6 Fashionable Squid Game Halloween Costumes | Turn Your Obsession Into Halloween Fashion!


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Netflix’s newly released series Squid Game has made its way to the big screen just in time to inspire people to wear Squid Game Halloween Costumes to the upcoming parties. Squid Game is full of shocking twists and horror, perfect for incorporating in the upcoming Halloween bash

For those of you who don’t know about the show, Squid Game is a survival drama TV series streaming currently on Netflix. The show is based in South Korea and revolves around the story of 456 contestants who have agreed to participate in some sort of children’s game that can help them pay their debt. As they get involved more and more in Squid Games, they realize that they have dragged themselves into life and death situations. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 

Well, let’s save the Squid Game discussion for some other day because today we are on a very important mission, right? Due to its September release, Squid Game is still on top of everyone’s mind, and its eye-catching looks for players, guards, and VIPs have become everyone’s favorite. Honestly, Squid Game Halloween costumes are the easiest to assemble. There is no harm in saying that they serve as the best last-minute Halloween costume ideas for lazy bummers like us. 

Since you haven’t figured out what you will be wearing to the upcoming Halloween bash, I guess I am here at the right time with the best Halloween looks from everyone’s favorite show, squid Game. 

6 Fun Squid Game Halloween Costumes To Wear This Scary Season!

The best part about Squid Game Halloween Costumes is that you can easily find them online or at the Target store near you. Even if you don’t see something there, you always have the option to make DIY Squid Game Halloween costumes by throwing some pieces together. 

1# Squid Game Player Costume For Halloween 

#1 Squid Game Player Costume For Halloween: 6 Fashionable Squid Game Halloween Costumes | Turn Your Obsession Into Halloween Fashion!

Do you feel like dressing up as the main character this Halloween season? If yes, then you know what you need for the look of the character Seong Gi-hun. A teal tracksuit, teal-colored baseball tee, along with a clean pair of white slip-on shoes. For participant number 456, you can use some iron-on number patches. 

2# Squid Game Guard Costume For Halloween 

#2 Squid Game Guard Costume For Halloween 

Red coveralls never looked this fancy in Money Heist as much as they look in Squid Game, right? If you are a professor fan, you can ignore the last statement and not come after me. Now for the guard costume, you can order red coveralls from Amazon along with the signature guard mask. Remember to pick the mask carefully because the shape will distinguish you from the other guards at the party. Choose wisely between a circle, a square, and a triangle. 

3# Squid Game Doll Costume 

#3 Squid Game ‘Red Light, Green Light Girl’ Costume 

Never have I ever been more terrified of a doll in my life than the one from Squid Game. The light girl, which I like to call her, is perhaps the most terrifying part of the show after the games. The moment this doll activates, you realize that the competition is not all about some stupid games. This creepy doll becomes a death machine when you stop following her rules, just like Annabelle. For the Squid Game doll costume, you can get an orange knee-length dress from Zara along with a yellow shirt and knee-high stockings. Don’t forget the black school shoes that make this doll look innocent. 

4# Squid Game Front Man Costume For Halloween 

#4 Squid Game Front Man Costume For Halloween 

After the light girl, Front Man is the second most terrifying character in the series with his sinister aura. Front Man is responsible for running the entire children’s game facade behind his creepy mask. He is always seen in black coveralls with his bag craggy mask that covers his face completely. Lucky for you because you don’t have to waste your time looking for the mask as you can place an order for it on Amazon. Do it fast before they get out of stock!

5# Squid Game VIP Halloween Costume  

#4 Squid Game Front Man Costume For Halloween 

After Front Man, VIPs are the most important behind the game characters in the series. VIPs are the rich and wealthy gathered together from different parts of the country to place their bets on players in the Squid Game. If you want to wear the Squid Game VIP Halloween costume, you have to show up to the party in a dark-colored three-piece suit along with their signature gold-colored animal masks. You can order one for yourself from Amazon. 

6# Squid Game Server Costume For Halloween 

#6 Squid Game Server Costume For Halloween 

Lastly, there is one important character, Hwang Jun-Ho, left from the cast of Squid Game. Hwang Jun is a police officer who poses as the server and sneaks into the games looking for his brother. Like Front Man, Server wears black coveralls, but his mask distinguishes him from the master of the games. The server wears a black-colored heart-shaped mask with slits on the edges. Don’t worry, though, because you will find the mask and the coveralls easily for the squid game server costume on Amazon. 

Final Words 

Remember that for each Squid Game Halloween costume, apart from the players, the mask is everything. The characters of Squid Game are known for their masks, so if you don’t want to ruin their costume, pay extra attention to the masks and the minor detailing. Rest assured, don’t fall into any Squid Game trick at the Halloween party because you never know how the game will turn out. 


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