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Sneakers or Trainers are sports shoes with soft rubber soles. The shoes are made from leather and synthetic fabrics like polyurethane and nylon. Apart from the stuff, what differentiates them mainly is the events at which they are worn. In the never-ending debate of sneakers vs shoes, I am always on the side of sneakers.

Since shoes reflect your personality, we should choose them with the utmost attention. The vibrant colors and the appealing designs of sneakers make them a more tempting option than shoes like oxfords. 

The main difference between sneakers and shoes is that sneakers are used for casual or sports purposes; shoes are mostly preferred for official or formal events. Their maintenance and durability also differ. Shoes are easy to clean while Sneakers are not. If you want to invest in a good pair of footwear, opt for sneakers.

Please read the article to know about sneakers in detail and discover the reason behind their popularity and ways to maintain them. A list of trustworthy and trending brands of sneakers is also recommended for you. 

Sneakers vs Shoes | Who Will Win The Fight?

Sneakers or Trainers are sports shoes that have soft rubber soles. However, nowadays, their use is not merely restricted to sports and has become fashion statements. Know more about them through the following points – 

Difference between Converse and Chu...
Difference between Converse and Chuck Taylors

Sneakers vs Shoes

01  Sneakers are a category of shoes.Shoes are not a category of sneakers.
02There are very few brands that only produce sneakers.Every local and global brand produces different types of shoes.
03Sneakers are made for specific events.You get a lot of options under shoes for different occasions.
04Sneakers are stylish and trendy.Shoes are either stylish/ trendy or sometimes very boring.
05You will get sneakers from a regular price to a higher price.Shoes are generally expensive. It ranges from a low price to a higher price.
06Sneakers are not premium shoes, but one of the widely used shoe types.Shoes are premium as they have different types of shoes to fall under them.

Sneakers Are Love| Defining Sneakers For Sneaker Addicts!

sneakers: sneakers-vs-shoes-

Sneakers are available in various types like plimsoll sneakers, authentic sneakers, leather sneakers, etc. They are no longer the regular sports shoes, their horizon has expanded and they are now used almost everywhere, right from parties to the dates.

Popular Types of Sneakers | No Need To Google Now!

The world of sneakers does not have two or three different types. There are so many types that you will probably get tired of while exploring them. However, there are a few types that you should know of because they are common and worn every other day.

#1 Slip-on Slippers

Slip-on sneakers: Sneakers vs Shoes

Slip-on sneakers are low-rise sneakers that do not come with shoelaces. High Top Basketball Sneakers allow you to wear long socks, and apart from the basketball shorts, they also look good with well-fitted jeans. The athletic sneakers are the most suitable pick for your morning walks or running sessions and blend functionality and style.

#2 Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers: Sneakers vs Shoes

Plimsoll sneakers are low-top sneakers that look good with rolled-up or skinny jeans. Vans Sneakers are authentic sneakers that have ruled the hearts of people for so many years. They look good with almost everything – overalls, shirts, or dresses. Leather sneakers are quite expensive from the other sneakers, but at the same time, they run for longer durations, and they look good with formal suits.

#3 LED Lighted Sneakers

LED Lighted Sneakers

LED sneakers are quite a trend nowadays, and a lot of youth are attracted to that LED tube that is present in the isolated outer area of the shoe. Textile Blender Sneakers are made up of different stuff like leather, plastic, and textile. You can wear them every day. Canvas Sneakers are conventional sneakers, and they look good with casual outfits.

How To Style Your Sneakers? Walk In Like A Style Bomb!

styling sneakers: Sneakers vs Shoes

Sneakers have the potential to change the complete look of your outfit. Girls can try wearing them with medium-length clothes or even a long skirt. They can also wear it with leather pants, cuffed jeans, long dresses, shorts, all-white outfits, etc. Sneakers will also look fabulous with culottes, midi dresses, double denim, tracksuits, etc. 

Men should try them with striped trousers or jeans. For a cool look in the winter, wear sneakers along with a crisp woolen coat and jeans. You may also wear them with a button-up shirt and beige jeans. Even if you are wearing a plain t-shirt, sneakers will not let you down. 

The best thing about sneakers is that they are suitable for every occasion, whether going to a gym or your workplace. You can completely trust sneakers while going out for a date, farewell party, football match, birthdays, school, shopping spree, weddings, picnics, cocktail parties, Wimbledon matches, etc. 

How to clean Sneakers? Note Them Down Fellas!

cleaning sneakers: Sneakers vs Shoes

First things first, only spending a hefty amount of money on purchasing sneakers is not enough; you ought to maintain them and clean them regularly. For cleaning a sneaker you will require a cleaning solution, quick wipes, towel, toothbrush, magic sponges, brush, microfiber towel, small container, weather-proofing spray, hot water, and an extra set of laces.

After collecting all this material, remove the dirt from your sneakers with the help of a towel or a brush. Now, use a quick wipe for spot cleaning. Then for deep cleaning, you will have to dip them into the cleaning solution and gently scrub them. Rinse your sneakers and repeat. Take the help of a microfiber towel to take out extra suds and soap. 

