7 Thrilling Historical Shows Like The Last Kingdom | Go Beyond The Vikings! 


Shows like The Last Kingdom (2015) will always have a special place in our hearts because of their larger-than-life portrayal of the great war between the Brits and the Vikings. Though the show might have ended, we can still revisit its glory with other epic historical drama shows like The Last Kingdom

Heavily influenced by The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom takes us back to the year 886 and gives us an insight into the changing relationship between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. As the series progresses, you will see director Stephen Butchard slowly bring each book in the series to life and deliver a masterpiece. 

If you are interested in watching a few more shows like The Last Kingdom, I suggest you take a good look at the list below. 

7 Brilliant Shows Like The Last Kingdom | Stream The Best Of Historical Drama! 

7 Brilliant Shows Like The Last Kingdom | Stream The Best Of Historical Drama! 

While the shows mentioned below may not be similar to The Last Kingdom in terms of their plotline, we assure you they share similarities between the backdrop, the nature of the characters, and the series’ genre. 

Streaming PlatformNetflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV 
Rotten Tomatoes 91%
IMDb Ratings8.6/10
Release DateOctober 10, 2015
Created ByStephen Butchard 
No. of Seasons5
Star CastAlexander Dreymon, Emily Cox, David Dawson, Adrian Bower 
GenreHistorical drama 

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1# Vikings  (2013)


If you are a big fan of the great Sir Ragnar Lothbrok, there is no way you can miss watching the show Vikings. Based on the stories of a young Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings tells us how Ragnar rose from the ashes with a little help from his friend Floki. Right from his childhood, Ragnar Lothbrok always saw himself as a Norse hero as he is considered the direct descendant of Odin. So, how exactly does a Norse hero turn himself into a Scandinavian King? Stream the show and find out for yourself! 

Streaming PlatformHulu, Amazon Prime, Peacock TV 
Rotten Tomatoes 93%
IMDb Ratings8.6/10
Release DateMarch 3, 2013
Created ByMichael Hirst 
No. of Seasons6
Star CastTravis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick, Michael Hirst 
GenreDrama, Action

2# Troy: Fall Of A City (2018) 

troy fall of a city

No list of shows like The Last Kingdom can ever be complete without Troy: Fall Of A City present on it. Bringing to us the epic love story of Helen and Paris, the historical drama series Troy: Fall Of A City will make you fall harder in love than ever. When Paris, the son of Troy, visits Sparta as a guest, he falls in love with Helen, Melenaus’ wife. Having fallen hard in love, Helen and Paris leave for Troy but not without risking their lives, families, and the nations they are leaving behind. 

Streaming PlatformNetflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime 
Rotten Tomatoes 71%
IMDb Ratings3.9/10
Release Date17 February, 2018
Created ByDavid Farr
No. of Seasons1
Star CastBella Dayne, Tom Weston-Jones, Louis Hunter, David Gyasi 

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3# The Witcher (2019) 

the witcher

Based on the fantasy novels of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski, the fantasy series The Witcher brings life to the stories of the monster hunter, Geralt Of Rivia. Struggling to find his place in a world filled with magical creatures like the witches and the powerful beasts, Geralt sets on a new adventure to find Princess Ciri as they are destined to find their way to one another. As Geralt sets out on the road, he meets new people, a few of which become his family and the love of his life. 

Streaming PlatformNetflix 
Rotten Tomatoes 81%
IMDb Ratings8.2/10
Release DateDecember 20, 2019
Created ByLauren Schmidt Hissrich 
No. of Seasons2
Star CastHenry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allen, Joey Batey 
GenreFantasy, Drama 

4# Frontier (2016)


When we talk about historical TV shows like The Last Kingdom, the first thing that comes to our minds is a war for the throne. But that’s where the difference comes between Frontier and other historical TV shows. Based on the blooming fur trade on the rise in the early 1700s, Frontier brings us the glorifying tales of Declan Harper and how he tried to breach the Hudson Bay company. But Lord Benton, Declan’s nemesis, is also on a mission to overtake Harper. So, how will the Tom and Jerry chase between Declan and Harper go? 

Streaming PlatformNetflix
Rotten Tomatoes 75%
IMDb Ratings7.1/10
Release DateNovember 6, 2016
Created ByRob Blackie, Peter Blackie 
No. of Seasons3
Star CastZoe Boyle, Evan Jonigkeit, Jessica Matten, Jason Momoa 
GenreFiction, Action

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5# Knightfall (2017)


Taking its viewers to the early 1300s, when the world was on the brink of war, until the Knights of Templar took over and became the most powerful organization in the world is Knightfall. However, their journey was not easy, as they lost more allies than they gained and put a lot at stake. If the Knights want to make it to the Holy Land in one piece, they need to be more careful than ever and stop making enemies with powerful allies like the King of France. 

Streaming PlatformAmazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube
Rotten Tomatoes 57%
IMDb Ratings6.8/10
Release DateDecember 6, 2017
Created ByRichard Rayner, Don Handfield 
No. of Seasons2
Star CastMark Hamill, Tom Cullen, Simon Merrells, Padraic Delaney 
GenreHistory, drama, action 

6# Barbarians (2020)


Bringing its viewers a story with a striking resemblance to that of Uhtred, Barbarians focuses on the story of Arminius, born in a powerful Germanic tribe. Yet this powerful tribe falls to its knees in front of the mighty Roman empire. If you were intrigued by the stories of Uhtred’s bravery, I am sure you will be equally fascinated by the savage tales of Arminius. Deeply focusing on the loyalty, inner conflicts in the Roman empire, and the bloodshed, Barbarians is a story worth watching.  

Streaming PlatformNetflix 
Rotten Tomatoes 86%
IMDb Ratings7.3/10
Release DateDecember 23, 2020
Created ByArne Nolting, Andreas Heckmann, and Jan Martin Scharf 
No. of Seasons1
Star CastLaurence Rupp, Jeanne Goursaud, David Schutter
GenreHistorical drama 

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7# Spartacus (2010) 


Inspired by an ancient historical figure Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who, in the 73 BC, led a major slave revolution against the dominating Roman Republic. Spartacus makes it to the list of shows like The Last Kingdom because of the uncanny resemblance like the protagonists and the epic bloodshed. With epic battle scenes and an intriguing storyline, Spartacus is a series worth watching.  

Streaming PlatformYouTube, Amazon Prime 
Rotten Tomatoes NA
IMDb Ratings8.6/10
Release DateJanuary 22, 2010
Created BySteven S. DeKnight, Sam Raimi
No. of Seasons3
Star CastAndy Whitfield, John Hannah, Liam Mclntyre, Lucy Lawless 
GenreSword and Sandal, Historical drama 

Final Words 

Bringing an end to our list of shows like The Last Kingdom, we hope that you will enjoy streaming every title mentioned above. If you are familiar with any other shows like The Last Kingdom and feel they deserve to be added to this list, don’t shy away from dropping the names in the comments section below. 

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