has shifted to Dorothea and how motherhood brings a change to her. Season 3 opens up with Dorothea’s selfishness and how she will always be dissatisfied even if she gets the world. She is one of those upper-mid rich people whose thirst is never quenched. 

As a reporter, Dorothea struggles to balance motherhood and her job. She believes that Jericho’s return brings those maternal feelings to her that were never there in the first place. Being a mother becomes tough for Dorothea, but she keeps trying her best throughout the season. However, Leanne can’t seem to move past the point where she is stuck. She starts believing that everyone is her enemy and turns a little paranoid. 

Servant Season 4 Filming | Has It Started Yet?

Servant Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot Explained | Final Season In The Works!

Servant season 4 got a green light even before season 3 premiered. Does it mean the filming has already begun? It’s hard to say so, but one thing is for sure, Shyamalan must have already finished the writing part. 

In his various interviews, Shyamalan has said that being the executive producer on Servant, he did more than he thought he would. Right from writing to adding sound and editing, he did it all. No wonder what we have seen is magic!

According to Shyamalan, Servant was first slated to be 60 episodes long, but now feels the best course for the show will be to end in 40 episodes. Making room for future projects and ending this one on a positive note both are Shaymalan’s priorities. He says dragging the show on doesn’t seem fair, and season 4 will be best yet!

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Servant Season 4 Trailer | When Will It Be Out?

There is no Servant season 4 trailer yet. It would kind of be stupid on the showrunner’s part if they were to release a trailer of the show even before the current season has ended. While there are many fan edits, the real trailer will only release sometime later this year when the filming of the Servant has been finished.

Where Can You Watch Servant Season 4? The Streaming Platform!

Servant season 4 will premiere on Apple TV like all its previous seasons. An apple original show will be premiered internationally on the streaming platform. If you are looking to catch the previous seasons, they are also available. And you can binge the whole season just in time to catch the season 3 finale, too, so get going!

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Final Words

Servant season 4 release date will soon be announced and till then, be sure to check back to this article for updates. What are your thoughts about the thriller show? Let us know in the comments below! 

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