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Adopting a fur friend is easy but to keep them happy all the time is tough, yes it is!!! Therefore, hooman friend myself I have decided to make things easy for you and all your fellow pet owners. I have curated a list of the best songs about dogs, that can entertain the fur friend easily and you can strengthen your already built bond or it can be a stepping stone if you have recently adopted one. 

Dogs are a blessing to have along with other pets like cats and sometimes maybe even a cow. Come on, don’t judge us because of the last line. Many people around us love to keep a pet cow. No matter what pet you have, it always feels great to have a particular song on your phone that reminds you of them or can help your pet to be entertained. 

If you are on social media or are using the web, then you will find plenty of these trending songs about dogs and other pets, but do you think all of them are worth your cute pets? No right! Musicians have written some special songs for their pets, but you don’t have to like them all. So, to help you out, we have shortlisted a few songs like I Love my Dog, Cracker Jack, and My Dog and Me that will make your dog feel special. 

So, without any more wait, let’s move to the section below and take a look at the songs that are made especially for our fur animals. 

60 Songs To Make Your Pets Feel Special  

If you ever take a look at the Spotify playlist of a pet lover, you will find it full of songs made for cats and dogs, and other pets. We don’t see any harm in it. If you love your pet, you will do everything to show them your love.

You will be surprised to find how many songs have been written for pets up until now. Well, I  will stop talking now and take you through the list of songs, so that you add them to your playlist. 

20 Songs About Dogs | Everyone’s Favorite Cuddle Buddy 

Songs About Dogs

Dogs are the epitome of love and loyalty. Your partner can leave your side, but your dog will never leave you. They deserve all the love in this world, and we are here with a list of songs that will make your dog feel like the star of the house. 

  • I Love My Dog 
  • Atomic Dog
  • Cracker Jack 
  • Diamond Dogs – 2016 Remaster 
  • My Dog and Me 
  • Sometimes I Don’t Mind 
  • Old King
  • Seamus 
  • Martha My Dear – Remastered 2009
  • Man of the Hour 
  • Gonna Buy Me a Dog 
  • Watch Dog 
  • Old Shep
  • Planet Dog 
  • Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog)
  • Dogs Are Everywhere 
  • I Think I Might Be a Dog 
  • Bark at the Moon
  • Shannon
  • Dogs on the Run 

20 Songs About Cats | Appreciation For Internet’s Favorite Animal 

Cats listening to music: Songs About Dogs

Cats are not only the spirit animals for many but everyone’s favorite animal too. They look innocent, but they are the real devil. They will knock your glass over the table or break your remote, but at the end of the day, they will come to you for a cuddle. Play these songs during your cuddle time and let them know how much you love them. 

  • Cool for Cats 
  • 50 Something Cats 
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight 
  • Nashville Cats 
  • Robo Kitty 
  • Bring in the Katz 
  • Kitty Cat 
  • Meow
  • Super Freak 
  • Coma Cat 
  • I Happen to Like Cats 
  • You Really Got A Hold On Me 
  • All By Myself 
  • Rescue Me 
  • Another Saturday Night 
  • Stray Cat Strut 
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
  • What’s New Pussycat 
  • Lean On Me 
  • You’ve Got A Friend 

20 Songs About Cows | Love Tor the Humble Moo-Moo 

Cows: Songs About Dogs

If every pet in the world deserves a special song, then why not cows? They are also animals with a heart who need appreciation from time to time. So, to show your love and appreciation for this incredible herbivore, take a look at the songs below. 

  • Calling All Cows 
  • Cow Bells and Coffee Beans 
  • Cows of Gladness
  • For All the Cows 
  • Greet The Sacred Cow
  • Milk Cow Blues 
  • Cows Come Home
  • The Cow Song 
  • Chicken and Cow
  • Hello to the Resting Cows 
  • There’s a Cow in My Soup 
  • Cows on the Farm 
  • I’m a Cow 
  • Singing a Cowboy Song 
  • The Farm
  • Cows 
  • Gonna Love Ya (Till the Cows Come Home)
  • Brown Chicken Brown Cow 
  • Holy Cow 
  • Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow 

Final Words

We are sure that with this list of songs, your pets will feel more special and loved. Pets become our biggest support system during tough times. With these songs, you can tell them that they mean the world to you and there is nothing more important to you than them. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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