30 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers!


If you like watching dark, dramatic shows with conflicting characters, teen shows like Euphoria are perfect for you. 

Euphoria (2019) is a high school drama that explores the lives of morally corrupt teens as they indulge themselves in a life of partying and drug abuse. The show explores the depressing lives of modern teenagers and how they cope with their tumultuous inner thoughts.

Exploring the journey of pain, trauma, mental issues, identity crisis, and individuality, these skewed characters go on a convoluted mental journey as they break down and try to build themselves up again. The viewers liked the show because of its accurate portrayal of mental trauma and its consequences, so we have enlisted more shows like Euphoria for fans to enjoy.

30 Teen Shows Like Euphoria That Will Take You On A Dark Journey Of Teen Minds 

Nowadays shows that portray characters with a lack of moral stability and question the sanity of the individual are loved by the audience. There are various shows like Euphoria that present teen minds in a fresh and contrasting manner.

We have brought a list of 30 dramatic teen shows like Euphoria for the viewers to enjoy. We hope you like these dramatic picks.

Anime Like Harem in A Fantasy World...
Anime Like Harem in A Fantasy World Labyrinth

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#1 Everything Sucks! (2018) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Everything Sucks! (2018) is a dramedy that explores the conflict between the members of two school clubs. 

Everything Sucks! Explores the happenings between the students of Boring High School based in Oregon. The show encompasses the journey of members of two clubs who are considered weirdos in the school. The show primarily focuses on the conflict between the A/V club and the Drama club as they try to make a movie together. The show simultaneously explores the changing relationships between the students and their families.

Everything Sucks! Is based in the 1990s and makes for a nostalgic experience for sure. The show initially seems a bit too 90s, however, the plot gradually unfolds to make for an interesting watch.

IMDb Rating7.5
CreatorsBen York Jones, Michael Mohan
CastJahi Di’Allo Winston, Peyton Kennedy, Patch Darragh
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateFebruary 16, 2018
Filming LocationOregon, USA
Production HouseMidnight Radio

#2 Hollywood (2020) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Hollywood (2020) is a dramatic miniseries, that explores the lives of upcoming and aspiring actors and actresses as they desperately try to grow their careers. 

Hollywood initially presents the years 1947-1948 and the rise of aspiring artists and actors after the end of World War II. The show encompasses the decline of racism in the film industry and also explores the redefining boundaries of homosexual relationships. The plot primarily presents the drastic change in people’s perspectives with regard to various issues like same-gender relationships, trans and queer personalities, the decline of hatred against black people, and much more. 

Hollywood is based in the decade after World War II, and effectively presents the difficult lives of people in that era. The show is a mini-series and is a perfect plot to binge-watch for the lovers of drama.

IMDb Rating7.5
CreatorsIan Brennan, Ryan Murphy
CastDavid Corenswet, Darren Cris, Laura Harrier
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateMay 1, 2020
Filming LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
Production HouseRyan Murphy Productions

#3 The Wilds (2020) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

The Wilds (2020) is a dramatic mystery that narrates the fight for the survival of a bunch of teenage girls who are left stranded on an island after a crash.

The Wilds explores the lives of some teenage girls as they end up crashing on an isolated island. What initially seems to be a chance happening gradually unfolds to a more sinister reason. The show explores not only the survival instinct of the teens but simultaneously explores their psychological behavior. The show put focuses on each character’s behaviors and the reasons for them being the way they are.

The Wilds is a well-presented show, that not only keeps the viewers intrigued but also goes through various time jumps, flashbacks, and flash-forwards to weave a dramatic and mysterious storyline. The show is a perfect watch for people who love to watch mysterious storylines.

IMDb Rating7.3
CreatorsSarah Streicher
CastRachel Griffiths, Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry
Streaming ServiceAmazon Prime Video
Release DateDecember 11, 2020
Filming LocationSwanson, Auckland, New Zealand
Production HouseAB Baby Productions, ABC Signature, Amazon Studios

#4 Russian Doll (2019) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Russian Doll (2019) is an adventurous comedy that showcases a young woman dying and returning to a party being thrown in her honor that she leaves prior to her death. As the woman gets stuck in a time loop, she tries to figure a way out of it.

Russian Doll narrates the story of Nadia, a 36-year-old who ends up dying in a car accident as she is departing from her own birthday party. However, she ends up getting stuck in a time loop as she returns to the party thrown for her, again and again, every time she dies from the accident. The show explores her journey as she tries to find the reasons behind the time loop and a way to break the loop.

Russian Doll is an amazing and dramatic show. Despite, the time loop concept being used multiple times prior to the show, the plot presents it in a nice way. The show makes for an adventurous experience for sure.

IMDb Rating7.8
CreatorsLeslye Headland, Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler
CastNatasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateFebruary 1, 2019
Filming LocationNew York City, USA
Production House3 Arts Entertainment, Jax Media, Netflix

#5 The End Of The F***ing World (2017) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

The End Of The F***ing World (2017) is a teenage crime show, that follows the journey of two unconventional teenagers who think quite differently and end up connecting with each other.

