Survivor 43 Episode 8 Recaps & Elimination Spoilers! Longest Running Show!


Survivor 43 episode 8 recaps & elimination spoilers! Everything you want to know is here!

American Hit series, Survivor is a reality show, a competition, on CBS. The show was originally created by Charlie Parson, with the executive producer and host Jeff Probst. Survivor is a show where the contestants are left on a stranded place or island and they must look for their food, shelter and other important essentials themselves.

The forty third season of Survivor premiered on September 21, 2022. Recently the seventh episode of season 43 concluded with a twist, we saw contestant Dwight Moore going home, but did he!? And what are the other things we expect from the new episode! Who’ll be eliminated in the eighth episode? Let’s get on the board!

Survivor 43 Episode 8 Recaps & Elimination Spoilers!

Elimination of Dwight, voted out by James, Cody, Jesse, Cassidy, Karla, Sami and Ryan, came in like a big blow for Jeanine for she believed that Dwight was her only ally in this show. Sami is shown smoothing things with her, but can she trust him!

Thinking that there’s one less idol in the game, the participants are overjoyed but guess what! Jesse actually has Jeanine’s idol. Who’s playing the better game now? Apart from Jeanine, Noelle also feels betrayed by her tribemates, Cody and Jesse, as they flipped on their vote without letting her know.

The seven participants who voted out Dwight are thinking, of becoming the ‘final seven’, plotting about who to vote out next, Owen seems to be everyone’s target. But here, in this game, things don’t go as planned!

Next, we see the immunity challenge, and guess who wins it! Owen! Yes Owen! But wait! Wasn’t Owen the biggest target of ‘final seven”! As mentioned earlier, things take a U-turn here.

Owen is relieved to have won the immunity because he thinks he was at the bottom and he definitely was. Now since Owen has secured his place in the game for this week, who’ll be leaving this time? 

The next target seems to be Jeanine. But does everyone want her out! Well not, Sami at least. He wants Ryan out and so does Cassidy as Ryan once voted her out. So, the ‘final seven’ are now voting out each other!

Jeanine received 6 votes and Ryan 2 votes. Thus, Jeanine becomes the eighth person voted out of Survivor 43.

Who’ll become the next target in the next episode and who’ll end up winning the title eventually for forty third season! Tune in, for one of the longest running American reality shows, the Survivor, every Wednesday, at 8pm.

More Details On Survivor 43

Survivor 43 Episode 8 Recaps & Elimination Spoilers! Longest Running Show!

The Survivor for season 43 and 44 was renewed by CBS on March 9, 2022. Extended for only 26 days, Survivor 43 is the shortened season and premiered on September 21, 2022. 

On 31 August, 2022, the cast for this season was revealed with 18 new contestants divided into three tribes: – Baka, Coco and Vesi. After the recent episode with Jeanine getting eliminated, the only contestants left to survive in the show are:

  • Cody Assenmacher
  • Cassidy Clark
  • Karla Cruz Godoy
  • Mike Gabler
  • James Jones
  • Owen Knight
  • Noelle Lambert
  • Sami Layadi
  • Jesse Lopez
  • Ryan Medrano.

The filming of Survior 43 took place in Fiji. And the winner for this show, the last or ‘sole survivor’ will be awarded with the grand prize of US $ 1,000,000. 

Awards And Recognition Won By ‘Survivor’

With its ongoing season, season 43, one can get the idea that Survivor is one of the longest running competition television series in the history of American television and has been very successful. 

Starting from the year 2000, the first eleven seasons of this series were rated among the top ten most watched shows, becoming the first highly rated show on US television.

The show has won numerous awards and nominations as well. It has been nominated for 63 Emmy awards and four times for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

It won the Outstanding Sound Mixing in 2001, Outstanding Special Class Program in 2002. The host and executive producer of the show, Jeff Probst also won an award for Outstanding Host for a Reality Program for four years continuously.

The series was also included in Time Magazine’s list of the ‘100 greatest shows of all time’ in 2007.

Final Words

With the most unexpected turns and twists in the show, it’s difficult to guess who’ll be eliminated for the end episode of Survivor and who’ll survive to the very end!  The friends can turn into foes and biggest rivals can shake hands.

With only a few episodes left for this season, it’ll be interesting to know who’ll end up winning the grand prize. Follow the show every Wednesday at 8 to find whether your favorite contestant makes it to the end. 

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