20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds | Watch Some Tales Of Adventure!


Nothing beats binge-watching a great drama show. It provides pleasure, excitement, and thrill like nothing else. That is why I’m here to bring to you some shows like The Wilds (2020). 

These shows are a perfect mix of thriller, drama, adventure, fantasy, and survival stories! You will be kept at the edge of your seat, second-guessing the plot, marveling at the extraordinary drama and acting. These shows are sure to win over your heart and leave you wanting more. 

Now, I won’t take any more of your time and share some equally amazing shows like The Wilds! Make sure to watch all of these dramadies!!

Here Are Some Adventure-Drama Shows Like The Wilds

The Wilds (2020) is an American adventure drama show that revolves around the story of a group of girls from diverse backgrounds that are stranded on an inhabited island. After the airplane they were traveling in crashed in the pacific ocean, they were washed ashore. They were on their way to Hawaii for the Dawn of Eve program, a young woman empowerment retreat. 

However, unbeknownst to them, they are the subjects of a well-orchestrated social experiment by the head of Dawn of Eve. We see how girls from different backgrounds band together to survive their ordeal in the show. Later, they are rescued by two men claiming to be FBI agents. The girls are interviewed about their time on the island. Yes, their rescue is staged too. 

Release DateDecember 11, 2020
Running Time42-61m
CastSophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Erana James
Created BySarah Streicher
Production ByDylan Clark Productions, Fanfare Productions, ABC Signature, Amazon Studios, A.B. Baby Productions
Number Of Seasons2
Number Of Episodes18
IMDb Rating7.2/10
Where To WatchAmazon Prime Video

1# Tehran (2020)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Tehran (2020) is an espionage thriller show that follows a National Intelligence Agency of Israel agent on her first-ever mission to Tehran, which is also her birthplace. 

The titular character Tamar Rabinyan was born in Iran, but she moved to Israel when she was six. She grew up to become a Mossad computer hacker. Her first mission is to disable an Iranian nuclear reactor. To do that, she switches her real identity with Zhila, an employee of an electric company.  

However, her Mossad mission fails when her boss, thinking that she is Zhila, tries to assault her. In the fight that follows, he gets killed. After escaping, Tamar goes around discovering her roots while being hunted by Iranian authorities. 

Release DateJune 22, 2020
Running Time45m
CastNiv Sultan, Shaun Toub, Glenn Close, Navid Negahban, Liraz Charhi, Menashe Noy, Shervin Alenabi
Created ByMoshe Zonder, Dana Eden, Maor Kohn
Production ByDonna Productions, Shula Spiegel Productions, Paper Plane Productions
Number Of Seasons2
Number Of Episodes10
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Where To WatchApple TV+

2# Severance (2022)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Severance (2022) is a  sci-fi psychological thriller that follows Mark, the owner of Lumon Industries. He agrees to undergo a “severance” program. It aims to separate Mark’s work memories from his non-work memories. 

Lumon Industries is a sinister technology corporation that uses a surgical procedure to separate the work and non-work memories of some employees. Mark leads a team of office employees whose memories have been surgically separated. 

However, when a mysterious colleague appears outside work, Mark embarks on a journey to unravel a web of conspiracies in his office. Along the way, Mark also discovers the real nature of his job. 

Release DateFebruary 18, 2022
Running Time55m 
CastAdam Scott, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, Tramell Tillman, Jen Tullock, Dichen Lachman, Michael Chernus
Created ByDan Erickson
Production ByRed Hour Productions, Endeavor Content
Number Of Seasons1
Number Of Episodes9
IMDb Rating8.7/10
Where To WatchApple TV+, Prime Video

3# Maid (2021)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Maid (2021) is an American drama show based on the New York Times best-selling memoir of Stephanie Land, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and Mother’s Will to Survive.

The story follows Alex, a young mother of a toddler, Maddy, as she leaves her emotionally abusive boyfriend. Alex moves to a shelter and gets a cleaning job for Value Maids. The show chronicles the awe-inspiring struggles of a young mother trying to raise her daughter. Subsequently, Alex is also fighting against poverty, homelessness, and bureaucracy. 

Maid is a powerful story that explores poverty in America, which is often turned a blind eye. The show also sheds light on generational trauma: how it is passed on, and it’s capacity to affect individuals if not worked upon. 

