Shameless Season 12 Cancelled Or Renewed? Verify The Updates!


Are you still not over the popular entertainment series Shameless (2011)? Are you still waiting for Shameless season 12 updates even though it was canceled? Well, if your answer is a YES, then I guess you have stumbled across the right place. Shameless season 12 may or may not be happening, and you have every right to know everything about it. 

Shameless is one of the very few longest-running series on Netflix that became everyone’s favorite in a concise period. During the past decade, the popularity of the comedy series created by Paul Abbott never came down for a second. The story of this comedy-drama revolves around the life of Frank Gallagher, father of six beautiful girls, who neglects his children every day while sitting at the bar and drowning himself in alcohol. 

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After running successfully for 11 seasons, showrunner John Wells confirmed that the journey of Shameless is coming to an end. However, he also stated that the network Showtime has an additional surprise planned for the show’s loyal fans. Along with the show’s final season, the creators also released a clip show of the series titled Shameless: Hall Of Shame (2020) that consisted of new and old clips to summarize the characters’ journey on the show from the past ten seasons. 

Now, you have the opportunity to catch up with the show on the popular streaming platform Netflix. Before you do that, you might find interest in knowing about the reason behind the sudden cancellation of Shameless

Future Of Shameless New Season | Keep Staring At The Updates Shamelessely!

Showtime studio’s popular drama series Shameless is based on the BAFTA award-winning show of the same name. Directed by John Wells, the series primarily focuses on the lives of the people living in the small community of Canaryville, Chicago. Gallagher is a dysfunctional family known through the corners of Canaryville mainly because of Frank, head of the family. Frank is on a downward spiral journey following his wife’s death, who has left six daughters behind her to be looked after. The show takes us on a journey of Frank’s delirious misadventures while his family continues to grow apart from him. 

1# Catching Up With The Bitter End Of Shameless | Season 11 Brings An End To The Shameless Adventures!  

Shameless Season 12 Updates

January 13, 2020, was the day Shameless fans can never forget because an announcement for the release of a brand new season came out on the very same day. Gary Levine, who was working as the President of Entertainment for Showtime network, announced that the eleventh season would conclude the misadventures of the Gallagher family after ten long years. 

Ten months after the announcement, season 11 finally made its way to the Showtime network on December 6. With the season set for 12 episodes, fans were finally able to enjoy the adventures of their favorite Gallagher family member Frank. To say that Frank Gallagher was the root cause of all the problems in the series, would be an understatement because he made sure that the issues never die. Episode after episode, the guy kept pushing away his parental responsibilities, but the show’s final season brought an end to all of it. 

The last season of Shameless is where Frank pays for all that he has done in the past ten years. From running away from his children’s problems to making alcohol his priority over kids, there are consequences for all of his actions. Reel meets reality when Frank contracts the COVID-19 virus in the final episodes of the show, followed by alcoholic dementia. It is only a matter of time until Frank’s past actions catch up with him and turn him into dust. 

2# The Big Reason Behind Cancellation Of Shameless Season 12! 

#2 The Big Reason Behind Cancellation Of Shameless Season 12! 

COVID-19 wasn’t the only reason that forced the makers to end the story of the Gallagher family. Despite the popularity of the series, there was a significant drop in the ratings of the show. Season 11 of Shameless recorded an average viewership of 576,000 views, which approximately equals a loss of 32% of viewers compared with the show’s remaining ten seasons. Makers did not have any other choice except bring an end to this story. However, the only good thing that came out of this decision was a fitting end to the show’s narrative. 

3# Should Fans Expect Season 12 Of Shameless? 

#3 Should The Fans Expect Season 12 Of Shameless? 

One of the most-watched shows in the past two decades certainly has a few peaks, right? Even if it is unlikely that season 12 of Shameless will ever release, there are chances that the story will be picked for spin-offs. There are still many questions that were left unanswered at the end of the series. A spin-off series will give the producers a good chance to answer these questions and make fans happy once again. 

Final Words 

A big thanks to the captivating story arcs and an accomplished cast that made Shameless a big hit. Without these two, the series would have never been able to gain the audience’s attention globally and become one of the best series ever to be released in the past decade. 

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