5 Small Birthday Surprises That Can Make Your Best Friend Happy!


It’s important to show your love and appreciation for the people in your life. We often buy presents for romantic partners and family members. However, many people don’t buy birthday or Christmas presents for their friends (handmade birthday surprises won’t hurt). After all, if you bought presents for everyone in your life – there would be nothing left for your bills. 

Planning a surprise birthday gift may be a tough task but when aren’t you willing to do whatever it takes to keep your best friend happy? Yes! That’s what I thought. If you really love your bestie, you already know what’s her favorite color or favorite cake. The little details will definitely make planning the perfect surprise a little easy for you.

Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend
Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend

5 Birthday Surprises To Add More Happiness To The Special Occassion!

A chocolate truffle cake, a special handmade birthday card, and a birthday box. How does it sound like a surprise for your bestie’s birthday? If she gets a big small by looking at little things, then I suggest nothing will be better than your efforts and lots of handmade gifts. Right? There are plenty of ways to celebrate your best friend’s birthday, without spending a lot of money.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to get you started as a part of the ultimate birthday surprise. 

1# Send A Birthday Card!

Birthday Surprises

Write a birthday card for your friend and make a note of your favorite memories with them this year. You might have gone on holiday together or had a wild night out in the town. It’s fun to reminisce on your time together in the year gone by and just how far your friendship has come. You could even tuck a little photo of the two of you inside the card for an extra special touch.

2# Bake A Cake!

bake a birthday cake

Find out their favorite flavor of cake and bake one yourself. You could go for chocolate, lemon, carrot, or a classic Victoria sponge. You could even add birthday icing and a few candles. Put the cake in a decorative box and drop it off at the house on their birthday. 

3# Prepare A Reunion!

3# Prepare A Reunion!

After the last two years, many friends have drifted apart and struggled to see one another. Arrange to go for dinner with your friend, and ask all of their other friends to surprise them. You can bring them to the restaurant, and as you go to sit down, they will see everyone at the table. A surprise reunion is a brilliant way to get the gang back together. 

4# Buy A Pinata! 

birthday pinata

Adult birthdays rarely compare to the ones you had as a child. Buy a pinata filled with sweets and throw your best friend a nostalgic birthday party. They can smash the pinata, eat all the sweets and enjoy a sugar rush on their birthday. You could even make a mixtape of classic sings from their childhood.

5# Make A Scrapbook! 

5# Make A Scrapbook! 

Sometimes the best gifts are handmade ones. Go through your phone’s photo collection and print off all the pictures of you and your friend. Stick them into a scrapbook and add notes of your memories from that time. You could add ticket stubs from gigs, wrist bands from festivals, and a few keepsakes. Your friend can look back on the scrapbook and remember the year gone by. 

Final Words

Get creative for your friend’s birthday this year, and surprise them with a lovely birthday gift. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a wonderful sentimental gift. All your bestie needs is your love and best wishes to make her feel special on her big day.


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