Strongest Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Hard to Decide Amongst These 7!


After the release of WandaVision, Marvel fans worldwide started to ponder the question Who Is the Strongest Avenger in the MCU? The team of Earth’s mightiest heroes has seen many new faces over the years. This is why the competition ‘the strongest avenger’ is also becoming exciting day by day. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with some of the most powerful heroes in the entire galaxy, from super soldiers to telekinetic creatures. Each of these heroes possesses a unique ability that makes them different from the others and capable of being a part of the Avengers’ team. 

Is it the Asgardian God, Thor or the Scarlet Witch, or the Incredible Hulk who will get the title of the Strongest Avenger? These aren’t the only contenders on the list. There are several other heroes from the marvel universe and the Marvel comics who we think are capable of winning the title of the strongest Avengers on Earth. 

If you think of yourself as a Marvel fan, then what are you waiting for? Jump straight into the article and find out who bags the title of the strongest Avenger in Marvel. 

Who is the Strongest Avenger? | 7 Mightiest Options for you to Choose 

It is not easy to declare any team member as the strongest Avenger in the universe. No, one knows who the strongest avenger is; except for Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel. Before you know who he considers the strongest avenger, take a look at the other mightiest heroes on our list. 

#7 The Incredible Hulk – Mighty Big Green Guy

Hulk: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel

Bruce Banner became Hulk as part of the super-soldier serum reaction. Due to the failed attempts of taking the super-soldier serum, Bruce Banner transforms into the epitome of gamma radiation resulting in the transformation of The Incredible Hulk, who always seems to be angry. Anger is the core part of Bruce’s powers, and as he says, he transforms into the big guy only when he has a bad temper. 

In Thor Ragnarok, we all see how mighty Hulk is as it only takes him a few seconds to beat Thor like a trash bag. In the Avengers 2012 movie, The Age of Ultron, Hulk is again seen throwing Loki like a ball around the Stark Tower. The Big Guy has incredible strength because of the gamma radiation, which makes him unkillable. He is placed at the bottom because of his temper tantrum, as it is beyond his control, which makes him highly vulnerable. 

#6 Captain Marvel  – Hero of Phase 4

Captain Marvel: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel

Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel when she received her incredible powers from Tesseract in her first movie. After appearing in only two movies, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has established herself as one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Due to her incredible speed and the ability to throw colossal fire blasts at her enemies, Captain Marvel becomes the mightiest hero on our list. 

In Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel’s full potential is revealed as she quickly brings Tony Stark and Nebula back to earth. Apart from that, during the final battle where Thanos and his army quickly set back other members, Carol manages to withstand all the attacks and takes on a good fight with The Mad Titan. Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studio, on various events said, “Captain Marvel is one of the strongest characters introduced in the cinematic universe till now.”

#5 Doctor Strange – The Sorcerer Supreme

Doctor Strange: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel

This list would be incomplete without the master of magical arts, the mystic wizard himself, Doctor Strange. Dr. Stephen Strange received his mystical training from the Ancient One, known to be the strongest mystical character in the marvel comics. After his training, Stephen Strange becomes the protector of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum and is also given the task of protecting the Time Stone. (in Avengers: Infinity War)

In Infinity War, Doctor Strange leads the fight with Thanos himself in many scenes, even if Thanos has the power of two infinity stones. Doctor Strange has a lot of untapped energy, which is yet to be seen, but we are sure with the upcoming Marvel movie Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, a lot of his true potential will be revealed. 

#4 Vision – Creation of the Mind Stone

Vision: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel

Vision is the creation of Ultron, as seen in the 2012 movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron but brought to life by Thor, Iron Man, and Bruce Banner as the outcome of a fight. Vision is the embodiment of peace who vows to protect humanity at all costs. As Vision’s powers come from the Mind stone itself, he is as powerful as all the infinity stones combined. 

Vision is not only powerful, but he is also one of the worthiest Marvel heroes who can yield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Vision shares the same telekinetic powers as Scarlet Witch because of the mind stone. Along with those powers, he also possesses excellent combat skills, clearly visible during the Captain America: Civil War scenes. 

#3 The Sentry – The Life in Death

The Sentry: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel

Many of you who haven’t read the comics may not know about The Sentry. Sentry is a part of the Dark Avengers Team in the Marvel comics, where he is said to possess Godlike powers. Sentry is an omnipotent character in the comics with no limits to his abilities. Sentry is called the Superman of the Marvel franchise and has the power of thousand exploding suns in his veins because of the Golden Sentry Serum. 

The Sentry’s powers are revealed to their full potential during the World War Hulk events in the comics when he is called to take down Hulk by Iron Man and other avengers. Due to his psychological inabilities, The Sentry cannot make full use of his powers, but when he does during the battle with hulk, it ends with Hulk turning back into Bruce Banner and Sentry lying unconsciously. 

#2 Thor – The Powerful Asgardian God

Thor: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor is an Asgardian God who is thousand years old and holds the supreme power of lightning and thunder in his arms. He is one of the strongest characters of the original Avengers team. Even before the events of Ragnarok, Thor was powerful, but during the movie, he gained a significant power boost after he learned that Mjolnir isn’t the only source of his strength. 

Apart from Ragnarok, Thor’s powers are also visible in Infinity War, where he takes on the full force of a star to get his new weapon, Stormbreaker. Not only this, but Thor also managed to attack Thanos at the end of the movie, and the fear is seen clearly in Thanos’s eyes. If Thor had only taken the right shot, he would have quickly ended The Mad Titan’s game in the movie itself. 

#1 The Scarlet Witch – The Strongest Avenger

Scarlet Witch: Strongest Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Scarlet Witch first appeared in the Marvel universe with the movie Age of Ultron, where she quickly plays with the minds of earth’s mightiest heroes. While we see Scarlet demonstrating her powers in several movies like Winter Soldier and Infinity War, it is in Endgame, and her stand-alone show WandaVision, where her full potential gets revealed. Marvel president Kevin Feige also thinks that Scarlet Witch is the strongest avenger as of now because she was quickly going to kill Thanos in Endgame if his army and children hadn’t interrupted. 

Even in Infinity War, we see Scarlet Witch take on Thanos all by herself while destroying Vision’s mind stone. It is not easy for any Marvel hero to destroy the love of their life and stop Thanos simultaneously, but Wanda did it quickly.

Final Words:

Right now the most powerful Avenger in the Marvel universe is the Scarlet Witch. There is no denying that she deserves this title, as we have seen enough of her full potential. However, in the future, if any other Marvel character proves to be stronger than her, then we can see the title going down from her to the new contender, but till then, she can enjoy the title. 


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