4 Astounding Spanish Islands To Visit This Winter 2021 | Enjoy Sun-Bathing!


As we enter the winter months, the dark nights and miserable weather will begin imminently. Often, the shorter days can make us feel a sense of sadness. Cases of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) rise during this time of year and Brits across the country struggle to make it through the festive season.

So, what can we do to combat this? If you’re craving some sunshine and want to give yourself a break this winter – why not book yourself a holiday? Relaxing in the sunshine could be the perfect remedy for tackling those winter blues.

A holiday to one of Spain’s islands could be your ideal solution. Just a short-haul flight away, you can get your sunshine fix in a matter of hours. So, if you’re considering a well-deserved break – take a look at our top 4 Spanish islands to visit this winter.

Travel To Warm Spanish Islands This Winters | Make It Memorable!

1# Tenerife

Tenerife | Travel To Warm Spanish Islands This Winters | Make It Memorable!

Starting with the largest of the islands – Tenerife. The Mount Teide National Park is top of our must-see list. As one of the most popular national parks in the world and a declared World Heritage Centre by UNESCO – it’s a place of beauty and wonder. Rich with stunning views, greenery, and volcanic formations – you are in for a treat. What’s more, with incredible transport options available across the island, your holiday can be seamless from start to finish.

2# Lanzarote


Lanzarote offers you warmth, beautiful scenery, and incredible nightlife. Lanzarote is bursting with things to do. Whether you want a romantic getaway or a girl’s holiday – there’s always plenty to do. If you’re visiting before the festive season, why not visit a traditional flea market? With a variety of handcrafted products to choose from, you can buy a gorgeous gift back to your loved ones in the UK.

3# Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

The gorgeous sands of Gran Canaria retain their beauty during the winter months. Relax on the beach and take in the stunning sea views. If you want to take this one step further, why not take a dolphin and whale watching boat tour. See dolphins in their natural habitat and with glass-bottomed boats, you can see them from all angles.

4# Fuerteventura


If you want a holiday with a bit of fun, Fuerteventura boasts an incredible nightlife. Visit Morro Jable, a gorgeous town lined with stunning beaches, shops, bars, and clubs. What’s more, the coastline has a variety of gorgeous sculptures for you to admire.


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