Looking Out For Shiny Meltan In Pokémon Go | Keep Your Eyes On The Target!


Pokémon like Shiny Meltan(s) has a rare appearance in the game which makes it the most interesting and yet complex to catch. Since Shiny Meltan in Pokémon Go is available only for a limited time window, let’s show you how to catch the shiny entertainment creature so you can easily add them to your Poke library during its availability.  

Pokémon Go is everyone’s favorite augmented-reality (AR) game, not just because of Pokémon but because of high-quality gameplay as well. Curated as the outcome of a joint venture between Niantic, Nintendo, and the franchise itself, Pokémon Go lets the players capture the tiny little creatures in their real-world surroundings. 

Pokémon catching may sometimes look like a boring task to the players but not when they have a chance to catch the rare Pokémon. Shiny Meltan isn’t exactly a rare Pokémon in the game but one that appears at a specific time. Meltan was introduced as a part of the colorful slew of the Pokémon Go rooster in the series’ 7th generation Pokémon, but soon he disappeared into thin air. Poof! Just like that. From what we hear, Shiny Meltan will be a part of special events like game anniversary and will be only available to players with access to the mystery box. 

Now that all the confusion about Meltan’s disappearance has vanished, may I take you on a walk and tell you more about how you can catch Shiny Meltan in Pokémon Go? If you are ready, keep scrolling and remember to keep your eyes open for the little creatures walking down the park. 

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Finding Shiny Meltan In Pokémon Go | Let’s Begin With Learning To Play Pokémon Go First!

Five years after its release, the free-to-play AR game Pokémon impress millions of Pokémon trainers globally. During this time, development studio Niantic has worked effortlessly to provide gamers with a better gaming experience. Lots of new Pokémon, adventures, championships, and community events have been added to the Pokémon Go gameplay to make it all the more exciting. If you have just started playing the game, it’s a lucky day because right here, right now, you will learn how to play Pokémon Go and get your hands on some rare Pokémon like Mew

1# Installing Pokémon Go & Creating An Account!

Installing The Game & Creating An Account!

You need to first go to the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device you use.  Install the game to play the game. After that, create an account by customizing your avatar and picking a Pokémon. Amongst Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, you can pick anyone. 

2# Collecting Items To Ease The Catching Game! 

Pokémon Go

After picking your Pokémon of choice, you can start by filling your inventory with items that will help you catch the Pokémon. You can either acquire useful items by visiting the PokeStop or purchase them using the in-game currency or real cash. To visit the PokeStop, tap on the large blue icons that pop up on the map. To get an item, click and swipe your fingers across the screen and tap on the item you wish to add to your inventory. 

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3# Finding & Catching Pokémon!

3# Finding & Catching Pokémon!

You will encounter most of the Pokémon while wandering around the PokeStops. Most Pokémon appear at random spots, whereas others who are rare or legendary Pokémon appear in certain locations. If you want to track a Pokémon of your choice, you can use the Nearby function present at the bottom of the screen. Simply click on the Pokémon you want to track and follow the directions that appear on your screen. 

Once you have located a Pokémon, the next step is to catch it. First of all, you need to walk a little close to the Pokémon so you can interact with it. Once the Pokémon is inside the player ring, tap on them to initiate the battle. Since the game mechanism is based on Augmented Reality, your real-life surroundings will be used as a backdrop. For new players, catching a Pokémon with AR implementation can be tough, so that you can turn it off with the toggle present at the top-right corner of the screen. 

Now, throw a Poke Ball in the direction of the Pokémon by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. To ensure that you catch the Pokémon in the first attempt, throw the ball when the ring enclosing the Pokémon is as small as possible. If your Poke Ball lands within the small circle, it will hit the Pokémon and capture it into the ball. 

Catching The Rare Shiny Meltan In Pokémon Go | The Mission Is All About Taking The Right Steps!

Shiny Meltan will make an appearance in the Pokémon rooster during the celebration window. The Pokémon mostly makes an appearance during the anniversary celebrations, but players should keep their eyes open during other events. Earlier this year, Shiny Meltan appeared in the game between July 6 and July 15 as a part of the five-year celebration of the gaming franchise. 

1# Mystery Box Gives You The Best Chance To Catch Shiny Meltan!

Catching The Rare Shiny Meltan In Pokémon Go

Shiny Meltan will make a selective appearance based on the players who have access to the Mystery Box items. You all know the mystery box is only activated once you have reached a certain level in the game, so those of you who aren’t there yet can say goodbye to Meltan. Now, players with the mystery box (and Pokémon Go accounts linked with Nintendo account) can skip to the good part and send a Pokémon from the game to Pokémon Home, Let’s Go Pikachu, or Let’s Go Eevee. By doing so, Shiny Meltans will spawn on your map for an hour. Keep your eyes open, and don’t miss the golden opportunity to catch the Shiny Meltan. 

Final Words 

Be careful to use the mystery box because you will only receive a new box every three days. Instead of targetting other Pokémon, keep your focus solely on Shiny Melatn; otherwise, there are chances of you messing up the opportunity. If you happen to catch Shiny Meltan, you will still need 400 candy to evolve Meltan into Melmetal. 

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