7 Important Star Wars Alien Races | Star Wars Would have No Meaning Without Them



Star Wars alien races have always been an essential part of the galaxy. Without them, many of the crucial and most remarkable Star Wars moments won’t have been possible, from seeing Luke Skywalker become a Jedi master, a member of the Force to seeing Darth Vader lose and reveal his identity to his son. 

From the Jedi Master himself, the great Yoda, to the loyal Chewbacca, each installment in the Star Wars franchise has seen many different alien races. Some of them were good, loyal and some of them were downright greedy and outrageous. Not only this, but some of them became a part of the famous Star Wars memes that are popular across the internet. 

While the Star Wars alien races list is long, all of them don’t hold equal importance in the Star Wars universe. Today, we are counting on the seven most critical alien races of the Star Wars universe without whom things would have taken a U-turn in the galaxy. 

Before reading the article below, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that all the races discussed below are not good ones. Some of them are from the enemy territory that you will most likely hate. 

Most Important Star Wars Alien Races of All Time 

Read along the list to find the best Star wars alien races of all time and know some hidden facts about them that you did not know already. Keep an eye on the complete list and see if your favorite alien is on the list or not. 

#1 Wookies

Wookies: Star Wars Alien Races

The best and the most loved Star Wars alien races on our list have to be Wookies. If you still don’t understand them by name, let me introduce them to you with a drumroll. They are everyone’s favorite Chewbacca species. The entire existence of the Star Wars universe is incomplete without Chewbacca and so without Wookies. They are covered in layers of golden-brown hair and resemble giant monkeys, but they still have human feelings even after being aliens. 

Wookies are known for their intelligence, bravery, solidarity, and loyalty that we saw between Han Solo and Chewbacca himself. Chewbacca would do anything for his master and even went to so many lengths so many times to save Han and the team from dangers. However, after Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Chewie is forced to go ahead and find a purpose in his life without Han, but he accepts it because he is a brave one. 

#2 Yoda Species/Tridactyl

Yoda: Star Wars Alien Races

There are many speculations that Yoda’s species is unknown, but because of the three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, they are known as Tridactyl. Yoda was one of the Jedi masters who was seen in the franchise from the very beginning. Yoda was a preacher of the Force and always wanted Anakin Skywalker to be on the good side of the Force. 

Though there isn’t much about Yoda’s species, Yoda himself is very famous in the Star Wars universe and even outside of it. Yoda was an important Jedi master who held the star wars together for a very long time until his time came in the Star Wars film The Return of the Jedi. 

#3 Ewoks

Ewoks: Star Wars Alien Races

Ewoks were one of the cutest alien species that I saw on the entire franchise of Star Wars. They are tiny, cute, and look like teddy bears walking on their little toes and big fat bellies. Ewoks were not known to be the smartest in the galaxy, but hey had they not been, Luke Skywalker would have never been able to help the Rebellion win. 

At first, these hairy little creatures did their best to create havoc and even tried to eat our heroes, but once they understood the mission, instead they thought that C-3PO was the Golden One, the spirit of the night. To keep him happy, they did everything C-3PO commanded them to do and helped win the battle in Return of Jedi. 

#4 Mon Calamari 

Mon Calamari: Star Wars Alien Races

 Mon Calamari were the bravest Star Wars alien races that anyone in the galaxy would ever come across. From being the lead in charge during the battle against Darth Vader to Returning in The Force Awakens for the galaxy’s sake, they have always done a lot. 

They belonged to the humanoid aquatic species and shared their home planet with Quarren. I remember seeing Admiral Ackbar proving to be one of the greatest commanders in the command ship, leading the battle single-handedly at one point. Hadn’t it been for the wise brain of the commander, Darth Vader would have escaped the attack in a second and killed every member of the New Republic. 

#5 Neimoidian

Neimoidian: Star Wars Alien Races

Neimoidians was one of the most weak-willed Star Wars Alien races ever known to the galaxy. They were a species of humanoids and were distinctly related to Duros. During the events of Clone Wars, it was because of these greedy species that so much chaos took place on the planet of Naboo and helped Palpatine take control of the Galactic Senate. Neimoidan would go to any lengths for worldly objects and were full of greed for power and money. 

Before Star Wars: Clone Wars, Neimoidans started to run the trade federation that provided support to emperor Palpatine. Because of the two infamous Neimoidans, Nute Gunraya and Rune Haako, the separatist movement started that destroyed Naboo and was also their species undoing. 

#6 Geonosian 

Geonosian: Star Wars Alien Races

Geonosians were a part of the insectoid species in the Star Wars universe and were infamously known as Geos or bugs. Geonosians made a brief appearance in the Star Wars franchise during the events of Clone Wars but were instantly defeated by Padme and Anakin. Though they were taken out in a single breath, it is also essential to know that they were one of the brightest Star Wars alien races. 

I mean, do you not remember the dangerous weapon Death Star that could bring the end of the worlds and the galaxy. Geonosians were the masters of this invention. For a species looking like an insect, being this smart was a big thing. 

#7 Sullustan 

Nein Numb: Star Wars Alien Races

Sullustan was one of the noble and bravest Star Wars Alien races that looked nearly like humans. They played pilots, navigators, and commandants during the Civil War and proved as a significant and pivotal part of the New Republic crew. Sullustans were first seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi space battle where they helped the soldiers battle against Darth Vader, but they also returned to the Star Wars universe with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Though they were not seen in earlier movies, it is essential to note that records state they were far stretched out in the galaxy and were also the lightsaber scientists for the young Jedi order. Had it not been for Sullustans, the creation of lightsaber for Jedi won’t have been possible. 


These are seven of the most important Star Wars alien races that hold a significant meaning in the Star Wars universe. Without these alien races, the entire essence and the existence of the universe would have changed in ways no one can ever imagine.