Easy Way To Set Up An Instagram Shop In 2021


If you are looking how to sell your products on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is set up an Instagram shop. With an Instagram shop, users can easily browse through the products, tap on a product and shop easily. 

The good thing about an Instagram shop is that you don’t need to wait for 10K followers to use the swipe-up feature. Accounts with Instagram Shop can easily add a swipe-up link to their stories which will direct users to their shop. 

Setting up your accounts Instagram shop is a great way to boost your Business’s sales, but you need to keep track of other things. Uploading posts with consistency, maintaining your feed’s aesthetic, making use of scheduling tools are among the other things that should be taken care of. 

In this article, we will discuss the process that goes behind setting up an Instagram shop and a few essential tips that will help you achieve better results. 

How To Set Up An Instagram Shop in 2021?

What is Instagram Shop? 

Instagram Shop: How To Set Up An Instagram Shop in 2021?
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Instagram Shop is a way in which business owners can sell their products on Instagram and grow their Business to a new level. With an Instagram shop, brands get the liberty to set up their shoppable products on their business account. Users can access the shop under the View Shop label on a seller’s Instagram account. Viewers only have to click on the products with a little shopping bag-like icon(shoppable product) present to view and buy the product. 

How to Set Up an Instagram Shop? 

Set Up Instagram Shop: How To Set Up An Instagram Shop in 2021?
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Setting up an Instagram shop is not a tricky thing to do. You only need to know about the process that is to be followed. Below is a well-explained guide to take you through the process smoothly. 


Firstly your Business should be eligible. That is, it should follow a certain set of criteria. Following are the list of requirements to be followed by your Business: 

  • Your Business must be located in a supported market 
  • You are selling an eligible product
  • Your Business adapts to Merchant Agreement and Commerce policies set by Instagram
  • Your Business (or you) own a website domain of your product niche  

Business Account 

You need to have a business account in order to set up your Instagram shop. If you do not have a business account, you can either convert your existing account into one or create a new business account. 

Once you gain access to a business account, you can start adding relevant information, your brand’s logo, a catchy bio that summarizes your website’s products, contact information, website link, and last business address. 

Facebook Page 

This is a completely optional step, and you can skip it if you want to. If you do have a Facebook page, then you should link your Instagram business account to your Facebook page. Follow these steps to link the business account to the Facebook page:

  • Open your Instagram business profile. 
  • Click on Edit Profile.
  • Select Page under the Public Business Information label.
  • Choose a Facebook Page that you want to link with your account.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can create a new page.

Product Catalog

 The next step is to create a product catalog for your Instagram shop. The catalog should have all the relevant information present, including the products, pricing information, complete description, and inventory. 

You can add the product catalog to your business account in two ways:

  • Catalog Manager
  • E-commerce Platform Partner 

Account Review

After completing the above steps, now submit your account for review by following the steps mentioned below. 

  • Open your Business Profile and click on the menu icon. 
  • Under Settings, sign up for Shopping. 
  • Follow the steps and submit your account for review. 
  • To check the status of your account, visit Shopping under the settings section.

[Note: Some accounts may be asked to submit additional information in order to prove the domain ownership for the website. Review for an account sometimes takes longer than usual.]

Turn On Shopping 

Once your account has been reviewed by the Insta community and approved, you can easily turn on the shopping features for your account by following these steps:

  • Open your Instagram Business Profile and then tap on the menu icon.
  • Select Settings and then tap on Business. 
  • Then under the Shopping tab, select the Product Catalogue you want to link with your account. 
  • Then select Done. 

[Note: If you don’t see the Shopping option, your account has not been approved yet for Instagram Shopping.]

After following these steps, your Instagram shop will be ready to use and appear automatically on your business account. 

How to Create Instagram shopping Stories?

Instagram Product Sticker: How To Set Up An Instagram Shop in 2021?
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After setting up an Instagram story, the next thing to do is advertise your products with posts on right time. Without a great advertising strategy, your Instagram shop will be of no use to you. Instagram offers product stickers to promote your products. 

Upload your content story as usual; before hitting Add to Your Story, find the product sticker from the sticker collection, choose the product that you want to upload from the catalog, put it on your picture or video, and you are done. You can also customize the colors in your product sticker to match the aesthetic of your store. 


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