Survivor 43 Recap: Underwater History Is Made | Oh, Jesus! When Did It Happen?


They did it! Although it was no less than a miracle, Karla and Owen did the Survivor challenge. Surprisingly, they performed exceptionally well and became the best performers. Before this, the challenge was performed from season 10 to season 16. Would you like to check the Survivor 43 recap?  

The Last Gap challenge (Survivor challenge) in Fiji was the toughest challenge, because of the way it looked. And the contestants were supposed to overcome their fear of claustrophobia. It sounds terrible already! Let’s move ahead to get more details of the challenge!

Survivor 43 Recap: Underwater History Is Made | Catch Up With The Highlights!

While performing the challenge, contestants like Sami, Jesse, and Aligabler came out of the water early. But some like Karla left an indelible print on viewers’ minds while performing the challenge. Here’s all you should know about the Survivor challenge!

How Contestants Performed The Survivor Challenge?

Survivor 43 Recap: Underwater History Is Made | Oh, Jesus! When Did It Happen?

On being asked about the Survivor challenge, John said, “If you’re not comfortable in the water, you’re not gonna get hurt cause you just bail out the back two feet behind you. You just get out and you’re fine. But being underwater and in the ocean is completely different than swimming in pool. We see it every season”. 

Karla did the task for three hours. In this challenge, the contestants were pushed to the absolute limit. Apart from her, Owen also performed very well. The episode was almost like a turning point for Karla and Owen. 

Hiding In Plain Sight (Not Gabler This Time)

Discussing immunity ideals is something I would not like to suggest to Survivor contestants. After the immunity idol was discussed, it was hilarious to see every player trying to get the immunity for themselves by hook or by crook. 

They were muttering, “They hid the crap out of this one”. At one point, Sami and Gabler surrounded a tree while planning for the immunity (they were lost in planning). 

Survivor 43 Recap: Underwater History Is Made | Oh, Jesus! When Did It Happen?

Sami And Jesse’s Game

This season has portrayed Sami as smooth, social, and skillful. We saw him working between alliances and convincing people who were targeting him. But when he turned for the wrong group, contestants called him a flip-flopper and wishy-washy. 

But it does not mean Sami was not playing well, it was revealed that he was playing with Jeanine and Elie. He even lied to Karla about voting for her. As a result, he got himself saved from Karla’s side at least. 

Right now a lot of fans are assuming Jesse to be the winner of Survivor 43. And I guess he has got all the brand-new strategies by his side. 

Final Words 

I hope you have gained enough knowledge on Survivor 43 Recap and are in a position to make some predictions. But the show is all about unexpected turns so be ready for them before you conclude anything. 

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