Survivor 43 Episode 10 Spoilers | Jesus! This Is What Happened! 


Twists and turns in a reality show are bound to happen. And that is what happened on one of the longest running shows on CBS Survivor. So, people here, we present to you Survivor 43 episode 10 spoilers. Because, knowing your favorite show, in and out is fun and some what important! 

After witnessing too much drama and planning on Survivor 43 episode 9, it’s time to see what will happen in Survivor 43 episode 10. Prepare yourself to witness a drama-packed episode!

Survivor 43 Episode 10 Spoilers | Spoilers For Excited Fans!

Just like Survivor 43 episode 8, episode 10 is also set to bring a set of advantages and disadvantages for players. Of Course, these players are going to burst out which will lead to an unwanted chaos. Catch up with Survivor 43 episode 10 spoilers!

Something Is Surely Coming For Jesse 

Survivor 43 Episode 10 Spoilers | Jesus! This Is What Happened! 

After watching previous episodes, it’s quite evident that Jesse has got the driver’s seat in the game. Also, he has got some people whom he can trust and most importantly, a power which he can use anytime he feels like. (lucky man). 

Over the past few episodes, Jesse has built great relationships and executed some bold moves (which shows how courageous he is). And how can we forget that he is capable of delivering a knockout speech in front of the jury? After all this, it’s obvious to expect other players to target Jesse.

In the last episode, you must have seen Jesse confessing about how things are going for him in the game. Although Jesse is having a firm grip on the game, other players want Jesse and Cody to split. So, let’s see how Jesse to take it forward under his control!

What About Other Players Of Survivor?

Survivor 43 Episode 10 Spoilers | Jesus! This Is What Happened! 

Other than Jesse, the game still has some smart players like Cassidy who fought like a fighter. Owen is trying to get the ball in his court and Karla has turned out to be an excellent social player. Over and above, it’s going to be an interesting episode, where we’ll get to see how players are going to push themselves further more! 

Most importantly, immunity is going to play a crucial role in determining the fate of the players. But we will get clarity on this after the dust actually settles. 

Final Words 

Even though you have Survivor 43 episode 10 spoilers, there are going to be some unexpected twists in the game. For this, you need to be ready to stream episode 10 with your family. 

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