Release DateOctober 1, 2021
Running Time47- 60m
CastMargaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Tracy Vilar, Billy Burke, Andie MacDowell
Created ByMolly Smith Metzler
Production ByJohn Wells Productions, LuckyChap Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
Number Of Seasons1
Number Of Episodes10
IMDb Rating8.4/10
Where To WatchNetflix, Prime Video, Roku

4# Outlander (2014)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Set in 1945, Outlander (2014) is a historical adventure drama show adapted from the novel series Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. 

A former nurse in the British Army, Claire Randall, is mysteriously transported to 1743 by the standing stones at Craig Na Dun. This happened when she was visiting Inverness, Scotland, with her husband. In this unknown land, her life is in peril. She is forced to marry Jamir Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic Highlander, to save herself. But they quickly fall in love. Their beautiful and intense relationship leaves Claire with difficult choices.

Release DateAugust 9, 2014
Running Time53-90 m
CastCaitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, Stephen Walters, Gary Lewis, Lotte Verbeek
Created ByRonald D. Moore
Production BySony Pictures Television, Left Bank Pictures, Story Mining, and Supply Company, Tall Ship Productions
Number Of Seasons6
Number Of Episodes75
IMDb Rating8.5/10
Where To WatchNetflix, Starz, Amazon Prime, Hulu

5# The Last Kingdom (2015)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

The Last Kingdom (2015) is a British historical action drama based on the novel series The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell. 

As a child, Osbert witnessed his father’s murder and his Saxon army being defeated by the invading Danes. He and one Saxon girl, Brida, were enslaved by Earl Ragnar. Ragnar adopts Osbert as his son, and he is rebaptized as Uhtred. Several years pass, and it’s time for Ragnar’s daughter Thyra’s wedding. But the night before the event, fellow Danes set fire to the hall where the Ragnar family is sleeping. Earl Ragnar dies, and his daughter Thyra is taken as a slave. 

Uhtred and Brida escape the attack as they are in the forest. Now, Uthred vows to avenge his adoptive father’s death. But his loyalties are constantly tested. Because, at the same time, he also wishes to reclaim his birthplace. So what will Uhtred do? Recapture his birthplace? Or avenge his father’s killing? 

Release DateOctober 10, 2015
Running Time50-59m
CastAlexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Emily Cox, Tobias Santelmann, Adrian Bower, Thomas W. Gabrielsson, Simon Kunz
Created ByStephen Butchard
Production ByCarnival Film and Television
Number Of Seasons5
Number Of Episodes46
IMDb Rating8.5/10
Where To WatchNetflix

6# The Sinner (2017)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

The Sinner (2017) is an American crime drama anthology series adapted from the 1999 novel The Sinner by Petra Hammesfahr. The show gives an insight into the minds of ordinary people who commit brutal murders. 

The Sinner follows a police detective, Harry Ambrose, who investigates not the “who” or “what” but the “why” of a startling crime. Harry tries to uncover the motives of a young mother who committed a horrifying act of violence but has no idea why. The woman seems to know that she has been overcome by a severe fit of rage. 

And now, Harry, obsessed with finding out the real cause, embarks on a grueling journey into the depths of the woman’s mind and the unspeakable secrets of her past.  

Release DateAugust 2, 2017
Running Time40-54 m
CastBill Pullman, Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbott, Dohn Norwood, Abby Miller, Carrie Coon, Natalie Paul
Created ByDerek Simonds
Production ByMidnight Choir Inc., Zaftig Films, Iron Ocean, UCP
Number Of Seasons4
Number Of Episodes32
IMDb Rating7.9/10
Where To WatchNetflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, Prime Video

7# Dark (2017)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Set in a fictional German town, Dark (2017) is a sci-fi psychological thriller that follows the town’s citizens as they unravel the mystery of children’s disappearance.

Their journey to uncover the truth sheds light on four families’ fractured relationships and double lives. But that is not all; the town has a troubled history filled with puzzles and twists. There are supernatural elements involved in the show. The town members discover a wormhole beneath the local nuclear power plant that hints at time travel. 

The show tackles time and the parallel universe in a distinctive way. Dark is a German masterpiece that is also the first German show produced for Netflix.