The End Of The F***ing World presents the weird connection between two teenagers who are quite different than the people around them. Jenny thinks of himself as a psychopath, while Alyssa is an equally disturbed individual with various mental issues. As the two mentally convoluted teenagers connect over their differences, they both embark on a journey to find Alyssa’s father.  

The End Of The F***ing World is a very well-presented and precise drama. The show was highly appreciated by the audience and explores mental conflict in a gripping and exciting manner. The show is quite dramatic and is for sure a must-watch. 

IMDb Rating8.1
CreatorsJonathan Entwistle
CastJessica Barden, Alex Lawther, Steve Oram
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateOctober 24, 2018
Filming LocationKent, England, UK
Production HouseClerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions

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#6 The Society (2019) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

The Society (2018) is a dramatic mystery, that showcases the aftermath of an incident that results in the disappearance of the residents of a whole town except the teenagers.

The Society explores the mental conflict of the teenagers, as they try to come up with a functioning hierarchy to create a societal structure after everyone’s disappearance. Exploring the lives of some high school students, as they try to create a balanced society the show captures the various ways the group tries to unravel the mysterious happenings around them. 

The Society is an exceptional show despite various discrepancies in the plot. The show explores the psychological thought process and survival instinct of humans. Despite being extremely gradual at times, the plot of the show is quite well structured and makes for an exciting experience.  

IMDb Rating7.1
CreatorsChristopher Keyser
CastKathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateMay 10, 2019
Filming LocationLancaster, Massachusetts, USA
Production HouseNetflix

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#7 Ginny And Georgia (2021) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Ginny And Georgia (2021) is a dramedy that explores the conflicting behaviors of a mother and daughter duo.

Ginny And Georgia is an adventurous drama, that explores the life of a fifteen-year-old Ginny and her mother Georgia. As the duo tries to settle permanently in town after relocating to various places over the years, the show explores the happenings in Georgia’s past and how it affects her present life. The show is at times hilarious despite its intense premise and showcases the unique and unconventional bond between the duo in an interesting manner.

Ginny And Georgia is a fun and adventurous drama. The show encompasses everything from comedy to intense plotlines and hence makes for a thrilling ride.

IMDb Rating7.5
CreatorsSarah Lampert
CastBrianne Howey, Antonia Gentry, Diesel La Torraca
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateFebruary 24, 2021
Filming LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Production HouseBlue Ice Pictures, Dynamic Television

#8 Teen Wolf (2011) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Teen Wolf (2011) is a fantasy adventure that narrates the story of a teenager who gets bitten by a werewolf and explores the aftermath of the incident.

Teen Wolf explores the wild journey of a teenager, who is turned into a werewolf while venturing into the woods. Even though this transformation comes with its perks, it also has its downfalls. The show narrates the journey of Scott, as he tries to keep his secret hidden from his love interest. The show also showcases his quest to control his newfound abilities and his fight against the various people trying to hunt him.

Teen Wolf has been one of the most loved shows since its release because of its interesting premise. The show not only explores the supernatural concept of werewolves but simultaneously creates an interesting plot by mixing in the various ways a normal teen handles his sudden supernatural abilities.

IMDb Rating7.9
CreatorsJeff Davis
CastTyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O’Brien
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateJune 5, 2011
Filming LocationLos Angeles, California, USA
Production HouseMGM Television, Music Television

#9 Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (2018) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (2018) is a fantasy horror that explores the life of a half-witch teen, as she is forced to choose between her life as a witch and a human. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina explores the happenings in the life of a half-witch Sabrina, who is faced with various evil situations while trying to come to terms with her identity as a witch and a human. The show primarily focuses on her dilemma to become a mortal or not, while simultaneously trying to fight the forces that are trying to affect her family and friends.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina is an amalgamation of fantasy and horror with the typical teenage drama trope, and it mostly works. The show is an acquired taste, and most of the viewers liked the show despite its typical and cliche presentation at times. The show makes for a decent watch and will be liked by people who love to explore unique teen storylines. 

IMDb Rating7.5
CreatorsRoberto Aguirre-Sacasa
CastKiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateOctober 26, 2018
Filming LocationVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Production HouseArchie Comics Publications, Warner Bros. Television

#10 One Of Us Is Lying (2021) 

10 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers

One Of Us Is Lying (2021) is a crime mystery that revolves around the death of a high school student, in the presence of four other students.

One Of Us Is Lying focuses on five students as they are serving detention, and one of them ends up dying. The show explores the happening of the events that led to death and the involvement of each member. Exploring the aftermath of the incident and the gradual unraveling of the mystery revolving around the death of the fifth teen. The show is a typical mystery teen drama, encompassing various cliche tropes.

One Of Us Is Lying is mostly cliche in its presentation, however, the soundtrack and cinematography of the show make up for it. The show is quite mysterious and makes for a decent watch.

