The Ways Social Media Influencers Protect Their Online Privacy in 2021


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Social media influencers have become the new celebrities of the digital age. Perhaps some of them are not as widely known as the traditional kind of celebrity from film and television that we’ve become so used to, but they still hold sway for their audiences and followings. One could even call most social media influencers “micro-celebrities” since many of them are very well known in their particular industry but might not be a name that others are familiar with outside those industries.

The accounts of social media influencers carry clout if we can put it that way. With their exposure and wide following, it’s no wonder that being a social media influencer is such a lucrative lifestyle. A large following means that the accounts of social media influencers are ideal advertising spaces for brands and businesses, big or small. In most cases, the larger the following, the more a social media influencer can charge to endorse a product or even simply tag a product or brand in their post.

They’re not called “influencers” for nothing – the people who follow social media influencers trust them and sometimes idolize them. What an influencer wears, uses, or does, will be mimicked by their followers. It’s a combination of their credibility and their content that makes an influencer so “powerful,” if you will.

With a large reach and following that hangs on to your every post, the account of a social media influencer is a sweet target for hackers and cybercriminals in general. Many influencers have email addresses, names, and other private information about their followers. This may be to let followers know of the release of new content or products or just to keep in touch with mailers and so on. Either way, having access to large amounts of private information means that you’ve got something that hackers want – something that hackers can steal and sell. This is why social media security is so important. So, how do social media influencers protect their online privacy?

How Social Media Influencers Protect Online Privacy

1# Be Mindful of the Content You Share

Social Media Influencers

The first step in securing online privacy for a social media influencer is to ensure that you’re aware of what you’re sharing and the security implications of that content. Although this should be something that we all do when we post online, the content of an influencer is always being watched – sometimes by those who aren’t your adoring following, nor are they just simple haters.

One simple slip-up allows a hacker to dig further into your life. Keep an eye out for anything that gives away your personal information. Triple check your travel images to check if your personal information is not visible in that photo of your ticket to Barcelona and ensure that other documents, including receipts, are not visible in your posts.

2# Don’t Take Threats Lightly

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As an influencer, you’re in the public eye. Public figures of any kind need to understand that there are always dangers that they need to be aware of. Even though the lifestyle of an influencer can be a cushy one in many aspects, there are dangers that shouldn’t always be passed off as harmless.

Be aware of threats or concerning comments that are made on your posts, and be prepared to take action where possible with the advice of law enforcement. It’s not uncommon for celebrities of any kind to be threatened or stalked, even in the case of influencers. With so much of your life on display, many fans would think that they know the real you and are “entitled” to your attention, friendship, or more in real life. When they realize that they are not receiving this, they could turn to more nefarious ways of ensuring that it happens.

3# Stay Up to Date with Digital Security

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As an influencer, accounts like yours are prized by hackers, as we’ve already mentioned. Anything valuable becomes a target, including online, digital accounts like your TikTok, Instagram, OnlyFans, or Facebook account. Make a point of knowing and understanding the security features available on all your accounts and what steps to take to increase each of them.

Digital security, or cybersecurity, is a necessity now, more than ever. It would be best for you to invest in strong antivirus and antimalware software – on every one of your devices, including your smartphone.

Many platforms offer two-factor authentication, or multi-factor authentication, for you to enable when you sign in. This offers increased protection against hackers trying to get into your accounts. For example, even if a hacker manages to guess your password, they would still need the second factor to log in. These other factors may include fingerprints or access to your phone. Of course, this is no easy feat to achieve remotely.

Strong passwords are crucial, especially for influencers. Remember, your life – or some form of it, anyway – is on display for all to see. Hackers will try to piece together information from the individuals closest to you in your life, from special dates, events, pets, and even vacations that you’ve shown mean a lot to you. This is why it’s vital that you have strong passwords on your accounts. Better yet, as an influencer, you would really benefit from investing in a good password manager.

Secure your smartphone by keeping your location settings, Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi off when not in use. Essentially, you don’t want to allow anyone to be able to “find” you unless you’re using these specific features.

4# Protect Your Content and Your Followers

Your content is what fuels your career and your life. Keep it under wraps until you’re ready to publish it. Additionally, without your following, you’re no influencer. Please don’t break the trust of your following by being careless with the security of your accounts, especially when you have collected a lot of information about them.