Streaming Services In 2022 | Best Shows To Watch!


Well – you made it to the end of 2021, and even though you may have a long list of people (or things) to celebrate, the real heroes are the best shows to watch on streaming services. Think about it: the rise of on-demand entertainment has brought more than 500 scripted shows online, and when you add a day and late-night programming, that number leaps to the thousands.

There’s so much entertaining content available online there that it’s impossible to get bored if you have access to a streaming device! In fact, streaming makes watching online content so easy and seamless that paying for a traditional cable TV subscription might not be worth it in 2022.

Best Streaming Services To Watch 9 Best Shows In 2022 | Know All Of Them Here!

Below are some helpful tips if you are trying to figure out what to watch, and the streaming service plans to buy. Watch out – spoilers ahead. This stuff rolls inexorably downhill from this point. Here are the best shows to watch:

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A Very British Scandal (Amazon)

Streaming Services In 2022 | Best Shows To Watch!

You can argue that ‘A Very British Scandal’ brings the whizz-bang thrills of its spiritual forebear, ‘A Very English Scandal’ that dramatized the Jeremy Thorpe affair. It’s a case of a royal scandal about Margaret Campbell – accused of sleeping with nearly 90 men, while married to FKA Ian Campbell, the Duke of Argyll. The plot is exceptional, and the result is quite compelling. 

Landscapers (HBO)

Streaming Services In 2022 | Best Shows To Watch!

For all the ugliness of murder, Landscapers looks gorgeous. Landscapers is a unique story of a British couple caught up in an extraordinary investigation into two dead bodies that surface in the back of a house. It’s based on a true of the 1988 murders of a Nottinghamshire couple. The quiet ones always get questioned first, yet in fact, it is hardly ever the quiet ones. 

Lupin (Netflix)

Streaming Services In 2022

What does it mean to be a gentleman thief? Lupin is a French thriller describing Assane Diop (a professional thief) who sets out to get revenge from the Pellegrini family, over the suicide of his father following a false accusation by Hubert Pellegrini. The world loves a good heist – and it makes sense that streaming services love them too. Lupin is easily one of the best shows to watch. There are many other book adaptions that you can watch on Netflix!

Squid Game (Netflix)

 Streaming Services In 2022

Beyond the memes, this blood sport doesn’t tell something new, but it’s an eye-catching production design and costuming, a glimpse you must have caught on social media. Squid Game features games designed for children in a brutal contest pitting 456 contestants in dire financial situations for a huge cash prize. It is an intensely mature, bloody piece of television.  

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Succession (HBO)

Streaming Services In 2022

If it was possible to bottle the good, the bad, and the ugly of the world of the super-rich, the makers of succession have worked how. Succession follows the degree to which three billionaire heirs to the Waystar RoyCo media conglomerate battle each other to take over the reins of the family’s empire from their ailing father. It’s the age of dynasties with its mix of backstabbing and weaponized brunches. 

Midnight Mass (Netflix)

Streaming Services In 2022

It’s a spooky horror with a plot that aims to strike something profound in the hearts and minds of its fan base. Midnight Mass is based on a 127-resident remote town of Crockett Island accessible by ferry twice a day from mainland US, where a young priest Paul has arrived just as horror tropes bring anxiety to the way of life on the island. In terms of sheer excitement and inventiveness, Midnight Mass is a work of art. 

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The Beatles: Get Back (Disney+)

Streaming Services In 2022

This piece accomplishes the unthinkable – telling the story of the Beatles, stretching across multiple human experiences and touching on politics, rivalries, drugs, arrests, love stories, and even murder. ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ is a docuseries designed to paint a broader, ostensibly happier behind-the-scenes picture of the 1969 project to complete a new album, and perform a tour in the space of two weeks. It’s treated with a remarkable tapestry of audio-visual – simply perfect. 

The White Lotus (HBO)

Streaming Services In 2022

A full suite of anxiety, neuroses, and peccadilloes are put on display in this nightmare vision of an island paradise. The White Lotus details the life of vacationers as the darker complexities of the picture-perfect travel destination to begin to fall apart with each passing day – cheerful hotel staff are helping keep up the facade. Everything is delicately anatomized through the course of the story to detail and sticks to the landing.

Your Honor (Showtime)

Streaming Services In 2022

With the second season already confirmed, there has never been a better time to get invested in the brilliance of Your Honor. Bryan Cranston (known for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad) stars as a judge facing his deepest fears when his son is caught up in a hit and run involving a powerful organized crime family. 

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Final Words

There’s so much entertainment out there! Arguing out this guide wasn’t easy (to say the least), cleaving to the very end is the secret. If you have arrived at the end of this guide, then go ahead and enjoy the view. 


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