IMDb Rating6.8
CreatorsEric Saleh
CastAnnalisa Cochrane, Chibuikem Uche, Marianly Tejada
Streaming ServiceNetflix
Release DateOctober 7, 2021
Filming LocationAuckland, New Zealand
Production House5 More Minutes Productions, Universal Cable Productions

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#11 Gossip Girl ( 2007-2012)

30 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers!

Gossip Girl (2007-2012) is the OG teen drama based on a book of the same name written by Cecily Von Ziegesar. 

Gossip Girl made the lead actresses Leighton Meester and Blake Lively popular household names, influencing some major fashion trends and beliefs among the teens and young population. The course of the drama Gossip Girl revolves around the privileged teenagers of the Upper East Side in New York. 

The beautiful and blonde Miss Serena Vander Woodsen is a controversial sensation in her school. Resuming her studies after a long haul, her ‘near and dear’ ones in school are excited to have their topic of Gossip back. The events in the teenager’s life are shared online by an anonymous but spicy ‘Gossip Girl’ whose identity is finally revealed after six seasons. 

IMDb Rating 7.3/10 
Seasons 6
Creators Cecily Von Ziegesar 
Cast Kaylee DeFer, Matthew Settle, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, Blake Lively, Chance Crawford, Penn Badgley, Leighton Badgley
Streaming Service Amazon Prime Video
Release Date September 19, 2007 
Filming Location New York City( Brooklyn, Long Island East End and Manhattan)
Production HouseWarner Bros Television, CBS Television, Alloy Entertainment, Fake Empire Productions 

# 12 Elite (2018-present) 

30 Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria | Experience The Skewed Mind Of Teenagers!

Regarded as the coolest and the sexiest drama of the decade, Elite (2018-present), is a teen drama set around the fictional secondary school, Las Encinas. 

The Spanish Elite series takes us through the fictional lives of confused teenagers who struggle to maintain balance in their personal and familial relationships. The changing dynamic of their relationships makes up for the course of action of the series. The theme of the series revolves around the exploitation of the elite, rich people of Spain who use the money to mingle with the lives of people who do not match their status. 

IMDb Rating 7.4/10 
Seasons 5
Creators Dario Madrona and Carlos Montero 
Cast Andres Velencoso, Carla Diaz, Claudia Salas, Georgina Amoros, Valentina Zenere, Adam Nourou, Aron Piper, Miguel Herran, Iztan Escamilla, Alvaro Rico, Danna Paola, Pol Granch, Maria Pedraza, Jaime Lorente 
Streaming Service Netflix 
Release Date 5 October 2018 
Filming Location San Lorenzo de El Escorial , Spain 
Production HouseZeta Producciones 

Some More Enigmatic And Dramatic Shows Like Euphoria 

If you loved watching Euphoria and have already watched the shows on our list above, here are some additional shows with more thrilling and over-the-top drama to keep you entertained. 

Name Creator/ Director Duration IMDb Rating Streaming Platform 
Grand Army Katie Cappiello 47-72 minutes 7.5/10Netflix 
Freaks And Geeks Paul Feig 44 minutes 8.6/10 Hulu 
Skins Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsey 44 – 49 minutes 8.2/10 Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+
We Are Who We Are Francesca Giordano, Sean Conway, Paolo Giordano, Luca Guadagnino49-75 minutes 7.2/10 ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu
My Mad Fat Diary Luke Snellin, Vanessa Caswill, Anthiny Phillipson, Benjamin Caron, Tim Kirkby45 minutes 8.4/10 Hulu 
Genera+ionDaniel Barnz and Zelda Barnz 27-39 minutes 6.8/10 HBO Max, Apple iTunes 
Sex Education Laurie Nunn 47-60 minutes 8.10/10 Netflix 
Degrassis: The Next Generation Yan Moore 22 minutes7.1/10 HBO Max, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes 
Cruel Summer Bert V. Royal 42-45 minutes 7.4/10 Hulu 
Yellow Jackets Bart Nickerson and Ashley Lyle  56-58 minutes 7.9/10 Hulu and Showtime App 
Dare Me Gina Fattore 42-52 minutes 7/10 Netflix 
13 Reasons Why Brian Yorkey49-98 minutes 8.3/10 Netflix 
On My Block Jeremy Haft, Eddie Gonzalez and Lauren Iungerich 23-38 minutes 7.9/10 Netflix 
Skam Julie Andem 15-59 minutes 8.3/10 Netflix 
I Am Not Okay With This Christy Hall, Jonathan Entwistle 19-28 minutes 7.5/10 Netflix 
Girls Lena Dunham 26-41 minutes 7.3/10 Amazon Prime Video 
Sharp Objects Marti Noxon 55-61 minutes 7.9/10 Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+
The S*x Lives Of College Girls Justin Noble and Mindy Kaling 24-51 minutes 7.8/10 HBO Max 

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Final Words

If you enjoyed watching Euphoria, you will definitely love these teen shows like Euphoria. While you wait for season 3 of Euphoria to premiere, you can enjoy these 30 equally exciting shows like Euphoria for the time being.

We hope you loved the selection of these exciting teen shows like Euphoria. Do let us know which show you liked the best. 

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