7 Best Space Movies for Kids that are Highly Educative


Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big.’ Growing up, we must have heard this from our parents, and now that we are in their shoes, we are passing the same to our kids. However, the younger generation is different, and the best for them would be watching space movies for kids. 

No matter how old we grow, we will always be in awe of this universe and its true beauty. Similarly, when our kids look up into the sky, they get intrigued by the beauty and stillness of this vast galaxy. 

Keeping this spark alive and making them learn new things about the universe and space is your responsibility as a parent. With the best space movies for kids, you can shape their minds from a very young age and make them great learners. Your kids won’t be bored, and they would get to learn some valuable things simultaneously while enjoying. 

There are plenty of space movies made for kids, but not all of them are educative. Some are made just for the sake of entertainment, but the films that we have picked today are both educational and fun to watch

7 Best Space Movies for Kids


Creating enthusiasm about new things in a child is something that every parent must do. It makes a child want to learn and be curious about things from a very young age. To make them aware of space and the universe, look at the compiled list of movies below. 

#1 Fly Me to The Moon 

Fly Me to the Moon is our first recommendation for space movies for kids as it is fun to watch and educates the kids about space and the first human on the moon in a good way. Nat and his two housefly friends set aboard Apollo 11 craft as stowaways to experience some thrilling adventure in their lives, just like Nate’s grandfather. However, their adventure soon turns into a rescue mission when they find about the plans of an evil Russian bug. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

#2 Space Chimps 

When you are the grandchild of a chimp who was the very first in his community to go into outer space, your life becomes a mission. Ham III is the protagonist of the movie Space Chimps and a very adorable chimp. He and his friends reach out to a planet far away from their home and help the inhabitants from a dangerous dictator while completing their mission. Watching this movie can help your kid realize the importance of helping others. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

#3 Mars Needs Moms 

Next on our list of space movies for kids is Mars Needs Moms. If your kid is hell-bent on not completing their school homework, you have to make them watch this movie. Just like your kid, Milo is also a 9-year-old who has time for every fun activity to do except for completing his homework or eating veggies. As Milo’s mom is tired of putting in the effort, she gets kidnapped by the Martians. 

Where to Watch: Disney+

#4 Escape from Planet Earth 

The following recommendation from us on space movies for kids is Escape from Planet Earth. The film is about an astronaut, Scorch Supernova, and his nerdy yet intelligent brother Gary. when Scorch decides to go on a skeptical rescue mission, Gary advises him it might be a Truce, but the latter moves forward with his plans. See how the mission takes an ugly turn for Scorch and how Gary will help his brother. This movie gives a reminder to all the kids to listen to someone’s advice.  

Where to Watch: Netflix 

#5 Planet 51

Can you imagine an alternate universe where you will be playing the role of aliens and vice-versa? Well, if you cannot imagine, then the following recommendation for space movies for kids might give you an idea about that. An astronaut lands on a planet which he thinks is unoccupied, but to his surprise, he finds the planet full of tiny green civilians living in fear of an alien invasion. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

#6 Wall. E

The next movie on our list is Disney’s classic attempt at making a robot-centric animated movie for kids. The movie happens to follow the journey of Wall-E, who is the last robot on planet Earth left to collect the trash. When another robot is sent on Earth for a mission, Wall-E decides to spice things up and goes on a mission with Eve across the galaxy. The movie is fun to watch and reminds the kids to love and protect their planet and the environment. 

Where to Watch: Disney+

#7 Spark: A Space Tail

This entertaining yet simple space movie for kids focuses on the journey of a young monkey, Spark, and his friends as they decide to stand against the havoc created by Zhong. Thirteen years ago, Spark’s whole family was wiped out by Zhong, and now he plans to do the same with the entire universe(Thanos, is that you?) However, to end his evil plans, Spark comes up with a mission of his own. 

Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Wrapping Up: 

These are the seven best space movies for kids that they will enjoy and help them learn new things. Stream these movies with your kids on the available streaming platforms and make the most out of the movie nights with your loved ones. 

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