Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Is Finally Happening | Here Are The Details! 


There is something enchanting about thriller movies and engaging stories. We all have watched such movies or series with great zeal and enthusiasm. Well, here is some good news for all the fans and lovers of thrilling murder mysteries! Shonda Rhimes murder mystery series The Residence is coming soon!

Shonda Rhimes is well known for creating mind-bending epic series. So, we can expect the same level of thrill, mystery, and adventure from her latest production. The latest announcement for The Residence is storming the internet, and fans are not keeping calm. So, here I am at your service! Read the latest update related to The Residence series below!

Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence | The Inside Details!

Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Is Finally Happening | Here Are The Details! 

Shonda Rhimes is bringing a fresh and twisted crime-thriller series named The Residence to the bunch of Netflix’s crime drama section. The producer is well known for her previous landmark shows, and her production house earned a credible reputation as one of the best production houses indulged in making such shows. 

Though little is revealed about the series yet, we have some important information that will pretty much describe the show’s essence. So, before jumping on the topic, here are some interesting facts that you will love to know. So, let’s start ahead!

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Who Is Shonda Rhimes? Meet The Prolific Producer Of The Show!

Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Is Finally Happening | Here Are The Details! 

Shonda Rhimes is one of the topmost successful producers of current times. She is the owner of Shondaland Production Company and has successfully produced some of the epic series like Grey’s Anatomy (2005), Bridgerton (2020), For The People (2018), Inventing Anna (2022), and Scandal (2012). She managed to pull off various seasons of the mentioned series, which earned her name and fame.

Recently, Grey’s Anatomy announced a renewal of the series, and soon it will bring a season 19. Shonda Rhimes has now announced a new crime thriller drama. The already-hyped audiences are now curious to know more about the show.

Well, as for now, the show has confirmed Paul William Davies in the lead role in The Residence. Davies and Rhimes have already worked before and have given audiences a few memorable series as well. So, we do have high expectations from the duo this time too. 

Paul will also be the co-producer of The Residence series and Betsy Beers. Rhymes has a long connection with Netflix as her Shondaland Production House has made several iconic shows for the channel. She is associated with Netflix since 2017. She has always remained vocal about her choice for opting Netflix platform and her shared visions with Netflix’s Chief Content Officer. So, I guess we all now know on which online platform The Residence will be released!

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What Will Happen In The Residence Series? Here Is A Hint!

Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Is Finally Happening | Here Are The Details! 

Shonda Rhimes has declared The Residence series genre as a murder-thriller mystery. She further clarified that the series is heavily inspired by Kate Anderson Browers’s tempting novel The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House. Moreover, the series will be comprised of 8 brilliant episodes. It’s not clear whether it will be a single season or not. Only the climax of episode 8 will determine its fate. 

The synopsis of the series is highly engaging and full of twists and turns. The series description mentions that there will be one high-profile murder, but more than 157 suspects, and so will be the stories! The show will engage several characters accommodated in 132 rooms of the White House. The Residence series will feature an incredibly-talented detective to solve the case. Thus, we do expect another masterpiece from Shonda Rhimes again!

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When Is Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Releasing? Any Guesses?

Shonda Rhimes Murder Mystery Series The Residence Is Finally Happening | Here Are The Details! 

Well, there is no official announcement of the release date of The Residence yet. Shonda has only announced her next project and few details related to it. So, it will take time to complete the shooting. However, The Residence will be aired on Netflix in the future. For more updates related to the series, keep reading the follow-up articles.

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Final Words

Shonda Rhimes murder mystery series The Residence is finally happening! We, as an audience, have full faith in Shonda Rhimes and believe that we are going to get a fruitful result after the release of the series. Are you excited enough for the show? Tell me in the comment section!

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