Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!


Snapchat Map is one of the most exciting features of Snapchat. Now, the feature is updated, and you can tell your friends about your current activity. Also, you can check others’ current status on Snap Map as well. There are different Snap Map Bitmoji meanings; you should learn all the meanings to use the feature effectively. So stick with us till the end of the article to find all the meanings.

Suppose you are using the Snapchat application regularly. In that case, you can find some Bitmojis in normal positions, and suddenly you can see the Bitmojis doing some different actions in Snapmap. While some icons are easy to identify, some Snap map Bitmoji meanings are confusing. This is why I’ve prepared the Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 in this article. Keep reading to find all Snap Map bitmoji meaning in 2023.

Different Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings | Find Actionmoji Meanings List 2023!

Snapchat introduced the Action emoji or the actionmoji, which are essentially Snapchat map bitmojis. With this feature, you can make others know what you’re doing exactly. Actionmojis function automatically, so they are the perfect addition to the Snapchat application. You may wonder how the actionmojis are detected. Snapchat uses GPS to identify the location, and actions are detected by time based on the location. Keep reading to find all Snap Map bitmoji meanings 2023 so you don’t get confused.

Snapchat action emoji is a unique feature that you can find only in Snapchat Maps. By enabling this feature, the Bitmojis on Snapchat will automatically change their action and location on the Snap map. But this feature lets people know only when the application is logged in. If you want to know your friend’s exact status on Snapchat, like other social media platforms, here are the Snap Map Bitmoji meanings you should learn.

#1 Bitmoji On Phone Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If you spot any of your friend’s Snap Map Bitmoji with a phone in their hand, you should understand that the person is on a call while using the application. If you prefer to change the appearance of the Bitmoji holding a phone on a snap map, then you have the option to do so in the settings menu. So without further ado, let me tell you all about other Snapchat bitmoji pose meanings.

#2 ZZZ Above Bitmoji Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

A Bitmoji with the ZZZ letters above indicates that they are sleeping or bored for the day. If someone wants other Snapchatters to know that they are sleepy and don’t want to disturb them, then they can consider using this Actionemoji.

However, sometimes the Snap Map bitmoji automatically changes to this Actionmoji if someone is at home during the night time. So, you can find the Bitmoji on the bed with a nightdress. Keep scrolling as you’ll find all Snap map bitmoji meanings 2023 that we’ll uncover in the article.

#3 Battery Above Bitmoji Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

A battery above Bitmoji obviously means that the person’s phone is going to switch off soon. This Snap map bitmoji, meaning 2023 tells other people about battery issues so they can understand the situation easily. This is the most useful Bitmoji on the Snap map. So, if you want to convey any important thing, then by seeing this Bitmoji on the Snap map, you will tell them quickly.

#4 Bitmoji With Birthday Hat And Balloon Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If you find the Bitmoji with a birthday hat and balloon in its hands, it shows a person’s birthday. Snapchat will automatically get the information of the birthday date of a particular person and let others know on Snap map with its Actionemoji. This will make your birthday more special, right?

#5 Umbrella Above Bitmoji Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If the Snap map Bitmoji is with an Umbrella, it indicates that the person is in an area where it is raining. The app Snapchat has the ability to find the weather conditions of your area. If the application finds rain in your area, it automatically updates the relevant Actionmoji.

#6 Bitmoji Hanging With Friends Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If you see many Bitmojis in one place, then different Snapchatters are meeting at the same place. This is also an Actionmoji that will update automatically when Snapchat detects a group of Snapchat friends in the same location.

#7 Bitmoji Driving A Yellow/Red Car Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If the Bitmoji on the Snap map is seen with a car, then this indicates that the person is driving the car. But this does not tell that the person is using the application on the car. Snapchat Map calculates your speed, location, time, and action.

So, if Snapchat finds that you’re driving a car, it will automatically update the relevant Actionemoji. Likewise, you can see the Bitmojis traveling on a train and flying on a Plane. Snapchat can detect these actions too, but one still needs to set the Actionmoji on their own for others to know.

#8 Listening To Music Bitmoji Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If you use the phone to listen to songs while using Snapchat in the background, then Bitmoji with headphones will appear on the Snap map. So, Snapchat detects many users’ actions and updates the status automatically. Whether listening to music or watching something like Youtube on your phone, if Snapchat is running in the background, your actionmoji will probably get updated.

#9 Bitmoji Playing A Sport Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

If someone plays any sport like cricket, tennis, or golf, then Snapchat Map reflects the Actionmoji on Snap Map. This is tracked using the GPS of your mobile phone. So, when you’re in the cricket stadium or tennis court, it is more likely to update the status on Snap Map. Depending on your sport, you can find the Bitmoji appearance with the dress and bat.

#10 Bitmoji Enjoying A Concert Or Event Meaning

Snap Map Bitmoji Meanings 2023 | Figure Out Snapchat Actionmojis!

Are you attending any concerts or events? If yes, Snapchat will update your Snap Map bitmoji. You will see that your Bitmoji is enjoying the music and appears in a dance position. This is also done by tracking your location. So, these Snap Map bitmoji Meanings tell your other friends on Snapchat that you’re in a concert and help them find a location if they also want to attend the concert.

#11 Flying On A Plane Bitmoji Meaning

If your Snapchat bitmoji is updated to a plane, the other person will get the idea that you are flying on a plane and are traveling somewhere. This happens when Snapchat tracks your location. This Snapchat Map bitmoji also tells you about your friend’s overseas location.

#12 Halo Around Snapchat Bitmoji Meaning

If you notice a Halo around a Snapchat bitmoji, it means public snaps are posted from a specific location. Either you have shared them, or someone nearby has done that. This is also done because of tracking location. To see it, you can zoom in on it.

#13 Taking A Break With Luggage Snapchat Bitmoji Meaning

If your Snapchat Bitmoji is updated to luggage actionmoji, it will let your Snapchat friends know that you are on an airport and now taking a break with luggage.

Final Words

The above are a few Snap Map bitmoji meanings you should know. A few other Bitmojis are similar to the Bitmojis mentioned above, so you can easily identify the icon and meaning on the Snap map. Now, head to Snap map and find your friends’ location and status. So, this feature on Snap Map is so fun and will make all the users enjoy using the application.

How Long Will Bitmoji Remain On The Map?

For the following eight hours, your last location will be shown on your Snap Map. The Bitmoji will no longer be available if, after eight hours, Snapchat has not detected any activity on your phone. Therefore, anyone using Snap Map to find you will be able to see your destination, but it won’t be real-time.

What Does The Bitmoji Ghost Mode Mean?

A ghost icon over someone’s head on your Snap Map indicates that they have chosen to keep their location hidden from other Snapchat users. 

Why Is Your Bitmoji Holding A Cup Of Coffee On Snap Map?

If you haven’t moved for four to six hours, you’ll appear to be dozing off in a recliner. Your Bitmoji will hold a cup of coffee if you just got out of bed in the morning.

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