35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!  


Do you also have a soft spot in your heart for cold-blooded murders by remorseless Psychopaths? Do you also find yourself trying to psychoanalyze characters’ innermost desires or motives for the sins they commit? It’s okay, I harbor the same feelings. That’s why I like to watch shows like You (2018).

Therefore, I’m assuming that you, too, would have a special need, want, and desire to watch shows like You. I’ve compiled a long, long list of shows that you’d like to watch if you’re into psychological thrillers.

Because the more, the better, right?

Here Are Some Shows Like You For Fans Of Psychological Thrillers!

You (2018) is an American psychological thriller television series based on the novels You, Hidden Bodies, and You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes.

The show follows the life of Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager and secret serial killer in New York. One day he meets an aspiring writer Guinevere Beck and falls in love with her. He develops a toxic obsession with keeping track of her and uses social media and other technologies for the same. He removes obstacles in the path of their romantic relationship.

  • Release Date: September 9, 2018
  • Running Time: 41- 60 minutes
  • Director: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble
  • Cast: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Luca Padovan, Zach Cherry, Shay Mitchell, Victoria Pedretti, Jenna Ortega
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Number of Episodes: 30
  • IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
  • Where to Watch: Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play, Hulu

Now here are some other shows like You that you will love to watch!

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1# Hannibal (2013)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Hannibal (2013) is an American psychological thriller television series based on the characters of the novel, Red Dragon by Thomas Harris. 

The show revolves around the lives of Will Graham, a criminal profiler always on the hunt for serial killers and Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist and gourmet. Graham is hired by the head of behavioral sciences of the FBI, to help with the search for a serial killer on loose. Graham is supervised by Hannibal when the cases start taking a toll on his psyche. The two of them form a good relationship.

However, Hannibal Lecter is a cannibalistic serial killer who goes by the name Chesapeake Ripper. Lecter admires Graham’s ability to empathize with murderers. He tries to benefit from Graham’s fragile state by turning him into a killer too.

  • Release Date: April 4, 2013
  • Running Time: 43 minutes
  • Director: Bryan Fuller
  • Cast: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen, Caroline Dhavernas, Hettienne Park, Laurence Fishburne, Scott Thompson
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Number of Episodes: 39
  • IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
  • Where to Watch: Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play, Hulu

2# Dexter (2006)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Dexter (2006) is an American Psychological thriller, crime-drama television series based on a novel by Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter.

The show revolves around the life of Dexter Morgan. Dexter lost his mother at the age of three. He witnessed his mother being brutally murdered by a chainsaw. He was later adopted by Harry Morgan, a Miami police officer. 

Harry recognized Dexter’s sociopathic tendencies quite early and had him channel his bloodlust into vigilantism. So, Dexter would only murder heinous criminals who escaped the criminal justice system due to corruption or other technical glitches.

To cover up his homicides, Dexter took up a job as a forensic analyst in the Miami Metro Police Department. In the show, we see the extremely cautious and circumspect Dexter juggle his dual personas and feel normal emotions.

  • Release Date: October 1, 2006
  • Running Time: 47-58 minutes
  • Director: James Manos Jr.
  • Cast: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar
  • Number of Seasons: 8
  • Number of Episodes: 96
  • IMDb Rating: 8.7/10
  • Where to Watch: Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

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3# The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (2018)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (2018), based on Maureen Orth’s book Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History narrates the story of Gianni Versace’s murder by Andrew Cunanan. 

Gianni is a wealthy designer who lives in a mansion. Both the men are gay. 

Immediately after Gianni’s murder, the narrative changes; we see the events before Gianni’s murder like the lives of two men and how and why Cunanan murdered men before Gianni.  

The show also explores homophobia in the 90s. 

  • Release Date: January 17, 2018
  • Running Time: 3m
  • Director: Matt Bomer
  • Cast: Édgar Ramírez, Darren Criss, Ricky Martin Penélope Cruz, Veronica Denisova
  • Number of Seasons: 1
  • Number of Episodes: 9
  • IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
  • Where to Watch: Netflix, Prime Video, Roku, Vudu

4# Killing Eve (2018)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Killing Eve (2018) is a British spy thriller, black comedy television series based on a novel series by Luke Jennings, Villanelle.

