Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It’s Time To Be Alert!


Hearing loss can sneak up on you slowly, robbing you of your hearing in small chunks until you’re straining to understand conversations and missing out on some of your favorite noises. 

The problem usually develops over time, and the brain performs an amazing job of filling in the gaps by repurposing cognitive resources from other important areas to aid in hearing improvement. 

Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | Take Precautionary Measures Now!

It’s no surprise that the average individual waits several years after experiencing hearing loss to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. By that time, valuable time has passed, and therapeutic options have become limited. If this is the case, a smart option is to invest in a high-quality hearing aid, such as the Siemens hearing aids, which come with impeccable hearing solutions. However, to prevent depending on this type of help we have prepared a list of early signs that may help you identify hearing loss early on. 

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Straining To Listen 

Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It's Time To Be Alert!

You may experience hearing fatigue if you find yourself straining to hear what’s being said and feeling more tired than normal at the end of the day. You have trouble following the conversation, much like a fading radio station or a weak phone connection. If you frequently experience this problem, you could be suffering from high-frequency hearing loss.

Hearing is a brain matter, which most people are unaware of. It requires more effort for your brain to understand the sound it gets from your inner ear when your auditory system is damaged –  the signal has been disrupted. 

Your Ears Eing

Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It's Time To Be Alert!

Tinnitus affects more than 50 million individuals in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), making it one of the most frequent health problems.

This disease sometimes referred to as ringing in the ears, can be caused by age-related hearing loss or noise-induced hearing loss. It could be the brain’s way of replacing missing frequencies it no longer receives from the auditory system. It is important to note that it doesn’t have to be a ringing, it can also be described as buzzing, hissing, roaring, whooshing, clicking, or other noise.

Difficulty Following Telephone Conversations 

Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It's Time To Be Alert!

These days, many people prefer texting to phone conversations. If your reasons for texting have less to do with the benefits chat offers and more to do with your inability to follow conversations on the phone, it’s possible that your hearing is failing you. 

Don’t blame it on a bad connection—the only static you’re hearing is between your brain and ears, caused by damage to the sensory hair cells in your inner ear, which transform sounds into electrical impulses for the brain to understand.

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Consonant Sounds Are Hard To Hear

Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It's Time To Be Alert!

High-frequency hearing loss is one of the most frequent types of hearing loss. This means that high-pitched sounds are more difficult to hear. 

Specific consonants such as s, h, or f that are spoken at a higher pitch may be difficult to hear when listening to people speak. As a result,  speech may sound muffled, particularly if you’re on the phone, watching television, or in a noisy environment. People with this type of hearing loss frequently report that they can hear but cannot understand. Women’s and children’s voices, as well as the sound of birds singing or gadgets beeping, may be more difficult to hear.

You’re Exhausted After Social Events And Slowly Becoming A Hermit 

Early Warning Signs That Indicate Hearing Loss | It's Time To Be Alert!

When you can’t hear all of the noises in a conversation, your brain has to fill in the blanks to understand what others are saying. That requires a lot of concentration, especially when more than one person is speaking at the same time. After all of this effort, you can be exhausted after social activities.

Many people disengage from social events due to listener fatigue, preferring to isolate themselves in the comfort of their own homes rather than struggle to hear. You may have hearing problems if you find yourself remaining at home instead of participating in things that used to bring you delight.

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Final Words

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms and have not had your hearing checked, make an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing evaluation. It’s better to be safe than sorry as the sooner an issue is identified, the faster it can be handled.

However, if it is too late to do anything for it, turning to the proper hearing aid and investing as much as possible in it is something we most certainly recommend.

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