7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating!


If you’re into soap operas that are melodramatic and filled with necessary comedy, then in this article, you’ll find some super entertaining shows Like Nashville that we have listed just for you. 

Nashville (2012) is a show about the rivalry of two singers, Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), who compete with each other. Being an established singer known as the “Queen of Country,” Rayna goes through a frustrating phase, as her last album wasn’t doing great. On the other hand, Juliette is a young rising star at the peak of her success. 

The story takes a turn when Rayna is asked to headline for Juliette. She takes it personally, as she was a more successful singer before Juliette came into the scene. The show becomes more exciting as their rivalry and jealousy increase with time.

Now, let’s learn about the shows which are quite similar to Nashville.

7 Exciting Shows Like Nashville | You Can Thank Us Later

If you love watching shows that focus on celebrity lifestyle, stardom, lavish parties, intense drama, comedy, conflicting personalities, and so on and so forth, you’re going to like this list that we have researched for you.

#1 Mozart In The Jungle (2014)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

The show Mozart In The Jungle (2014) is based on the famous book Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, by Blair Tindall. The story revolves around the main character, Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal), who is a charming and flamboyant music conductor. Rodrigo joins the New York Symphony as the new conductor after maestro Thomas retires.

The show is also very nuanced and critical of its characters, in a sense that it exposes the dishonorable rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of musicians, conductors, and administrators who occupy the narrow-minded world of classical music.

The show premiered on 23rd December 2014 and became very popular immediately. Gael Garcia Bernel is one of the reasons to watch the show, along with the very talented Lola Kirke, who plays the character of Hailey Rutledge, an oboist.

  • Developed by: Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers, Paul Weitz
  • Cast: Lola Kirke, Gael García Bernal, Saffron Burrows, Bernadette Peters, Peter Vack, Hannah Dunne, Malcolm McDowell
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes: 40
  • Platforms Available On: Prime
  • IMDb Ratings: 8.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 94%

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#2 Soundtrack (2019)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

If you love musical dramas, then Soundtrack (2019) is the perfect show. The series explores a set of diverse individuals living in modern-day Los Angeles. The story takes us through the lives of two artists, who are immensely struggling yet at the same time experiencing life at its fullest. 

The show deals with love, loss, and transformational luck. One unique aspect of the series would be how the characters tell their stories through the music that inhabits their minds and hearts. Soundtrack, premiered on Netflix on 18th December 2019. So, if you’re a sucker for typical American musical dramas, this show is the one.

  • Created by: Joshua Safran
  • Cast: Paul James, Callie Hernandez, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jenna Dewan, Jahmil French, Megan Ferguson, Isaiah Givens, Madeleine Stowe, Campbell Scott
  • Genre: Musical Drama
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 10
  • Platforms Available On: Netflix
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 38%

#3 Love Monkey (2006)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

The show Love Monkey (2006) is based on the book of the same name by Kyle Smith. The story narrates the life of Tom Farell played by Tom Cavanagh, who gets thrown out of a record company after making an injudicious comment. Tom, after getting fired from his job, finds out that his girlfriend wants to break up with him as she thinks that they are not compatible with each other.

Eventually, the story progresses as Tom manages to get a new job in a company called True Vinyl, which happens to be a small-scale independent record company. Love Monkey narrates a very intimate story where Tom tries to find out struggling independent artists and provide them the platform they deserve.

The show premiered on 17th January 2006 on CBS. It was co-produced by Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Television. Well, if you love watching intimate, personal stories, then Love Monkey is the right choice for you to binge on.

  • Created by: Michael Rauch
  • Cast: Tom Cavanagh, Daniel Sunjata, Katherine LaNasa, Christopher Wiehl, Jason Priestley, Larenz Tate 
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 8
  • Platforms Available On: M3 (MuchMore Music)
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.7
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 85%

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#4 Empire (2015)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

The story of Empire (2015) revolves around the main character, Lucious Lyon, played by none other than Terrence Howard. Lucious happens to be a hip hop magnate, an ex-drug dealer, and the chief executive officer of his company, Empire Entertainment. The story escalates when Lucious discovers that he has Motor Neuron Disease and does not have much time in his hands.

Now, he has to take a serious decision on who will run his Empire after he is gone. Lucious has three sons and decides to train one of them, but he also sets them against each other. On the other hand, his ex-wife returns after 17-years of jail to reclaim her share of the whole property.

