Savage Snake Bite Piercing | Decide Before You Get One!


If you are thinking of getting pierced but are confused about which one to get, then we have a recommendation for you. We are recommending you under your own risk, the most trending snake bite piercing, which is on everyone’s mind right now, and all are going crazy to get one. Decide before you get one!

Snakebite piercings are tricky because people often confuse them with other popular piercings like spider bites and angel bites. A snakebite is a double lip piercing done on the outer corner of the lower lip. According to its name, the design of this piercing resembles a snake bite. Interesting!

Snakebite piercings are also known as paired lower lip piercings and are available in two different types. One is the ring piercing, and the other is the labret stud. Choosing the design before you get the piercing is essential because it will drastically change your look. People who like to add a punk vibe or wish to change their personality usually get the snake bite piercing. 

Read the entire article to know more about the piercings and the precautions you should take after getting one. I am telling you it’s risky! 

Things To Remember Before Getting A Snake Bite Piercing

It is essential to decide the look you want before stepping into the piercing studio, as both the placements of the holes for inserting a stud are done differently. Holes are entirely different from one another, so swapping jewelry styles for some other outlook can lead to many complications. 

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2 Types Of Snake Bite Piercing | Choose One You Like!

As discussed above, there are two different types of snakebite piercings. Go ahead, read carefully to find more about them, and decide which one you want to pick for adding a funky vibe to your personality.

1# Ring Bite Piercing 

Ring Bite Piercing

Ring bites are done with jewelry that fully wraps around your lower lips, making the piercing visible even from a greater distance. 

2# Labret Piercing

Labret Piercing

A labret bite is pierced with studs that go directly from the outer side to the inner side of your mouth. Labrets are also visible placements but not visible from a greater distance like ring bites. 

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How To Get A Snake Bite Piercing? Crazy Steps To Follow

Before beginning the procedure, the professionals will discuss the type of jewelry and piercing you want. Once you have decided, you will be asked to complete the formalities like filling the paperwork and signing a waiver. 

How To Get A Snake Bite Piercing? Crazy Steps To Follow

Steps To Follow To Get A Snake Bite Piercing:

  • First things first, the skin around your lower lip will be disinfected by the professional to avoid any infections. 
  • Next, they will rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. 
  • At this step, the professionals will mark the spots for the piercing and ask you if you are satisfied with the placement. 
  • The professional will use a clamp to pull your lower lip away from your teeth and gums. 
  • Next, a needle will be inserted through your lower lip, followed by the jewelry. The professional will secure the jewelry before moving to the other side. 
  • The area around your lower lip will be cleaned once again by the professional after performing the steps above. 
  • The professional will follow the same steps for the piercing on the other side of your lower lip. 

How Much Time It Takes To Heal? Pain And Healing Time

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so it is difficult to say how much pain the piercing will cause. For some, the piercing feels like a small poke, while for others, the pain is another story altogether. If you have a low tolerance to pain, you can get one piercing at a time to make the experience less painful. 

After the piercing, it takes anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks for the healing time. Healing largely depends on how carefully you follow the aftercare instructions and how much you invest in taking care of your lower lips and piercing. 

Taking Care Of Your Snake Bites | Aftercare Steps To Follow

Taking Care of Your Snake Bites | Aftercare Steps To Follow

If you want your snake bites to heal quickly, you have to follow the aftercare steps regularly and adequately. These steps will ensure that you heal at a higher rate & don’t get any infections and complications after the piercing. 

  • Washing hands properly with an antibacterial soap is a must which should be followed by a sanitization before cleaning or touching your piercing. 
  • Rinse your mouth with saline solution after waking up, eating, and before sleeping at night.
  • Maintain optimum oral hygiene with brushing and flossing to avoid infections and complications. 
  • After piercing, discard your old toothbrush and use a new one with soft bristles. 
  • Use a mild soap to wash the area around your mouth and clean properly to remove any soapy residue. 
  • Use clean paper towels to wipe the area around your lower lips. 
  • Avoid spicy and crunchy food for some time. 

Fake It Till You Make It | How To Fake Snake Bite Piercings? 

If you are a scared-cat or don’t want to risk it for any kind of infection, you can always fake a snake bite piercing. It’s easy and can be done quickly at your home. 

#1 Using Spiral Notebooks To Fake Snake Piercings 

Spiral notebooks are the best when you wish to fake a snake bite piercing. Follow the simple steps below and get a ring bite snake piercing at home. I used this method many times.

Taking Care of Your Snake Bites | Aftercare Steps To Follow

Steps To Follow:

  • Use a plier to unwind the spiral binding from an old notebook. 
  • Try to unwind the binding while maintaining its natural shape. 
  • Even if you straighten the wire a bit, don’t worry because you can always use a marker to fix its shape. 
  • Measure the spiral winding and cut two equal pieces to make the rings. 
  • Take a pen or a marker and use a plier to wrap the wire and tighten it. 
  • Use the plier to bend back ¼ inches of the wire on each end for an opening. This step will also ensure that the ends don’t press against your lips. 
  • Keep the opening of the ring wide enough so that it can easily fit over your lips. 
  • Reshape the rings and slide them on your lower lip. 

#2 Captive Bead Rings For Quick Faking 

Captive bead rings are readily available in the market and are a quick help for faking the piercing. Read the simple steps below to fake the snake bites in under five minutes. 

#2 Captive Bead Rings For Quick Faking 

Steps To Follow:

  • Purchase captive bead rings that you like from the market. 
  • Don’t worry about the color or size of the beads because you will be getting rid of them. 
  • Slightly push the ends of the ring to remove the captive beads.
  • Slide the rings over your lower lip and gently squeeze them if they are loose. 

Final Words

Snakebite piercings are a trend right now, and everyone is in a race to get one on their lip or either to fake it. Before you participate in the same race, do your research well and think if you can endure the pain and risk of getting the infections caused by the piercings.  

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