6 Amazing Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River!


Are there some shows like Virgin River? Of course, there are a few! I know you are waiting for Virgin River’s upcoming season. Meanwhile, you can fill the void with similar shows. Here’s the list!

Virgin River (2019-Present), a romantic drama, follows Mel’s story (a midwife and nurse practitioner). The story demonstrates how she moves back to her house from Northern California after traumatic heartbreaks. As a result, she tries to move on in her life and Jack (a bartender) opens Mel’s heart for love once again. 

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Just like Virgin River, I have already made a list of six popular shows like Virgin River, have a look at them!

Worth Watching Shows Like Virgin River | You Can’t Stop Yourself From Falling In Love!

There are a lot of shows that are romantic and have a dramatic arch. However, finding the one similar to that of shows Virgin River is difficult. Worry not, you can enjoy your prime time with shows like Virgin River with my list. If this idea interests you, check out these shows now!

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1# Sweet Magnolias (2020-Present) | Anything For Love 

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

Sweet Magnolias is a visual adaptation of a romantic novel by Sherryl Woods. Also, it is a perfect alternative to Virgin River because of the intensity of love that has been shown on the series.

The plot of Sweet Magnolias deals with the story of Maddie (newly divorced mom) whose husband cheats her for a girl with whom he is romantically involved. As Maddie tries to give all the comforts of life to her kids by managing a business, she develops affection for her son’s basketball coach. 

If you are a fan of Virgin River, you are going to like the series because of the pure love between Maddie and her lover. It’s almost close to the Virgin River!


2# This Is Us (2016-Present) | Enjoy Heart-Stopping Romance

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

If you are a fan of the romantic genre (that’s why you are here😅), then you should not miss This Is Us. The series takes itself close to Virgin River not only because of its plot but the same lead actor (Alexandra Breckenridge). 

The plot is not linear and is divided into a few subplots. Though the plot deals with some topics like grief, the romance in the series remains unaffected between Kevin and his childhood love (Justin Hartley). As a result, they share lots of memorable moments. 

The series is a recommendation for its manifestation of romance and melodrama. 


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3# Hart Of Dixie (2011-2015) | Sibling Of Virgin River 

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

You can consider the Hart Of Dixie sibling of Virgin River because of hell a lot of similarities between the two. Starting from the plotline to the essence of the series everything seems similar. The similarities will make you fall for it even more than Virgin River. 

Like Virgin River, its plot has a medical professional, Rachel Bilson who decides to move to a small town because of his heartbreaks. After this, a hot bartender, Wilson Bethel tries to open Rachel’s heart for the entry of love. Other than this, the plot features town festivals and love triangles. You’ll enjoy this series because Hart of Dixie’s lead characters has a similar story to that of the Virgin River. So, get the same feel!


4# Chesapeake Shores (2016-Present) | Second Chance To First Love  

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

Chesapeake is a series that is based on a novel by Sherry Woods. Interestingly, the show is all about romance and how one can get back to their love.

The series traces the story of a divorced mother, of two daughters. Because Abby’s sister needs her, Abby decides to return to her hometown and starts helping her young sister in stopping the closure for her inn. By chance, she meets her first love whom she had left in New York. As a result, she tries to give another chance to her first love.

Watch the series to see how their relationship develops and what more happens between the two. Also, I am sure that you will fall in love with this simple romantic story.


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5# Everwood (2002-2006) | Another Story Of Relocation Due To Loss Of Love 

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

Everwood celebrates the love between family members and a fictional town. The core of the story revolves around heartwarming family drama. Unfortunately, Andy loses his wife (Brenda Strong) and decides to move to Everwood with his teenage son and pre-teen daughter. And there Andy tries to give a fresh start to his life and reconnect with his children. Meanwhile, he mourns the death of his wife and regrets the absence of a connection between him and his children.

This series is a must-watch because of the beauty of the town (Everwood) and how a father tries to join the broken chords with his children. This series showcases love in a fresh context.


6# Heartland (2007-Present) | A Heartfelt Family Drama 

6 Shows Like Virgin River | Relive Virgin River

Just like Virgin River, Heartland has the potential to make you forget the rest of the world. Also, it is one of the longest-running Canadian series.

This Canadian drama deals with the lows and highs of life. Also, Amy, a young woman is the lead character of the series who knows the skills to heal injured horses. After some time, Amy loses one of her parents and her life starts experiencing a series of challenges. One day, Amy and her mother meet with an accident. As a result, both of them get injured and Amy’s older sister comes to take care of both of them.

Undoubtedly, the series is similar to Virgin River in terms of location. Also, if you find family drama interesting, then this series is a perfect pick. 


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Final Words 

All in all, these were shows like Virgin River that you can enjoy this weekend. Through these shows, you will get a chance to view the Virgin River under different lenses (themes). Enjoy these shows this weekend with your family and don’t forget to share the one you liked the most!

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