Squid Game Is Overrated!!!! Critics’ Ratings Are Not So Good!


If you are yet to watch Netflix’s latest release, Squid Game, then consider yourself lucky because that means peer pressure can never affect you. While many have already completed the show and praise it for its unique storylines, but many think Squid Game is overrated. 

Squid Game is a Korean survival drama TV series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Squid Game made its way to everyone’s Netflix in mid-September and is centered around different people participating in a gaming competition to clear their debt. The one who passes all the levels takes homes a whopping amount of ₩45.6 billion or $36.8 million (in American currency). 

One of the many interesting facts about the Korean series Squid Game is that Hwang Dong (the creator) had to wait for ten years to present his script to the world. You must be wondering why? It was because, for years, he could not find a production house that was interested in his script until Netflix stepped in 2019 with the initiative to expand their foreign programs. Even without an ensemble cast of well-known names, Squid Game managed to become one of the most-watched Korean shows on Netflix within a week of its release. With a higher success rate, many viewers wonder if the show is genuinely worth watching or it is just another overrated Netflix series like Money Heist

To know your answer, all you need to do is keep scrolling and read everything we have covered about Squid Game

Squid Game Is Overrated | Unpopular Opinions That Can Take Away The Limelight!

Squid Game Old man| Squid Game Is Overrated

Korean TV series Squid Game has received an overwhelming response from both the critics and audience alike and has become the biggest show of 2021. In the entertainment world, where shows only become hit when they have a star cast, Squid Game managed to bring a change and proved that viewers would watch anything as long as the storyline is different and satiates their hunger for good quality content. Amid the ever-growing popularity, we cannot help but wonder if the series is worth all the hype or not? 

Breaking: In all its glory, the Korean survival drama series, “Squid Game” has surpassed all the previous records of popular digital streaming service Netflix and set a new record of being viewed by 82 million accounts in four weeks (taking over Bridgerton). Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is delighted to see that his dream of reaching an audience globally has finally come true and that the series has acquired over 111 million users only in the first 28 days of its release.

Why Do Netizens Think That Squid Game Is Overrated? The Story is Too Predictable! 

Squid Game Is Overrated | Red Light, Green Light Isn’t Fascinating To The Audience!

Several people locked inside an arena with the option of death and playing a game is the classic plotline for any survival drama series, right? We have seen many other movies and TV series like Hunger Games, Escape Room, Alice in the Borderline follow the same plot. Due to the similarity in the central plot of the series, it becomes relatively easy for the viewers to decipher the upcoming twists and the show’s story. Not only that, for many viewers, the first 6 episodes were fun to watch but after that, the story turned out to be at a painfully slow pace and became too predictable.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the unique storyline does not remain unique anymore. Apart from the story, many people have also suspected the show of plagiarizing horror movies and survival TV series, which does not make the show look creative anymore. For example, the shocking twist at the end of the series looks familiar to one in Amazon’s horror thriller film SAW

Kang Sae Byeok: Why Do Netizens Think That Squid Game Is Overrated? The Story is Too Predictable! 

As per the creators, the truth behind Front Man’s identity is the heartbreaking plot twist in Squid Game but not for us and many others because it was predictable. Those who gave attention to the little details in the show already saw it coming when they noticed the frontman staring at Jun-ho’s ID card. Even though he tried his best to conceal his identity, but nothing can be kept a secret from the crazy stalkers, right? 

A good number of the audience also knew about Il-nam’s twist from the beginning. The 76-year old man who was over-enthusiastic about playing the game and knew the games better than everyone else was revealed to be the mastermind of the game. The oldie and his wealthy friends designed the game for gambling, but after being diagnosed with brain cancer, Il-nam decides to participate. Isn’t it always a near-death experience that pushes the character to surpass their limits? Same old twist, Netflix!

What’s Up With The VIPs? Underdeveloped Characters Who Aren’t Given Enough Importance!

What’s Up With The VIPs? Underdeveloped Characters Who Aren’t Given Enough Importance!

Many fans are giving unnecessary credits to the VIPs has got us thinking, ‘what is so special about them?’ They are known to be the mysterious Squid Game characters who aren’t given much screen space but are referred to as the mastermind when they are not. In the end, it is revealed that those filthy rich brats are the investors of Squid Game, each bidding on their chosen players. We don’t think there is anything mysterious about them at all. They have become everyone’s center of attention. VIPs have too much money that they cannot decide where and how to use it. So, they come to the games to enjoy the poverty of the players. 

Many Quora and Reddit users think Squid Game isn’t worth the hype because the VIPs are underdeveloped characters. It is not fair for a show to receive attention when the characters haven’t shown much progress through the run. It isn’t until Il-nam’s confession that the viewers understand their motive behind creating a game like that. However, the confession also feels incomplete because it is revealed that the VIPs know Il-nam, which is enough for them to feel entertained by such absurd events. There are still many unanswered questions, like how they knew the oldie and why they are the only chosen ones? Too many questions and still no answers. What is this behavior, Netflix

Final Words

A good part of the audience thinks that Squid Game is one of Netflix’s best shows till now, while the other half thinks that it is nothing more than an overhyped continuation in the survival drama genre. Which side are you on? Stream the drama series on Netflix today, and let us know about your opinions in the comments section below. 

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