8 Simple Car Maintenance Checks You Should Definitely Be Doing!


A car is among the most expensive single purchases many of us make. It’s worth keeping in good working order. That way, you’ll save money in the long term on repairs and car maintenance costs. 

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8 Car Maintenance Checks You Should Be Knowing!

Let’s look at a few simple checks that might make a big difference in the long term.

Tyre Tread Depth

8 Car Maintenance Checks You Should be Knowing!

The legal minimum for your tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Go below that, and you could face a hefty fine. But ideally, you should be replacing your tires well before they meet this minimum. You can buy cheap tires online and replace them yourself with the help of the right trolley jack. Don’t forget to replace your spare, too.

Tyre Pressure

Keeping your tires at the appropriate pressure will improve traction and slow down wear and tear, helping you avoid tire blowout insurance claims. It’s something that you should be keeping an eye on – if you don’t have a means of doing so at home, then you can always use the machine at your local petrol station.

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Engine Oil Levels

8 Car Maintenance Checks You Should be Knowing!

Without engine oil, your vehicle will grind to an unsightly halt. You should know how to check your oil levels yourself with the help of a dipstick. Check the owner’s manual and establish what kind of oil you should be getting.


When your headlamps fail, you could put yourself and other road users in danger. Keep a supply of spare bulbs to hand, and make sure that you know how to replace them yourself.

Screenwash & Windscreen Wipers

8 Car Maintenance Checks You Should be Knowing!

Screenwash comes ready-made, or you can buy the concentrated stuff, which can be easily diluted. Screenwash will prevent the fluid from freezing when the temperature gets low, which can cause a blockage that might damage your car. Your wipers will also wear out after a while – get them replaced and keep the car safe to drive.

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Engines are prone to overheating. The right coolant will help it cope with the strain and ultimately improve the car’s longevity.

Engine Air Filter

8 Car Maintenance Checks You Should be Knowing!

The air filter keeps the air going into the engine clean. Over time, all of the airborne gunk that’s being sucked in will accumulate in the filter, meaning less oxygen getting drawn in and less power from your engine. Getting this changed might mean a substantial difference to your performance.


If your brakes fail, then your car isn’t safe to drive. Check your brake fluid at regular mileage intervals. Bear in mind that the fluid is harmful, so handle it with care (ideally, gloves). If you’re unsure, get a professional mechanic to take a look.

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Final Words

Each of these steps, taken in isolation, might make only a small difference to your quality of life behind the wheel. But cumulatively, they can be essential. 


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