Stardew Valley: What Is The Strange Capsule for? Detailed Overview 2021


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Stardew Valley never disappoints its fans as it holds many secrets inside its storyline. With new updates, the main storyline has been added with some more perks and secrets. The developers have confirmed the Strange Capsule event is going to happen this season. Gamers are already fortunate with the great gameplay and this announcement adds more fuel to their anxiety.

Stardew Valley storyline and content. The gameplay is enough to give players an adrenaline rush. With the introduction of Stardew Valley Strange Capsule, the whole level of the game has changed. Some parts of the gameplay are very secretive, whereas some are straightforward. The Strange Capsule is a fantastic item with a 1.5 update; some players considered it the rarest event in the game farm. The Capsule is the most accessible item to get, but sometimes it can be very tricky. Wait wait!!! Don’t worry; we are here to tell you every single detail about the Strange Capsule.

The Stardew Valley has been around for many years and continues to grow with every update; new storylines, gameplay, and insight have been constantly updated. The article has every detailed update and information to stay relevant to the game as it currently stands. We have come up with a detailed guide to make everything easy to understand for you about the Stardew Valley Strange Capsule.

The Strange Capsule event is entirely randomized, but you can check it once every year. The event doesn’t appear to encourage gamers to fuel their gameplay. However, the game 1.5 update has raised the daily chance of happening soon, with a much higher probability. Here below is a list of everything you want to know about the game.

Stardew Valley: Strange Capsule Event 

What To Do With The Alien Capsule

Strange Capsule

Strange Capsule will not crash on your land overnight. Stardew Vally has its algorithm for the crash landing of unique Capsules. You can find the Capsule around a murky liquid on the farm. You have to move to the place and pick up the Strange Capsule with a pickaxe. These events are rare and will give your farm a boost to lead the scoreboard. And believe me, the scoreboard is much essential than a High School grade card (for me, though) 

The special events are in the game for around 3-4 days, and there are numerous chances that you can do something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid.After the hatching of the Capsule is done and now whatever is inside the tube (a secret alien) is gone. 

How Can You Have A Glimpse of Alien

Strange Capsule

There are many aliens on the farm that appear at night. Once the Capsule was broken, then there is a chance that you can find the same night on the field. You should not waste time looking for the alien in the morning. The unwanted creature only appears at the bus stop. The Capsule will appear at the upper left-hand corner, so keep an eye out at it every time you open the game. It’s a rapid event, and the critter will be gone in seconds.

Please note that if you are looking for the Strange Capsule on your fields, then mobile gamers have to wait for a little bit longer to see the Capsule on the field.

Strange Capsule and Empty Capsule

Strange Capsule

Many Capsules have appeared on the farm, but it is tough to find a rear Capsule or just an empty one. If you want to know the one Capsule pulsates, then there is a chance it has a creature inside it. If you’re going to move, you first have to read the description (you can mod the game for more fun), which says:

If there is something fleshy bobbing 

If you want an Easter Egg on the field that appears to be a Strange Capsule, a player can place it on the farm for some days, and after some days, it will turn into an empty capsule. You know this will allow the player to add the event to top the scoreboard. A Strange Capsule or the Empty Capsule has its unique description according to the need.

If the part of the glass is shattered

All you need to know is that once the alien is gone or escaped from the Capsule, you will never see it as it went lost in the black hole. The Capsule remains on your field for so long until you break it with an ax. Developers also recommend that many times you will get some rewards for breaking the Capsule. I know it’s weird, but you can try it for adding perks; the choice is yours.

Where You Can Find The Strange Capsule 

As we said earlier, the placement of the Capsule is randomized. Players have to make sure that there is enough place on the farm where a Capsule will appear on its own. If your farm doesn’t have space, there will be no chance that a Capsule would appear. 

Every night when players are resting, a secret capsule will appear on the field randomly. Strange Capsule has its coding with multiple possibilities to appear on the area. The above tricks will help you to get the Strange Capsule fast. After the appearance of the Capsule, have a look at it you will find a creature inside it. 

Once the creature is nourished and grown, it will escape from the Capsule, and the leftover Capsule is an Empty Capsule. The monster is running in the town, and you can have a chance to kill the Dark Creature at night and win rewards. After you kill the monster or beast, it will fade, and nothing is leftover; a short cutscene will be available for you. Hopefully, no one gets hurt.

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