7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!


Be honest; you still miss Twilight, don’t you? Swooning over the Bella and Edward romance used to be the THING! I feel you. With our teenage years behind us, I feel some of us at some point have wondered what movies like Twilight one could watch right now. A fantasy or a romance movie – either will do. 

While there have been several attempts to recreate the vampire-human love saga, the best way to describe them is to err… cringe. Not to say Twilight didn’t get its fair share of criticism, but at least it did well at the box office. So whether you are looking to follow up on Edward and Bella, or looking for something different, I think this list should help you out.

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7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight | Movies You Should Stream Right Now!

I forgot to ask before getting into this article – are you #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward? Please choose one before proceeding! I’m only kidding; I don’t discriminate. Not anymore, at least. But a decade ago, when Robert Pattinson was all the rage, the battle would have been fierce! 

It’s 2022, and the actors have moved on to bigger and better projects. Kristen Stewart was recently nominated for an Oscar, and Robbo is the new Batman. So I think things worked out well for the actors after Twilight ended. I couldn’t be happier for them! Okay, now, onto our list of movies like Twilight you should watch if you haven’t already!

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1# The Host (2013)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

Did you know the author of Twilight also wrote the book on which The Host is based? If you didn’t, now you do! The Host is based on the book written by Stephanie Meyer and stars Saoirse Ronan in the lead. Unlike blood-sucking vampires, The Host sees the world gets taken over by an alien species that takes over the bodies of humans. 

Following this, the person’s memory is erased, and they don’t know who they are. Melanie (played by Ronan) has to save herself and her loved ones from the alien infection, whatever the cost. The threat to her is unseen, yet the dangers are clearly visible. If you are a big fan of Meyer’s and her works, then The Host is a must-watch.

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2013
DirectorAndrew Niccol
CastSaoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, Max Irons, Frances Fisher, and Chandler Canterbury
IMDb Rating5.8/10
Movie Runtime2h 5m
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 10%

2# Beastly (2011)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

Bella and Edward aren’t the only fairytale couple with different origins. Think of the childhood story of Beauty and the Beast. Beastly is kind of a modern take on the same concept. Starring Vannessa Hudgens, Beastly is a weird love story. 

Kyle becomes disfigured and ugly looking, owing to the curse a witch lays on him. He is given a time of one year to find true love or be stuck with the appearance ever. With time running out, his only hope of breaking the curse is Lindsy – his maid. Hoping she falls in love with him despite his looks, Beastly will have you reminiscing your childhood classic in a modern way.

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2011
DirectorDaniel Barnz
CastAlex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Peter Krause
IMDb Rating6/10
Movie Runtime1h 26m
Streaming Platform Vudu and Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 21%

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3# Warm Bodies (2013)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

Ask Bella, and she will tell you how hard it is to fall in love with someone from a different species. Now imagine falling in love with an ‘undead’ person. Warm Bodies follows the life of Julie, a human, and R, a zombie. Instead of feasting on her brains, R feels the need to protect Julie from any and all dangers. 

Their love rekindles the last shred of humanity inside of R, and he begins to become more human-like. While their difference unites them, the same difference threatens their entire relationship as other zombies don’t trust Julie. They want to eat her and make her a zombie too. In a tale of love overcoming the differences, Warm Bodies is one of the closest movies like Twilight. 

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2013
DirectorJonathan Levine
CastNicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, and Dave Franco
IMDb Rating6.9/10
Movie Runtime1h 38m
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 81%

4# Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015) 

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

How can there be a list of movies like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey not be featured in it?! The whole existence of the franchise is because it started as fanfiction based on the Twilight saga. A shy young girl, Anastasia, falls in love with an ultra-rich businessman, Christian Grey. Sweet story, right? 

Nope. There’s more. Grey has some weird fetishes, which Anastasia slowly gets accustomed to and even starts to like. If you are into that, give Fifty Shades of Grey a go. Fifty Shades of Grey has a few sequels that slowly build the main characters as somewhat relatable. The mysterious aura of what makes Christian Grey the way he is is also interesting to see.

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2015
DirectorSam Taylor-Johnson
CastDakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle, and Marcia Gay Harden
IMDb Rating4.2/10
Movie Runtime2h 5m
Streaming Platform Netflix
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 25%

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5# Romeo + Juliet (1996)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

If you are looking for a more serious version of a romance in movies like Twilight, then I got you. Featuring the heartthrob from the 90s, Leo DiCaprio, Romeo + Juliet is the story of love as old as time. Retold in various cultures throughout the ages, this one features the Shakespearean version updated to more recent times. 

Two families – The Montagues and The Capulets – have had a lifelong feud going. The rivalry seems to be going fine until their children fall in love. Romeo and Juliet must hide their love as the families won’t approve. For star-crossed lovers, patience is the only way. Is the modern retelling of the classic any different from the original? Watch the movie to find out!

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date1996
DirectorBaz Luhrmann
CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Brian Dennehy, and Paul Sorvino 
IMDb Rating6.8/10
Movie Runtime2h
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 73%

6# Underworld (2003)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

Back to some werewolf vs. vampire action. Underworld is a fantasy thriller following the life of Selene, a vampire soldier. She has dedicated all her life to eradicating the werewolf population from the world. Simultaneously, she and other vampire soldiers are fighting an age-old war against the Lycans. 

Lycans plan to eradicate the vampires from the earth but have been slow in doing so. Meanwhile, the Lycan leadership suddenly seems interested in a human doctor. Seemingly harmless, the doctor will unravel centuries-old secrets that will forever change the vampire vs. werewolf drama. If you thought Jacob had it tough, wait till you watch Underworld.

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2003
DirectorLen Wiseman
CastKate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, and Shane Brolly
IMDb Rating7.0/10
Movie Runtime2h 1m
Streaming Platform Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 31%

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7# Remember Me (2010)

7 Fascinating Movies Like Twilight You Need To Watch In 2022!

Before fans of Robert Pattinson come for me with pitchforks in hand, here’s a sweet movie with Robbo as the star front and center. Remember Me is a coming-of-age movie that follows the life of Tyler, a young man with a troubled life. He meets Ally, the daughter of a sergeant who had arrested Tyler previously. He plans to seduce her and take advantage of her to get back at him. 

But as they grow closer together, Ally opens up about her past traumas. A lot of back and forth feelings later, Tyler falls for her. But when the truth of his intentions and demons from Ally’s past comes back, things spiral out of control fast. Though Remember Me isn’t exactly like other movies like Twilight, the relationship troubles, and personal trauma does bear some relevance with the vampire saga.

Additional Details About The Movie – 

Release Date2010
DirectorAllen Coulter
CastRobert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Pierce Brosnan
IMDb Rating7.1/10
Movie Runtime1h 53m
Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 27%
Final Words

So with that, you have a list of movies like Twilight. The movies in this list have fantasy, action, romance, and drama. You can say it is the whole package! So whatever your preference, we have at least one movie for you. Which movie did we miss out on in the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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