Should I Wear Perfume Everyday? The 40 Centuries Old Question Finally Answered


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Should I wear perfume everyday? Well, Marilyn Monroe did. Didn’t she claim that she went to bed only wearing Chanel No 5? No doubt, the fragrance is still linked with this veteran.

Fun fact: Cyprus was home to the oldest perfume in the world. Named “Eau de BC,” this perfume has been said to have been made 4,000 years ago! Stored in alabaster bottles (translucent), it was a combination of extracts of the bay, lavender, pine, rosemary, and coriander. Does this mean the question ‘Should I wear perfume everyday’ is forty centuries old?

While wearing perfume every day can enhance our mood, make us feel attractive and confident but it can cause headaches as well. Do I need to mention that solid perfume is a big turn-off? So, the next time your mind raises the question – Should I wear perfume everyday, Tell him – No, not at all!

Please read the article and figure out the correct frequency of wearing the perfume, the right way to use it for a much-awaited party or casual outing, the reasons to avoid it, and finally some dos and don’ts.

Why Should Perfumes Be Used On Regular Basis? The Correct Way to Wear it

  • Wearing your favorite perfume gives you brimming confidence. Like many people, you may also consider selecting a signature perfume. You will get recognized by that fragrance. Moreover, it is the best method to escape from the hustle of selecting which perfume to wear every day. Choose the fragrance that defines you.
your favorite perfume gives you brimming confidence
  • If you want a little bit of variety, then go for heavier fragrances for the evening and lighter for the morning—a strong one for the gym and a milder yet sexier one for the date. But I somehow don’t like to repeat the fragrance too often. Too boring! Also, do not forget to store this precious thing in a dry and dark place (yes, as your mother says it – much away from direct sunlight). 
  • Another way to choose a fragrance is according to the seasons. For example – woody aromas can delight you in autumn, floral scents can please you in summer and spring, and finally, for the winters, you can go for the spicy ones.
floral scents can please you in summer and spring
  • If you are sensitive to fragrances, we understand your concern. These colognes and deodorants can be disastrous for many people causing allergic reactions and migraines. Did you know that everyday use of perfume may desensitize you to the fragrance you wear every day? In extreme cases, wearing too much perfume can indicate depression (as per TLC).
  • Less is more. Do not be very generous in spraying it on you. Most importantly, know the correct way and place to apply it (avoid spraying it on your skin, for god’s sake!). Throw (ok fine, spray) it upwards in front of you and walk through it quickly. 
avoid spraying it on your skin, for god’s sake!
  • The chest, neck, and wrists are excellent areas where you can wear your perfume. 25 centimeters (10 inches approx.) is the ideal distance from which you should spray the perfume towards your body. Fun fact – if you spray a stronger perfume behind your knees, it will neither rise quickly nor will it irritate others. 

7 Reasons-Why You Should Not Use Perfume Everyday?

Perfume consists of certain chemicals that are not good for your health; that’s pretty much it! 

7 Reasons why you should not use perfume everyday

1# Acetone

When you inhale this chemical, you are inviting problems like dizziness, slurred speech, nausea, and drowsiness.

2# Benzaldehyde 

This chemical may cause ‘irritation to the mouth, throat, eyes, skins, lungs and GI tract, causing nausea and abdominal pain.’

3# Benzyl acetate

 Just one word is enough to give you the warning: Carcinogenic. Yes, in extreme cases, it might lead to pancreatic cancer. Irritation in the eyes is also common.

4# Benzyl Alcohol

The side effects of these chemicals include dizziness, vomiting, headache, etc., and CNS in some cases.

5# Camphor

This seemingly harmless chemical can cause dizziness, twitching muscles, and convulsions along with irritation of the eyes and nose.

6# Ethanol

Taddaa! ingestion awaits you along with irritation to the eyes and upper respiratory tract even in low concentrations.

7# Ethyl Acetate

It can lead to fatigue upon consumption. You may also expect a defatting effect on skin or drying and cracking.

Should I wear Perfume everyday? | Some dos and don’ts

Should I wear Perfume everyday -  Some dos and don'ts
  • If you add your favorite fragrance to a bottle of an oil-based unperfumed moisturizer and shake it, it will do wonders by enhancing the smell further. I promise!
  • Spray your perfume after wearing your expensive clothes only if you want marks on them. However, you may spray some of it on your middle layer of clothing after a patch test. You would not like your dress to be damaged or stained, will you?
  • We all know this, but what’s the harm in revising it – fragrance should be applied to the pulse points of your body (inside of the wrists, back of the knees, crook of the elbow, back of the neck, etc.). The same should be done to the scarves you wear.
  • Some people like their hair also to smell good but they need to stop applying it directly. Use your hairbrush instead.

In a nutshell

Hopefully, you will never again ask, should I wear perfume everyday. Remember that finding a balance between too strong and too light is significant. After all, the fragrance is meant to attract people and not repel them.