Use the magic sponge and brush to clean the midsole of the sneakers. You can clean your laces with the help of a toothbrush or a washing machine. After drying your sneakers overnight, coat them with a waterproofing spray. You are ready to rock any event with the help of these new-looking sneakers!

Popular Brands Of Sneakers |I Thought There Were Two!

popular sneaker brands: Sneakers vs Shoes

The most popular sneakers that will not disappoint you are – Converse, Balenciaga, Nike, 9PMs. Vans, Oliver Cabell, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance, Common Projects, Puma, Air Jordan, Axel Arigato, Gucci, etc. 

There are some other cool brands as well that will provide you with some exciting choices. For Example- Alexander McQueen, Raf Simons, Saint Laurent, Filling Pieces, Fendi, Y-3, Prada, Valentino, Lacoste, Lanvin, and Paul Smith.

What Are Shoes Made For? Defining Shoes For Shoe-Lovers!

shoes: sneakers vs shoes

Shoes are made from leather and synthetic fabrics like polyurethane and nylon. They can mainly be categorized into two parts – Derbies (open-laced) and Oxfords (close-laced). They look good with a tuxedo whether you have to attend a wedding or a black-tie event. 

Popular Types Of Shoes | The Choice Will Become Difficult!

If you think that there are only three or four different types of shoes, then you have the wrong idea, my friend. There are approximately 64 different types of shoes available in the market. Though most of them are worn occasionally, there are few that are worn regularly by men and women. 

#1 Converse Shoes

converse shoes: Sneakers vs Shoes

Converse shoes should not come as a surprise to you. They are one of the most common types of shoes present in nearly everybody’s closet and worn by the youth and adults every other day. Before gaining popularity, Converse was known as basketball shoes in 1917 and later gained popularity as Chuck Taylor All-Stars around 1923. It was during the 1950s that the shoes started gaining popularity and became a huge part of the fashion world. 

#2 Running Shoes

running shoes: Sneakers vs Shoes

Running shoes date back to the early 1860s when one of the running shoe designs started gaining attraction. At that time, they were known as oxford shoes with nails hammered through the soul for grip. As of now, running shoes gained popularity amongst athletes because they were amazing for shock absorption, cushioning, and lightweight support. Moreover, they are also suitable to wear for everyday walking. 

#3 Moccasins 

Moccasins: Sneakers vs Shoes

Moccasins are the most comfortable shoes ever designed for both men and women. They are made from soft leather or suede and keep your feet in comfort all day long. Moccasins are often considered loafers because of their same-looking shape but they are entirely different from them. The biggest factor that distinguishes the two is laces. Moccasins have laces whereas loafers don’t. 

How To Style Your Shoes? No Need Of Hiring A Stylist

Sneakers vs Shoes

If we had to pick one reason why we love shoes, we would say that they complement all the outfits present in our closet. Whether you talk about a business casual outfit or a Sunday brunch look, you can style your shoes with every outfit. To make your outfit appear stylish, it is important to understand which type of shoes will work well with a certain outfit. 

For our pretty ladies, there is never a shortage of options. From styling your white shoes with a pair of jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, and pants to matching your espadrilles with floral print dresses and skirts, there is a lot of variety to explore. For business casuals like suits and dress pants, or blazers and blouses, you can style them with loafers. 

There are no fewer options when it comes to styling shoes for men’s wear. From Brogues to Suede Chukkas and low trainer, there is a huge variety of styles that you can explore. For a casual day out with friends or family, you can style your chinos and polo shirts with chukkas whereas, for business meetings, loafers will always compliment your suits, pants, and blazers well.  

How To Clean Shoes? An Annoying Fact About Shoes

cleaning shoes: Sneakers vs Shoes

Buying a new pair of shoes and styling them is all fun until they get dirty and it’s become your obligated duty to clean them (Not a fun part I know). If you search on the web, you will find there are plenty of different methods used for cleaning shoes but are those effective?

No, right. Well, to help you with the shoe cleaning process, we have rounded a few tried and tested methods that will do the job without causing any problems. First of all, you should always have shoe trees or newspapers to stuff your shoes and maintain their shape. By stuffing them with either of the two, you will get a good grip on the shoes and can clean them without causing any damage. 

Now, you need a shoe cleaning brush and laundry detergent to clean your shoes. Hold your shoes firmly. Dip the cleaning brush in soapy water and clean the surface of your shoes with light circular motions so that the stains will not penetrate deep into the surface causing any permanent damage. 

Popular Brands Of Shoes | There are Many!

popular shoe brands: Sneakers vs Shoes

If you are looking for a designer option, a few luxury shoe brands that you can try include Versace, Gucci, Prada, Y-3, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, and many more. 

On the contrary, a few affordable options that you can try are H&M, Airwalk, Keds, Vans, Adidas, Skechers, Brother Vellies, Dr. Martens, Schutz, Toms, and many more. 

Final words

Since sneakers have the potential to transform your complete look, you should prefer buying or wearing them over a pair of shoes at any party or function. There are infinite designs and colors available in the market if you want to buy a dashing pair of sneakers finally. 

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