The show follows the lives of Eve Polastri, an analyst with MI5, a passionate female assassin investigator, and Oksana Astankova/ Villanelle, a psychopathic, skilled assassin who works for a secret organization, The Twelve. Eve is fired from her job for her brash investigation of a behind-the-scenes witness. 

Later she is recruited on an off-the-book basis by an undercover division within MI6. MI6’s task is to hunt down Villanelle. However, Eve and Villanelle begin a cycle of mutual obsession that brings them closer but renders them away from their missions.

  • Release Date: April 8, 2018
  • Running Time: 40-43 minutes
  • Director: David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia
  • Cast: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw Darren Boyd, Owen McDonnell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste
  • Number of Seasons: 4
  • Number of Episodes: 32
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  • Where to Watch: Hulu, Prime Video, Fubo TV, iTunes

5# Dead To Me (2019)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Dead To Me (2019) is an American tragicomedy television series that follows the story of two grieving women, Jen and Jody, who form a close friendship over the course of their therapy sessions.

Jen, a real estate agent, based in Laguna Beach, California, is mourning the death of her husband. She lost him in a hit-and-run accident. She is trying to come to terms with the tragedy through therapy, exercise, and other methods; anger and resentment are an outlet for her grief. Jen meets Jody in a support group that the two women join. Jody is grieving the loss of her fiance, who died of a heart attack.

But actually, Jody is the hit-and-run driver, and her fiance had broken up with her. The two women grieve for their losses differently. This difference leads to bonding between the two. However, Jen becomes more deranged as she uncovers Jody’s secrets.

  • Release Date: May 3, 2019
  • Running Time: 26-34 minutes
  • Director: Liz Feldman
  • Cast: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Max Jenkins, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler
  • Number of Seasons: 2
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10
  • Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

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6# The Stranger (2020)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

The Stranger (2020) is a British mystery thriller miniseries based on the 2015 novel by Harlan Coben, The Stranger.

The show revolves around a mysterious stranger, a woman in her 20s, who approaches people with secrets that have a serious negative impact on their lives. The Stranger approached Adam Price, the husband of Corinne Price, and told him about a pregnancy that Corinne had faked. Adam investigated the accusation further, and it turned out to be true. 

When he confronted Corinne with the same, she told him that she needed some time for herself but mysteriously disappeared. This Stranger is shown to be connected with more secrets as the show progresses, thereby ruining people’s lives. Some people even end up murdered.

  • Release Date: January 30, 2020
  • Running Time: 42-51 minutes
  • Director: Daniel O’Hara, Hannah Quinn
  • Cast: Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran, Jennifer Saunders, Shaun Dooley, Paul Kaye, Dervla Kirwan
  • Number of Seasons: 1
  • Number of Episodes: 8
  • IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

7# Bates Motel (2013)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Bates Motel (2013) is an American psychological thriller, mystery television series based on characters from a 1959 novel by Robert Bloch, Psycho. 

Bates Motel revolves around the life of a mother-son duo, Norma and Norman who move to a coastal Oregon town. They purchase the Seafairer motel there to start a new life after the death of Norma’s husband. However, on the very first night there, the motel’s former owner breaks in and s*xually assaults Norma. Norman knocks the assaulter unconscious while Norma kills him. 

To avoid complications, the pair doesn’t involve the police. They take matters into their own hand and dispose of the body. While police search for the missing man, the mother-son duo must prevent the authorities from reaching them. 

  • Release Date: March 18, 2013
  • Running Time: 40-47 minutes
  • Director: Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin, Anthony Cipriano
  • Cast: Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Max Thieriot, Olivia Cooke, Nicola Peltz, Nestor Carbonell
  • Number of Seasons: 5
  • Number of Episodes: 50
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
  • Where to Watch: Peacock, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

8# Dirty John (2018)

35+ Thrilling Shows Like You | Come And Analyze Serial Killers!

Dirty John (2018) is an American true crime anthology television series based on the podcast Dirty John by Christopher Goffard.

The show follows Debra Newell, an affluent, successful interior designer with her own design company Madeira, as she searches for love on different dating websites after four failed marriages. There she meets a con man, John Meehan. Just like John’s previous targets, Debra falls for his lies and manipulation. Despite her family’s misgivings, she settles with John in a new luxurious house.

Dirty John shows how love can get twisted and spiral down into a wicked circle of manipulation, lies, fight for survival—and murder.

