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Fashion is changeable, just like the weather or Bitcoin rate. However, it is fashion that often happens to be most unpredictable. If we look at the fashion trends throughout the centuries, it’s easy to notice that the clothing rollercoaster has always been part of the industry.

From formal dresses and pinafores dressed to royal occasions to mini-skirts and acid-color tops worn to rave parties – what can be a more controversial task than choosing a perfect look? Sleeper knows that and offers the trendiest solutions to fit the taste of the choosiest fashion – lovers. 

Looking Gorgeous In Sex & The City Pajama By Sleeper! 

When it comes to choosing style and looks, many people prefer to opt for ready-made decisions. They borrow the pattern from popular TV shows or series, take the example of the movie or pop stars. Sex and the City is a good example of an iconic series that has left a long-lasting impression on the female audience. This happened mainly due to the charismatic and true-to-life acting.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, and Cyntia Nixon did great job breathing life into their characters and molding four different psychological types of a modern successful woman. Their traits of character were also outlined and intensified by clothes. What is more, these clothes were not always formal and deliberately expensive.

Do you remember Charlotte’s domestic outfit which included pinky-chequered pajamas? Sleeper has made a tribute to the series and its sequels by creating a collection of party pajamas that combine both comfort and style not to mention the high quality of fabric and decorative materials. 

You might want to know what is so special about these pajamas. Let’s find it out!

Think Creatively | How To Wear A Feather Pajama Set Properly? 

Sex & The City Pajama By Sleeper | Fine Touch For Daily Look

Times, when pajamas were designed for a comfy sleep at night, have long gone. More and more women are starting to wear that kind of outfit outside their bedrooms. The trend is already popular with the icons of style and business world as well as common fashion – lovers. It won’t take long when it is in full swing, so you’d better be prepared for it! 

With the spreading terror of pandemic threat, people have started to work remotely more than ever. Regular Zoom meetings demand looking formally and wearing appropriate clothes though staying at home. A feather pajama set might become a perfect compromise between dress-code regulations and the desire to preserve a homely atmosphere. Thus, the reasons for wearing pajamas at home are quite obvious:

  • It is more comfortable than wearing regular formal garments.
  • Pajamas are easier to care for.
  • On hot days they give your body better ventilation than formal clothes.
  • Pajamas are more wear-resistant (no more glossy spots and fabric attrition of your favorite skirt or jacket).

As for party pajamas, their concept is still can be misunderstood. You might wonder: “Who is crazy enough to attend a party wearing pajamas?”. Well, how about American Vogue’s fashion editor Grace Coddington? In 2015 she truly became a showstopper at Met Ball, the event as formal and dressed-up as the Oscars ceremony.

What about Hollywood stars? They also grasped the idea and brought it to life more than once. Salma Hayek, Selena Gomez, Celine Dion – these names are the grands of industry and all of them showed at official events wearing glorious pajamas at least once. In the photo, you can see Salma Hayek wearing softly-pink pajamas on the street. The look is completed by a bright pink handbag. 

The general misconception is that some people think of pajamas as old, shabby, sometimes oversized clothes suitable only for sleeping in bed. The examples above prove that idea wrong. However, it doesn’t mean if you put on regular sweatpants and your washed-out college T-shirt you’ll become a hot beauty at once. Fashion is flexible these days, but it doesn’t mean it has no good old rules of matching pieces and color.

Let’s take Sex and the City pajama by Sleeper as an example. The outfit looks very familiar to the one Charlotte was wearing in one of the episodes of “And Just Like That”. Despite having feathers as an additional decorative element, these pajamas are also perfect for wearing at home. If you want to go out, think of putting on loafers of pink shade or light sandals not to make the look way too heavy and overloaded with details. Don’t forget to take the clutch one shade brighter than your pajamas to create a noticeable attracting spot in your image. 

Sex and the City pajama by Sleeper is not a single example to mention. The company has been on the market since 2014 and got its fame cooperating with major Western retailers such as Barneys in New York and Harrods in London. Sleeper’s pj sets are manufactured with respect for nature and consumers.

High quality of fabric and tailoring will guarantee long-term wearing without fading colors or attrition. If you are up to changing your conventional views on fashion, it’s a great idea to start right away by adding such pajamas to your wardrobe. Just don’t forget the basic rules to follow:

  • Choose only the freshest pajamas to wear in public. Even a single dirty spot might spoil the whole impression of the look.
  • Style your pajamas as a dress so that no one would guess you are wearing domestic garments.
  • Combine pajama tops with denim. Think of your pajama top as a good substitution for your classic oxfords. You’ll be comfortable and look cute + appropriate if you step outside for a walk or a necessary errand.
  • Match colors and accessories properly. Pick pieces that complement one another. The well-known rule to stick to solid colors doesn’t work with pajamas so let your fantasy fly. Jade outfit is well-matched with gold jewelry with or without diamonds or pearls, for instance.
  • Be yourself! Choose garments that fit your type of body, don’t try to go undersized and feel stiff as a result. They say that clothes make the man but what about a woman? We believe women should wear something they are absolutely comfortable in. 

Final Words

The concept of party pajamas perfectly reflects the mood of the modern world. We take something conventional and private, then we make it public and even extravagant. Being bold in manners and actions is what everyone stands for these days. The fashion industry catches up with the idea and encourages people who are not afraid to be open to something new.

If you want to follow the trends, we advise you to try wearing pajamas while dealing with your daily routine or strolling after a hard-working day. Their comfort and elegance are surely beyond any doubt. Besides, you will surely become the person everyone is talking about! It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll like it or not. 

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