Empire is a thrilling show packed with intense performances from a variety of artists. The show premiered on 7th January 2015 on Fox. If you’re into hip-hop music and culture, then Empire is the show that will give you an exclusive insight into how things happen.

  • Created by: Lee Daniels, Danny Strong
  • Cast: Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Bryshere Y. Gray, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Grace Byers, Malik Yoba, Kaitlin Doubleday
  • Genre: Drama
  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes: 102
  • Platforms Available On: Disney Hotstar
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.4
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 84%

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#5 Smash (2012)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

The story of the show Smash (2012) revolves around a group of theater enthusiasts and professionals who decide to come up with a new Broadway musical named Bombshell based on the life of Marilyn Monroe.

The show explores every character in its way, who are dealing with their fair share of troubles every day. We also witness how these characters of different ages balance their chaotic work life with their personal life.

One very distinctive aspect of the story of the show is how life takes its own path irrespective of all your planning. As the saying goes, “when you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” In this show, we get to see that and witness that things in life don’t always go accordingly.

The show is based on the novel, Smash by Garson Kahim and premiered on 6th February 2012 on NBC. Smash features a huge ensemble led by Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle, Megan Hilty, and Anjelica Huston. If you’re into Broadway musicals, watching this show would be an ultimate treat.

  • Created by: Theresa Rebeck
  • Cast: Debra Messing, Jack Davenport, Katharine McPhee, Christian Borle, Megan Hilty, Anjelica Huston, Leslie Odom Jr., Jeremy Jordan, Krysta Rodriguez, Andy Mientus, Raza Jaffrey, Brian d’Arcy James
  • Original Music by:  Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman
  • Genre: Musical, Drama
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 32
  • Platforms Available On: Prime, VUDU, Apple TV, The Roku Channel
  • IMDb Ratings: 7.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 68%

#6 Glee (2009)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

The show Glee (2009) centers on Will Schuester played by Matthew Morrison, and a raggedy group of eccentric teenagers who are a part of the school choir known as the Glee club. As Will fights hard to get back the old glory of the Glee club, he also deals with his issues, like getting attracted to his colleague Emma Pillsbury played by Jayma Mays.

Emma, along with Will, also defends and fights for the existence of the club against the conspiring cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch.

A major and important aspect of Glee is how the characters deal with love, relationships, passion, desire for popularity, and the metamorphosis of life in high school as a teenager.

Glee is another musical packed with drama and deals with real-life issues which teenagers go through for real. If you want to watch something light-hearted, then this show is a great pick for your weekend. 

  • Created by: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan
  • Cast: Dianna Agron, Chris Colfer, Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison
  • Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy, Musical
  • Seasons: 6
  • Episodes: 121
  • Platforms Available On: Netflix, VUDU
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 70%

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#7 Victorious (2010)

7 Sensational Shows Like Nashville | Stardom Is Intoxicating

Victorious (2010) follows the story of 16-year-old Tori Vega, played by Victoria Justice, who intends to become a successful singer. Tori gets a chance to attend a performing arts school known as the Hollywood Arts High School. Getting accepted into this school is a big deal for Tori as she wants to become famous and make a name for herself.

In time, Tori makes a lot of friends in this school. Still, soon she realizes that everyone at the Hollywood Arts High School is damn competitive and which generally involves completing school projects that mostly include musical and theatrical performances.

Some of the main characters in the show are Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), Rex Powers (Robbie’s puppet), Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies), and Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande). These are the characters that Tori meets on the first day at the Hollywood Arts.

Victorious, is a typical American teen sitcom filled with nothing but sheer entertainment and comedy. The show premiered on 27th March 2010 on Nickelodeon.

  • Created by: Dan Schneider
  • Cast: Victoria Justice, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Daniella Monet
  • Genre: Sitcom
  • Seasons: 4
  • Episodes: 57
  • Platforms Available On: Netflix, Prime, Paramount Plus
  • IMDb Ratings: 7

Final Words

So, if you’ve loved watching Nashville, you will like watching these shows that we have hand-picked for you. So, hurry up and start binging. As we have mentioned the platforms on which these shows are streaming, Netflix is one common platform on which you’ll find these shows.

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