Should you spend Rs 1,810 to buy Sound One X80 wireless earphones?


These days you not got to pay over Rs 2,000 to shop for a decent combine of wireless headphones and the credit for that ought to visit new brands entering the market with their products that offer impressive features at an affordable price.

One such brand is that the Sound One, that has been creating audio product starting from wired earphones and wireless earphones/headphones to compact speakers.

Sound One X80 neckband Bluetooth earphones review: Provides nice sound, good battery backup, and a lightweight body

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  • As the smartphone manufacturers are getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack, it is now crucial to have Bluetooth-enabled earphones so this is one of the earphone you can use with your smartphone..
  • The Sound One X80 wireless earphones come with a magnetic neckband design which was quite popular before the truly wireless earphones made their way into the affordable price range.
  • The indicator light, Play/Pause button, Volume controllers, and the power button also present on the left arm of the band sports.
  • There is also a microSD card slot present at the edge of the left arm that supports up to 64GB memory which also enables them to play MP3 and WAV audio formats.
Sound oneX80 wireless earphones

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  • The Sound One X80 wireless earphones comes with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. It gets connected to the paired devices automatically, but sometimes it keeps reconnecting to the paired device even when disconnected manually. The only way to stop it from doing so is to either unpair the device or turn off the headphones.

The battery on the Sound One X80 wireless earphones isvery impressive. The stand-by time is quite long and it keeps on running for a full day of podcast listening and music experience with frequent breaks in between.

It manages to deliver almost seven hours of battery backup on an average.

Conclusion of Sound One X80 wireless earphones review:-


Sound One X80 provides nice sound, good battery backup, and a lightweight body.

However, the device could have used ergonomic earbuds and a softer wire connecting the neckband to the earbuds. With a price point of Rs 1,810, Sound One X80 may not be the perfect Bluetooth headset but it is also not a bad choice.

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