Spotify Has A Snapchat Lens! Unlock Your Music Personality Today!


Snapchat and filters have more or less become unanimous with each other. When you think of filters or lenses, you automatically think of Snapchat. That means no matter how much other social media apps try to copy it, Snapchat is the king of it all! Talking about lenses, Spotify has a Snapchat lens too and people can’t stop talking about it!

Neither shall we! That is because Spotify is our musical savior and Snapchat is our social media savior. Both are unique and are responsible for being there for us when we need to kill time. Whether you do that by spamming people on Snapchat, or by listening to funky playlists, the choice is pretty much yours. But hey, isn’t Snapchat all about things like the botox filter and the crying face filter?

Now that Spotify has a Snapchat lens, the two are being integrated in a unique way. You can head over to Snapchat, scroll through the list of filters and tap on the Spotify lens. Snapchat will then take you on an AR experience that will show you playlists to play and your musical personality too. Especially with the recent release of Spotify Wrapped 2022, something like this couldn’t be more awesome!

Luckily, you don’t need to be a Snapchat+ subscriber, or a Snapchat creator to enjoy all this. All filters and lenses on Snapchat are made available for everyone using the app. The Spotify AR lens on Snapchat is no different. The immersive experience of a Spotify lens can be matched only with the AR Halloween shopping experience!

Spotify Has A Snapchat Lens? Everything You Need To Know!

Spotify Has A Snapchat Lens! Unlock Your Music Personality Today!

Now – there are two types of Snapchat lenses. One Spotify lens has been around for a while the other has just been announced. But getting the new Spotify lens is a bit of a struggle. You can get the first type of Spotify lens with ease if it’s available. While if you’re trying to get the Spotify-wrapped Snapchat lens, then you will need to do a bit of fiddling.

Also, do note that the Spotify Wrapped filter is only available if you have a Spotify Wrapped available. That means you need to have an active Spotify account with quite a bit of listening done under your belt. Think you check all the boxes? Want to know what and how to access the new AR-based Spotify lens on Snapchat? Then keep on reading below!

Spotify Snapchat Filter Designed For The Music Lovers

We know Spotify has a Snapchat lens, but how to access it? To access the normal Spotify lens, all you need to do is open the Snapchat app on your phone and switch your camera to the front camera. Then scroll through the filters that are available to you. Snapchat will show you the most used, and most relevant filters to you. Following that, if the Spotify filter is available, you will see a Spotify icon on the filter.

Tap on it to open the filter and you will get to see an AR-filled experience. This Snapchat filter lets you see a selection of playlists in AR, and be taken through a portal with a journey of your own. You can then experience other Snapchatters and their selected playlists and other offerings by Snapchat too. Overall making the experience really worth it.

Spotify Wrapped Snapchat Filter | Spotify Has a Snapchat Lens

Spotify Has A Snapchat Lens! Unlock Your Music Personality Today!

To get your hands on the Spotify Wrapped Snapchat Filter, you need to first get access to your Spotify Wrapped for the year. Spotify releases it every December so you should have gotten yours by now. This year Spotify also gave its users access to a unique feature called the Spotify Music Personality. So if you haven’t accessed your wrap by now, then here is how to do it. 

Open your Spotify app on your iPhone or Android. This process should work the same for both devices. Your Spotify Wrapped Tile should be the first thing you see on your home screen. If you don’t, then you can easily search for it on Spotify. After searching tap and open the Spotify Wrapped 2022 and scroll through the cards to see what it’s all about.

When you reach the ‘My listening Personality’ tap on it to pause it and then proceed to share it. Tap on the ‘Share This Story’ option and wait for the sharing options. Users have shared their results on Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms. You need to scroll through and tap on the Snapchat share feature which says ‘Lens’. 

The share action will launch the Snapchat app and you will need to confirm this. Once done, Snapchat will open and the Spotify Wrapped Lens will be auto-applied. Now what you need to do is to switch your camera mode to the selfie mode (if you already haven’t) and then tap on the shutter button. 

Snapchat will ask permission to paste the results from Spotify and you need to grant permission for the lens to work. Once you have granted this permission, the lens will start to work and it will display your music personality on screen. You can tap and toggle through different versions of the same result and play around till you feel satisfied. 

Take a snap and then you can share it with your friends or post it on your story. Whatever you like, you can use the filter as a normal filter on Snapchat. If you share the snap with your friends, they will be able to see the type of filter you have used and they can thus use the same filter to see their own musical personalities too!

Final Words

Spotify has a Snapchat lens and we couldn’t be more stoked! The lens is a perfect mixture of fun and trivia. Getting to show off your unique musical personality to others is a great way to stand out among your friends. If you share your personality type with someone else, then that is something you can bond over too!

Can you post Spotify on Snapchat?

Yes, you can post things from your Spotify to your Snapchat. You can post the lyrics to a song, the kind of song you are listening to, and other things to your Snapchat stories or private messages.

How do you add music from Spotify to Snapchat videos?

Adding a song from your Spotify to Snapchat is easy. Just tap on the icon of the song and click on the “Next” button from the bottom to include it in the snap. Now, Snapchat will automatically display the snippet of the music at the bottom. You can use the left or right slider option to trim the section of the music you want to add.

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