  • Release Date: November 25, 2018
  • Running Time: 42-50 minutes
  • Director: Alexander Cunningham
  • Cast: Connie Britton, Eric Bana, Juno Temple, Julia Garner, Amanda Peet, Christian Slater, Rachel Keller
  • Number of Seasons: 2
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
  • Where to Watch:  Netflix, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, Vudu

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Other Popular Shows Like You On Netflix Watch ‘Em Now!

Show’s NameDirectorIMDb RatingRunning TimeWhere to Watch
OzarkBill DubuqueMark Williams8.5/1051-80 minutesNetflix
MindhunterJoe Penhall8.6/1034-73 minutesNetflix
What/IfMike Kelley6.3/1044-56 minutesNetflix, Disney+ 
EliteCarlos Montero, Darío Madrona7.4/1041- 59 minutesNetflix
GypsyLisa Rubin6.8/1046- 58 minutesNetflix, Prime Video
The SocietyChristopher Keyser7/1048-61 minutesNetflix
BabyAndrea De Sica, Anna Negri6.8/1040-51 minutesNetflix, Prime Video
RatchedEvan Romansky7.2/1045-62 minutesNetflix
The Haunting Of Bly ManorMike Flanagan7.3/1046- 66 minutesNetflix
In The DarkCorrine Kingsbury7.5/1042 minutesNetflix, Prime Video

Shows Like You On HBO Max For Maximum Entertainment! 

Show’s NameDirectorIMDb RatingRunning TimeWhere to Watch
The Flight AttendantSteve Yockey7.1/10 42- 49 minutesHBO Max, Prime Video
Sharp ObjectsMarti Noxon8.1/1055-61 minutesHulu, Disney+ Hotstar, iTunes, HBO Max
The UndoingSusanne Bier7.4/1050-67 minutesHulu, Prime Video, HBO Max
Gossip GirlJosh Schwartz, Norman Buckley, John Stephens7.4/1039-44 minutesNetflix, Prime Video, HBO Max
DynastySallie Patrick, Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage7.2/1040- 43 minutesFubo TV, Netflix, iTunes, Prime Video, HBO Max
Castle RockSam Shaw, Dustin Thomason7.5/1035- 60 minutesHulu, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max
Behind Her EyesErik Richter Strand7.2/1047- 53 minutesNetflix, Prime Video, HBO Max
Locke & KeyCarlton Cuse, Meredith Averill7.4/1040- 56 minutesNetflix, Prime Video, HBO Max
PerfumePhilipp Kadelbach7/1045 minutesNetflix, Prime Video, HBO Max
White LinesNick Hamm6.6/101hNetflix, HBO Max

Shows Like You On Amazon Prime For Weekend Vibe! 

Show’s NameDirectorIMDb RatingRunning TimeWhere to Watch
The FallAllan Cubitt, Jakob Verbruggen8.1/101hNetflix, Prime Video
RiverdaleGabriel Correa, Kevin Rodney Sullivan6.7/1045 minutesFubo TV, Netflix, Prime Video, Google Play
Dare MeJamie Travis, Steph Green, Marisol Adler6.6/1042 minutesNetflix, Prime Video
How to Get Away with murderBill D’Elia, Stephen Cragg, Laura Innes8.1/1043 minutesNetflix, Prime Video
Chilling Adventures of SabrinaRob Seidenglanz, Alex Pillai7.4/101hNetflix, iTunes, Prime Video
ChambersAlfonso Gomez Rejon, Ti West6.4/101hNetflix, Prime Video
ClickbaitBrad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Cherie Nowlan7.2/106h 8mNetflix, Prime Video
Pieces of HerMinkie Spiro6.3/1052 minutesNetflix, Prime Video
The OAZal Batmanglij, Andrew Haigh, Anna Rose Holmer7.8/101hNetflix, Prime Video
LegaciesJeffrey G. Hunt, Lauren Petzke, Barbara Brown7.3/1045 minutesPrime Video, Netflix

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Final Words

Psychological thriller is a fascinating genre. It prompts us to consider the darkness in others, and sometimes, ourselves too. It leads us to question human motives, and innermost desires to find an answer to why people are who/what they are. And so, I hope you liked these 35+ shows like You.

Tell me your thoughts about the shows in the comments!

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