Survivor 43 Jeanines Idol Is Back From The Dead! 


Survivor 43 Jeanines idol is back from the dead! How did they do it!

Based on a Swedish series, Expedition Robinson, the Survivor is created by Charlie Parson, Mark Burnett, along with Jeff Probst, executive producer and host of the show. The season 43 premiered from September, 2022 on CBS and Globe.

Yes! On the last episode of Survivor 43, Dwight was voted out from the show and Jeanine held her idol responsible for his elimination but now the idol is back! whaaaaaaaat!

Survivor 43 Jeanine’s idol is back from the dead!? But is that really possible!? Check it out here.

Survivor 43 Jeanine’s Idol Is Back From The Dead!

Survivor 43 Jeanines Idol Is Back From The Dead! 

Dwight was voted out by James, Cody, Jesse, Cassidy, Karla, Sami and Ryan, who were further seen plotting to form the final seven in the show. But will they be successful in their plan!

The person who was hurt the most by the elimination of Dwight was Jeanine. Blaming her idol as one of the reasons for Dwight elimination, Jeanine believed that she had lost an ally. As Sami is seen trying to smooth things with Jeanine, it is difficult to say whether she should trust him.

As the game continues in the next episode, the players seem to rejoice over the fact that there’s one less idol in the game but their joy turns out to be short lived, because guess what!

To their surprise, Jeanine’s idol is actually with Jesse! So, who’s a better gamer now! Jesse probably, as he changed the game completely. Well! This is the thing about this show, you can expect the most unexpected. And, the game is changed without you even realizing.

Now that we know the idol is back and safe, it’ll be quite interesting to see how it will affect the other participants and what they’ll do to save their place in the show that is being shot in Fiji! Who’ll be at risk this time and who’ll change the game.

Who Got Eliminated In The Eighth Episode? Spoiler Alert!

Survivor 43 Jeanines Idol Is Back From The Dead! 

While most of the contestants wanted to vote out Owen Knight for this episode but their strategy failed this time as well.

Owen secured his place in the game by winning the immunity challenge. And he himself knew how important winning the immunity was for him because he was going to be the next target for most of the contestants, especially for the ones who voted Dwight out of the game.

Good for Owen!

Now since Owen was out of reach for the players, who did they eliminate! Jeanine became the next target. Everyone wanted to vote her out except Sami and Cassidy, the both cast their votes for Ryan. How could Cassidy have missed this chance, knowing how once Ryan outed her out. But who got finally eliminated? Jeanine or Ryan!

Ryan received 2 votes and Jeanine 6, thus Jeanine becoming the eighth person voted out of Survivor 43.

Final Words

With each passing episode, the competition is getting fierce. Not knowing who’s loyal and who’s not, the players are giving their best shot. Who’ll be eliminated next and who’ll end up winning the grand prize! Tune in to CBS, and check the latest episodes of Survivors season 43, every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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