Release Date1 December 2017
Running Time44- 73m 
CastLouis Hofmann, Oliver Masucci, Julika Jenkins, Andreas Pietschmann, Maja Schöne, Lisa Vicari, Lisa Kreuzer, Jördis Triebel
Created ByBaran bo Odar, Jantje Friese
Production ByWiedemann & Berg Television
Number Of Seasons3
Number Of Episodes26
IMDb Rating8.7/10
Where To WatchNetflix

8# Outer Banks (2020)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Outer Banks (2020) is a teen drama, action-adventure show that revolves around the conflict between two groups of teens. 

In the coastal town, there’s a great social division between affluent seasonal residents called Kooks and working-class locals called Pogues. In the show, we follow a group of Pogue teenagers who are determined to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of their ringleader’s father. They come across a map of buried treasure on the wrong side of the tracks along the way. The treasure is related to the missing father. 

Now, the friends are chased by a wealthy group of Kooks. The group bands together to overcome impediments such as love, friendships, and money. 

Release DateApril 15, 2020
Running Time42-61m
CastChase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Charles Esten, Drew Starkey
Created ByJosh Pate, Jonas Pate, Shannon Burke
Production ByRock Fish, Red Canoe Productions
Number Of Seasons2
Number Of Episodes20
IMDb Rating7.5/10
Where To WatchNetflix, iTunes, Google Play, Instant Video, Hotstar

9# Trinkets (2019)

20+ Drama Shows Like The Wilds| Watch Some Heart Winning Tales Of Adventure!

Trinkets (2019) is an American teen drama show that chronicles the unexpected friendship of three teen girls. 

After meeting at Shoplifters Anonymous, Elodie Davis, Moe Truax, and Tabitha Foster became friends. They are divided by their social classes but united by their shoplifting habit. Due to their different personas, they keep their friendship a secret. Elodie is an introvert, Moe is into punk, and Tabitha belongs to a wealthy family. 

In the show, we see the three friends with different personalities find strength and solace in each other as they battle things on the personal front. 

Release DateJune 14, 2019
Running Time21–30m
CastBrianna Hildebrand, Kiana Madeira, Quintessa Swindell, Brandon Butler, Odiseas Georgiadis, Larry Sullivan, Dana Green
Created ByAmy Andelson, Emily Meyer, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith
Production ByAwesomenessTV, Two Blocks Apart Productions
Number Of Seasons2
Number Of Episodes20
IMDb Rating7/10
Where To WatchNetflix

Here Are Some More Shows Like The Wilds That You Should Not Miss!

After you’re done watching the above shows like The Wilds, here are some more shows similar to The Wilds you will enjoy. Make sure to check out each one of these!

Show’s NameCreated ByIMDb RatingRunning TimeWhere To Watch!
MindhunterJoe Penhall8.6/1034-73mNetflix, Prime Video, Hulu
BabyAntonio Le Fosse, Giacomo Mazzariol, Marco Raspanti6.8/1040-51mNetflix, Disney+Hotstar, Prime Video 
Modern FamilyChristopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan8.5/1020-24m Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video
Nine Perfect StrangersDavid E. Kelley7/1042-55mHulu, Prime Video
VikingsMichael Hirst8.5/1042- 50mHulu, Prime Video, Peacock TV, Netflix
Black MirrorCharlie Brooker8.8/1041- 89mNetflix, Prime Video, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video
WeCrashedDrew Crevello & Lee Eisenberg7.3/1050-61mApple TV+
13 Reasons WhyBrian Yorkey7.5/1049-98mNetflix, Prime Video. Amazon Instant Video, Google Play
Emily In ParisDarren Star6.9/1024-38mNetflix, Google Play, Instant Video
UploadGreg Daniels7.9/1024- 46mPrime Video, Netflix
Downton AbbeyJulian Fellowes8.7/1047-93mNetflix, Prime Video, ITV
ClickbaitTony Ayres & Christian White7.2/1042-52m Netflix, Prime Video
A TeacherHannah Fidell6.9/1021-29mPrime Video, Hulu
The CrownPeter Morgan8.7/1047-61mNetflix, Prime Video

Final Words

So, these were some shows like The Wilds. Tell me, which one did you like the best? Which one are you going to watch next?? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section down below! Happy Watching!!

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